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Triggers: Fascism, TOONGAV, Historical inaccuracy, Powerpoints

Elcarim: To is or not to is.
Elcarim: Shakesbear.

PenguinArmy: anyone that doesn’t handle poisonous snakes as part of their religious service lacks sufficient faith

negative13: john cougar concentration camp

DrakeVonDragon: But cuttlefishies be cuterfishies.
DrakeVonDragon: I could go as far as to say cutestfishies.
KayNer: MM, you are someone swinging a hammer twice her size and enjoying it but meaning no real harm

MissMarionette: Can’t buy me loooove, oh. No no no, yeeeah
TheDarknessBelow: But you can buy a Potato
TheDarknessBelow: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Verac12: back that assonance up
MissMarionette: When you think about it, sting rays are sea pancakes
tim10661983: OBJECTION! stingrays can kill people, pancakes can’t

MissMarionette: (Flexes calves)
Crinkle: omg leave those baby cows alone

DrakeVonDragon: Are you insinuating the two Jacks are a single Jack that may or may not be in the box?
tim10661983: quite
DrakeVonDragon: Amazing.

aphexacid: I, for one, welcome our new comboverlord

fmoo: every time I drive through SF, I want to kill myself

MissMarionette: Don’t try to rationalize stupidity
Crinkle: ^
MissMarionette: Dat’s muh job
Crinkle: ^

majora4: I’m going to make a gang called “East Side Trousers.” Our gang sign is wearing pants. Your move, schoolboard.
TOONGAV: some reason why you are coming out with an arbitrary fact?
aphexacid: have you met mario?
TOONGAV: not in person but seen the same old questions asked
aphexacid: there you go
TOONGAV: still doesn’t answer the quesion
Crinkle: except it really did

Crinkle: you didn’t EVEN SAY HI TO ME and you want me to less than three you? I. THINK. NOT.

aphexacid: with great power comes great moustache

standardstaples: my cat is female and she is also retarded. coincidence? i think not

VoidDragon777: Mr Mangoats was a well respected member of the community/

Nimbuses: we’re from the school, school of hard knocks
Nimbuses: moshes

aspyderwebb: bigggg sniffff

PenguinArmy: make america grope again

majora4: If you really want to seem smart, you could always improve your vernacular. Begin using large, polysyllabic words, even if you

don’t actually know what they mean. That’s sure to bewitch your readers!
IAmTheCandyman: Photosynthesis!
majora4: See? He gets it.

TheNonoSexual: This is why women shouldn’t be allowed in the catroom.

TriggeringUsers: read it bruh
vicODINe: no
TriggeringUsers: **** off then
vicODINe: Shit
vicODINe: you got me

szotyacid: If life gives you shit welp back

sopimusicianTWO: my drunk ass is about to buy farming simulator
heusit2: Do it
heusit2: Do it for the motherland

ThickWhiteMilk: **** off peng
ThickWhiteMilk: (is semi-triggered)

playzmat: who muted me? (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

Dochius: Or like one of the most memorable roman emperors said: ‘’nigga who tf is sweden?’’ – Trajan

BackInOmNomNam: the receding hairline causes an internal crisis that only the death of the bourgeoisie can satisfy

Lemon_Andromeda: i enjoy beating up fire department workers in my spare time

PenguinArmy: i’d kill a 100 strangers just to save the life of a sloth

sopimusicianTWO: i lick my eyeballs
sopimusicianTWO: and let me tell you
sopimusicianTWO: my world is very different

Oriphyss: why can’t a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly?

IwishIwasaDog: ANY ladies. :3
trhdjtfktdjrs: f/4legs/ND

hotshot1423: 5 letter word for news
hotshot1423: W-R-O-N-G

ThickWhiteMilk: smh why am i always on the cutting edge of memes

rambo330: only good white male is a dead white male.
Goatboy: Why do you hate the mite whale?

PenguinArmy: possum watch hour 3: the possum has not moved. further updates to follow

I0hate0arbys: the body is just a vessel… but in some peoples case its also a moo cow

Thicksimilian: I was a possessed mime in a dance show.

terwerty: I know what bitches want
terwerty: A big fat
terwerty: Pastrami dish
canshow: greek weddi-
canshow: terwerty gtfo

sopimusicianTWO: so did the rabbit die?
canshow: who gives a shit about the rabbit
canshow: she got fo4

PenguinArmy: the smoke monster should only f*ck people that blow the hugest, sickest vape clouds. work that into the story

stanwise: OH YES
Kitezer: holy shit calm down

Kitezer: he’s white he gets enough praise

sopimusicianTWO: you’ll make a good house wife one day kite
Kitezer: thanks sopi
sopimusicianTWO: it was an insult
Kitezer: wtf

B1_HappyHawaiian: BURN THE WOMEN
B1_HappyHawaiian: KILL THE FIELDS

Rigor_Mortis: leave him alone, he’s retarded

PenguinArmy: “run” is a stretch. he’d bravely ride a golf cart in a serpentine motion into ar15 fire and then stab the shooter with the bone spurs that kept him out of vietnam

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