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    a fantasy world with no pain or sadness all colors united
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    Oct. 21, 2008
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read if you want idc about your opinion
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Look towards the future not the past
Learn and become better then the generations that have fallen victim to the worlds degrading ways
Raging war against the systems that have been corrupted over the years causing chaos to create new pure system . As the phoenix rises from the ashes this new system shall rise from the ashes of old

i am a fire starter i am about to LIGHT IT UP dangerous fire is when spreading. here i go wild fire setting everyone on fire hahaha! but this fire is from the inside out ! Don’t mess around because i am spreading a fire that is going global. starting it up in there hearts burning bright here i go i wont stop in till everyone is on fire in till everyone is shaking and burning with desire haha! they might call me crazy but really i am just a visionary to a time in a place where the is no racism and peace on this earth i will cause a revolution with my words. it will be better then a gun, shoot me down but hear me now i will never die when my ideas are planted in the minds and souls of those around me they will change and they will be implanted with the fire that i started in them and become the new leaders of are nation . questioning everything around them questioning everything they believe QUESTIONING WHAT IS REAL! WHAT IS THE TRUTH WHAT ARE THE LIES look your existance has a purpose don’t walk the system make your own system causing this awaking to show everyone those lies will not control me the media the music the government is a lie NOTHING IS ALRIGHT and no one is doing anything about it ! Slap your self wake up to the world around u it is being destroyed by idiots that don’t know anything! LEARN THE TRUTH STEP OUT OF THE BOX ! Take hold of your life take hold of every moment as if it was your last and make a Difference i can ignite the fuse but your the one that has to be the one to let it explode or put it out. i am the fire starter but your the one that has to choose to spread it

i am the corruption the new form of it and what do i corrupt ? the peoples minds i free them from there cage and open the eyes of those that want to see the truth, I give people the truth even if it seems to be the opposite of what you think is true because you know we live in a world of lies

Knowledge is truth , truth creates pain , Lies make you feel alright which do you rather hear? . i will give you nothing but the truth that i see if it’s not the truth that you want to hear go ask for the truth that make you comfortable and doesn’t disturb your way of living. Let the lies be your truth to make you feel that everything alright but in reality the spider web of lies is just that…. lies.

Maybe i am not normal maybe i am misunderstood maybe i dont want to be understood MAYBE I AM JUST ME i will follow no one’s path i create my own i will survive if i must i accept death with open arms i am not afraid of it. it is always there always luring over us.

i need a doctor because i suffering from realism show me something that isn’t pain and suffering like this world gives. show me a world that has some peace at least a little peace from all the hatred and sadness that these humans cause to each other in schools in work in war everywhere i go i see more hatred and sadness it makes me sick and the only cure is a little safe raven in my mind as i close my eyes the only place i want be is alone in my mind because thats the only safe place now a days

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