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If you need assistance or advice from me (Satan) You can contact me at Rubyournipsforsatan@gmail.com

Current emotional status: Disturbed by not knowing what Elmo even is.
I am a professional metalhead, I headbutt babies on a regular basis, you can call me Satan.

Skin color: Whitish-Blackish
Height: Somewhere between 4’ and 6’
Eye Color: Somewhere between red and blue
Hair Color: Clear
Interests: All of them
Dislikes: All of them
Foods: All of them
Color: One of them
Music: Some of it
Animal: All of them
Hobbies:Most of them
Movies: Most of them
People: Few of them

Summary: 50% fish, 50% goat, 100% Satan.

Want to get to know me? Then actually talk to me.


I possess a free-range leper farm, spanning 100 acres of prime sacred burial grounds, now prime forest. If you are interested in being hunted, or want to try your hand at combat, give me a call, at 1 666 WER DEAD. Ask for Satan. Literally.


Are you tired of your boring life? Nervous about a possible rise of the dead? Want to get prepared for the end of days?
you can test your skills and see how long you can survive in this one-of-a-kind Zompocalypse simulator!

Fight off hordes of zombies! Scrounge for food! Try to recruit other survivors! It’s all in the name of fun! And prizes.

Voodoo Magic With Satan!
Great for a boring night out, as with all our services, survival not guaranteed.
Bring a friend and high-quality sheep shears for the most fun!



We now have food stands on site, try our delicious new combo meal! Bloody, syrupy, burgery, lardy, dewy, Nazi poutine! Yum eh di doo!

ORGANS FOR SALE: Still in perfect working order, taken from a priest who now, for undisclosed reasons, no longer requires them.
Asking 750$ for the heart, 500$ for the kidney.

Vitamin F! Get your supplement today!
Warning, side effects may include explosive diarrhea, food cravings (including but not limited to raw face), the urge to headbutt babies, and being replaced by an evil robot overlord

Want to know how to kill people? Okay. Hours are 11:23 PM to 3:47 AM.
Just show up. Bring extra change of clothes.
Want to know how to get rid of all traces of blood from clothes? Okay. Hours are 4:00AM to 4:56AM. Just show up.
Bring matches, fire starter, sand paper, and safety goggles.
Leave all pets at home.
Want to know how to skin and butcher an alligator?
Me too.

DISCLAIMER: survival is never guaranteed at ANY of our attractions or events.

Some friendly advice…
If you are going to eat the face, at least cook it first, raw face is just gross.

Blood is like 92% water, so if you’re thirsty, just drink the blood of the nearest person.

Only kill people if you’re super bored and there’s really nothing else to do.

If you want to see sharks next time you go to the ocean, rub raw meat on yourself. They will smell it and think you have food, and surround you to beg for it, perfect opportunity to take pictures.


Please return all nipple blades to their respectful owners after OPfest. After all, it is a family friendly event, we only want to set the best examples for our children.

Don’t drive a backfiring car through the ghetto.

Quote of the year:
- Trent, 2015.


“How to make your own Julie costume:
Step 1) Brutally murder your enemies.
Step 2) Skin them and turn their bodies into a costume. That’s basically it. You’ll end up looking like how she goes to costume parties” – Scott

“Julie doesn’t fight, she wins.” – Nat

“And I don’t have a problem. I can stop slapping my butt any time I want.” – Paul

“mikk makes norwegian lumberjacks look like housewives”- saybox

“Her Grace Herpaderpapegasusunicorndinosaur
wholovesmusic III, Esq., D.D.S.” -Nat
“Julie is a ninja detective who works at Dunken Thy Dough Rings working undercover as an incredibly classy Elizabethan era lady of the evening with a sister who is not really her sister and is also black who was murdered by a nobleman.” -Paul.
“RetardedF: Julie’s a lean, mean metal machine

GhassanH: mental machine*

RetardedF: That too"

“i have no quotes on your wall” -tara.


Dave666: “That” – She.


Some of the following quotes are best with no context.

Also, typos.

“And you’d probably get some” – Nat

“Let’s trade Obama for some real black people” – Paul


“I’d slip in a mcpenis.” – Gab


“space birth, tool” – Scott


“I wasted my Canadian” – Eliot

“to drunk home on drunk om” – Gus

“I’m just crying just Eliot sad something mean” – Marcos
“some bug committed suicide in my nose” – Gus
“You are a failur” – Nat
“If I were named Victor, I wouldn’t be named Paul.” – Paul
“You know things are serious when sharks ask about ethical norms.” – monster112



“Sec*” -Nat
CannibalBoy: metallica is trash

shyataroo: Thrash*
“I shouldn’t have eaten that priest.” – Paul
“My dick kills people” – Paul
“I’d do the main chicken girl.” – Paul
“Ofc. You should wash it sometimes, otherwise your buttmold will grow on it and it’ll start growing feet and run away” – Jesse
“Please look at my coconuts” – Paul
“No more Asians with lemons” – Trent

Muse, Ayreon, Epica, Kamelot, Celldweller, Dragonland, Falconer, Nightwish, Dethklok, KoRn, Volbeat, Týr, Powerwolf, Three Days Grace, Slipknot, Chopin, Nocturnal Rites, Luca Turilli, Behemoth, Septicflesh, Teräsbetoni, Cradle of Filth, Eminem, Of Monsters And Men, Opeth, Amon Amarth, System of A Down, Linkin Park…


Heil Satan! :D

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