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My name is miniguner some call me mini or guner (well not everyone calls me guner.) <-Lol and if u want to see a pic of me just use this link http://imgur.com/jWJuF

Want more information hmm…

My fav shows:
regular show,adventure time,mad,destroyed in seconds,rediculessness,and more to be added.
My fav sports: motor cross,swiming,basket ball,baseball,dodge ball,football,and more to be added.
Fav things to do;
use the computer,sleep,eat use my wii, & more to be added.

My fav games:backyard monsters(BYM),spewer,citysiege 1, 2,and 3,fantasy online(FO),boxhead,monster slayers,legends of kong,shellshock live(SSL),deadly neighbours,the next floor,elephant quest,heavy weapons, & more to be added.

still want more?


hobbies: pushing doors that say pull, pulling doors that say push,playing game(my most fav to do and what im best at), watching T.V.(im a pro at that)
going outside,(well not most of the time),eating, sleeping(im a pro at sleeping not a joke),looking at stuff,touching stuff,laying down on stuff,pokeing people, telling jokes(im a class clown),makeing people laugh,also makeing people laugh when i laugh(my whole class is very prone to my laugh),trowing paper(like im playing basketball), & more to be added.

Fav game-types:shooter,MMORPGS,RPG,action,raceing,sports,&more to be added

What i want to be when im a adult:a game Dev.(if i do become one ill be sure to come back to kong a download my games here ;)), a car dealer,a soldier,a pilot,& more to be added.

My weapons of choice:ak-47,m-16,minigun,railgun,machinegun,sub machinegun,sniper,assault rifle,sniper rifle,&more to be added…

and if you love bananas then check out these links


If you have a questions i will be happy to reply.

MINI OUT now go play your games !

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