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MDJ101: Roku I have to ask
MDJ101: How long did it take you to type up your profile info? o_O
Roku1234: Well, it’s info from random periods of time, but I did have to retype it once, and that took a good 2-3hours.
MDJ101: Wow :O
Roku1234: Yup.
MDJ101: By the way you called your readers assholes
MDJ101: That’s kind of like being an asshole… lol
Roku1234: Yus, yus I did. XD
MDJ101: That or me in my tired state read that wrong XD
Roku1234: And it mostly goes to the people who would go to call themselves one. XD
Roku1234: So if you question it, then yeah. XD
MDJ101: so i’m an asshole for questions that I was an asshole?
MDJ101: That reminds me of the time I went back in time to kill my grandfather
Roku1234: XD
MDJ101: Started this whole weird loop issue
Roku1234: Interesting….
Roku1234: So, how are you alive?
MDJ101: Don’t ask it’s majorly confusing, multidimensional effects and all
MDJ101: That and it was actually my Grandfather in law
MDJ101: Totally wrong guy to bust the face with, with a brick
Roku1234: Um…. Ok?
MDJ101: Don’t worry about it
MDJ101: Too confusing
MDJ101: Just watch my series on BBC
Roku1234: Yes you are.
MDJ101: It explains it better
MDJ101: “Doctor Retardo”
Roku1234: Oh, you mean that show with that TURDIS shit?
MDJ101: Yeah!
Roku1234: Hehe. Set up a joke there XD
MDJ101: Me and my time traveling port a potty!
MDJ101: I’m glad we did that
MDJ101: Now I have something to put on my profile that’s really long… XD

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