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Hello all! Before you read on, acknowledge this; i am a duck. friends with badger kind and wolf, it’s easy to forget lonely humans who continue their lifes without pausing to doubt their eyes, that is why i am telling the truth which is so spectacular that you do not believe me. it is called a double bluff. my story is simple. i used to live in a world in a different universe. ruler and comanding queen of my lands when one day i was challanged to a glok – a duel to the death. unable to refuse according to acient law – we faught and mid fight our spell strikes merged forceing open the door to this world. in shock i froze and he slammed into me. we fell into this world and remain here to this date, he continueiously chasing and fighting me. i do have a hope of return – elder, my advicer, immeditely rushed to the portal and held it open. when i have regained enough strenght i shall fly through the portal and shut it behind me – once and for all ending the redicules glok. but, so fate be it, i am stuck for the time being and shall be untill the day of white sun. untill this time i will continue this life. as mentioned i have already befriended a badger, a wolf and a possible zajk mage. these great friends ally me in my ever lasting quest to my world – but they have troubles of their own and i first must help them as they are overwhelmed by unimagenable forces. Sigh will i ever make it home?
p.s. currently me and my wolf friend have been thinking considerably odd things; ie, how do fish scratch their heads?

Oh yer, in case you wanted to know, i’m not really blonde – the name mentally blonde refurrs to the fact that i act very idoitic most of the time.

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