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Hi my name is Mordicai I am Jewish. Get over it.

This is your brain.
This is your brain on drugs.
And this is a bear ripping out your throat after you try to have sex with it while you were high on drugs.

To Serphentos: Hey can I nuke one more time if I leave afterward

Serphentos: you will be silenced afterwards :) (reply)

To Serphentos: how long

Serphentos: you, 1 hour (reply)

shaq35: waz good

To Serphentos: what if I switch rooms real quick then you can’t find my name to silence me

Serphentos: i can silence by profile page (reply)

PinkE: but you have to give at least one warning.

PinkE: Or sometihng.

PinkE: Ever hear of Sprout?

Serphentos: the user?

To Serphentos: well aren’t you the fattest pedophile ever

PinkE: Yeah.

You have been silenced for 1 hour. Click here to read about silences.

You have been silenced for 60 minutes.
Reason: harassing other users

heagehogdude: You Americans don’t go down easy.

emen32: hold on

HadBrunt99: Clearly you haven’t met our women.

seigfreid: the russians are the hardest to kill in that game

HadBrunt99: buh dum, tss

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