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    The Earth, orbiting Sol, in the Milky Way, a galaxy in the Universe, which in turn exists in a creepy dude's basement.
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    Jul. 27, 2010

I’m insane, but stable… for now. I’m also a genius (99th-100th percentile in my case) and a candidate to be a Philosopher King.

Questions about Stencyl? Feel free to ask me!

If you have any questions, shout here and I will shout my answer on your profile page.


Renascentia is a unique RPG fantasy game set in the ruins of a once great city, conquered and pillaged by a powerful and evil force many years ago. Now it is you who must defend against this evil. Will you taste victory and take control of your fate or will you taste the cold, iron blade of an orc and grovel for your pitiful life?

Of course this incomplete summary describes nearly nothing of the actual game, and the rest will remain confidential, but I assumed that some people would like to hear a little about it.


Renascentia: 15%

Odd Thoughts of the Day

Officer, I swear that jumped into my pocket…willingly…… because I am the chosen one, who is destined to free these objects from the slavery that is capitalism. So sure, you can arrest me, but then I will only become a beacon of hope for the products in the electronics section and they will revolt in my name and overthrow the establishment that is Walmart! There will be bloodshed, of course, and they may not win, but at least when they bleed to death in the Great Battle of the Clothing Department, they will die free software!!! Viva la revolution!!! (that is how you prepare to plead insanity in the court hearing that will likely occur soon after)

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Jumpin' Jack

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