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    Oct. 17, 2009

There used to be a very witty profile description here, along with a very fancy one-of-a-kind quotes section. R.I.P. witty profile description 2013-2013.

Quotes 2.0:
zabbo44: What do you get when you mix a retard and a moron?
zabbo44: Mody.
zabbo44: Thank you that’s all.
ZdAries: we were just making fun of mody
Endarei: When aren’t we.
ZdAries: true
moorsy: I don’t make fun of him
moorsy: When I’m offline.
fran2966: again – 12
moorsy: On a 13+ website?
fran2966: hey – i have an IQ of 143 – considered a generous among adult minds
TypeRZ: am i allowed to laugh at the fed trolls
tacobites99: whats a fred troll?
shawnmyers913: ffffuuuccckkk you Mody
DropShotxL3git: f**** you mody
DropShotxL3git: ffuuucckkk you mody
Valvatorez_: I can see Mody is still silenced.
Valvatorez_: I know he can see us.
Valvatorez_: He has always been watching.
Valvatorez_: After that silence disappears.
Valvatorez_: He’ll be blabbing like hell.
AgentLampshade: Mody winding people up is brilliant.
ZdAries: We are Mody’s Army
ElisabethW5: Where’s Mody?
ZdAries: dunno
ZdAries: banned
ZdAries: hopefully
ZdAries: i mean.. maybe
ZdAries: sound is like Mody, no matter how much you wish he didn’t exist, he still does
ZdAries: unfortunately
zabbo44: Mody, you sound like an ass.
ZdAries: don’t insult asses
Mody633: Nothing wrong with asses.
ZdAries: exactly
ZdAries: but everything is wrong with you
ZdAries: and that’s putting it mildly
ZdAries: which is an understatement
ZdAries: and saying it’s an understatement is an understatement
VinnyOfTheFunk: I am my parents.
ZdAries: crap i was in the wrong room
ZdAries: no wonder mody wasn’t being noisy
ZdAries: oh yeah, i forgot about mody’s roleplay fetish
pain222: Me too..
ZdAries: roleplays hard
pain222: Joins
ZdAries: roleplays all over Mody
pain222: poops on mody
ZdAries: licks mody
pain222: pees on mody
ZdAries: sits on mody
pain222: farts at mody
ZdAries: sniffs mody
pain222: dog poops on mody
ZdAries: dog pukes on mody
pain222: vomits on mody
ZdAries: mody vomits on mody
MaginManiac7: Shut up, Mody.
ElisabethW5: Shut up Mody
shawn_myers9131: Shut up Mody
ZdAries: shut up Mody
pain222: Shut up, Mody.
endercreeper1: yea shut up,mody
Endarei: Shut down, Mody.
kisukethemadman: ya shut up mody
zabbo44: Shut up, Mody

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