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    I can be anywhere, whether it be in the mortal dimension or the Etheral dimension
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Name: Jasmine
Age: Unknown. I’ve lived here for many centuries.
Race: Werepyre
(Werewolf): When in her werewolf (lycanthrope) form, Jasmine could use a variety of physical and melee attacks. Her senses are more enhanced when in this form as she could rely on scent and sound rather than sight. Her most commonly used means of attack for this form would be to sneak up on the opponent from either behind or from above. She would also use her claws and teeth as well as her strength. If she were to use a melee weapon, its impact would deal a greater amount of damage than if it were a mortal being using the weapon. This character uses no magic what so ever.

(Vampire): When in this form, Jasmine would rely on attacks based off of more magic than physical attacks. She’d use a variety of Shadow magic, Elemental Magic, and Illusion. For the illusion, it’s not your basic “house-of-mirrors” convention. She could use a magic to make it appear to her opponent that she’s far away, when she’s actually beside them. But, here’s the thing. If the opponent is hit by the illusion, it deals damage to the opponent as well as if he/she were to be hit by Jasmine herself. Her most commonly used attack would be her shadow magic. She would use her shadow magic to cause dark tendrils (only if the opponent is near shaded areas, I.E A tree) to wrap around the opponent’s feet, rendering them trapped in their spots. There are heavy Magic with this character. (UPDATE): Jasmine has now mastered Astral Projection and Mind’s eye.

(Hybrid.) When Jasmine is in this form, she could do unpredictable things. Basically, she could do anything she did as a vampire or a werewolf. She has two commonly used attacks. If she wanted to use a werewolf attack, she’d use her enhanced senses to find the opponent, even if they’re invisible or hiding. If she wanted to use a vampire attack, she’d use her shadow magic to (only if Jasmine steps into a shadow) “disappear” and climb out behind the opponent by way of his/her shadow. There could be both physical and magical attacks with this character…

Personality: Jasmine’s personality changes with each form.

Vampire: Jasmine would be calm and friendly, unless she feels hunger or threatened. But she would be calmer in this form, and use her illusions to entertain her friends.

Werewolf: Jasmine could be one of the two personalities, she could be aggressive and pushing people around, treating them like their only a flea compared to her, or she could be more of a compassionate, more affectionate person, saving people from turmoil and such. But this only depends on her mood. You’d best stay away from her if she’s in her bullying mood, because one wrong word could set her off like a bomb.

Hybrid: There’s nothing to worry about Jasmine when she’s in this hybrid form. Her personality faces more towards indifference and caution. But, she’s still friendly. But she won’t be afraid to show her anger.

Her weapons:

Firearms: N/A
Melee: Jasmine does have a long wooden staff where, at the hilt, has a carving of a wolf’s head mounted upon it, but on the back of the wolf’s head, would be a vampire’s face. This staff was carried down by her ancestors. It was said that the holder of this staff could possess powers greater than anyone’s ever known. But this saying is nothing but a myth.

Cutlery: N/A

Most common phrase: (Sarcastic reply when someone gives her a list of things to do.) “Yeah, thanks. Would you like fries and a shake with that?”

Any minions/helpers: Usually, Jasmine doesn’t need anybody hovering over her shoulder, seeing what she needed next. But during this time with the E3 running amok and killing everyone, she found it safer to equip a bodyguard. Her bodyguard is Sam_The_Sparrow.



,…, ,I…Run…With…Vampires, ,…, ,…,


The head (ringleader): Jasmine
The Co-Head (Deputy): ???
The butler: burningRaven. (Butlers are paid $29.99 an hour.)
Body Guards: Sam_The_Sparrow and Kort.
Undercover Assassin: ALSO burningRaven
Guardians of the fortress: ???
Spies: ???
Warriors: ???
Defense: ???
Archers: ???

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