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RP character
name: Neo Aleksander Crystalias
species: hyperion (organic)
height: 5’6
faction: dracon empire
enemy: khaos faction
appearance: humanoid with grey fur, a scar on my left eye, black hair, left eye is black with a red burning dot in the middle, symbol of kargis, ice blue right eye.
armor: dronite armor, centurion model
armor appearance: Y shaped red visor, black armor, torso armor shape \__/, gloves are spiked at the knuckles, gauntlets end at wrist and start from elbow, holo-boots, left wrist covered with a metal semicirle, heavily armored on the left arm and shoulder.
armaments: wrist energy blades, energy whips that can detach to form small pointed missles, energy grenade, centurion longsword, custom sikada-27 machine gun.
unique abilities:
weapon construct: generates weapon from user’s mind.
drone energy construct: constructs a dronite model foot soldier for as much energy as the quantum flux generator can create.
energy burst: generates a shockwave of energy that flings objects nearby far away.
Necrose “blind man” crystalias
Rose Markasia Crystalias
Nero “dark reaper” Crystalias
Nova “death knight” Crystalias
faction units:
infinitry: dronite and centurion models, mainly dronite models used for common warfare
dronite soldiers: adaptable sentient machines that can conform to any situation provided.
juggernaughts: large mechanical units that rely on entirely on armor and brute force to destroy enemies, they have a small break in their armor at the base of their head.
kaizer main battle tank: the kaizer main battle tank is the main tank for the dronite empires, they are able to house 4 units, 2 machine gunners in the armored nests on the legs of the machine, a driver, and a gunner for the large anti-armor energy cannon on top, weak point is located on the back of the tank, in the fuel core, once destroyed, the tank will automatically transform and reveal its weakpoint of the energy generator in the torso, where it’s armor is weakest.
Dronite Mobile Fortress: the dronite mobile fortress is the most powerful machine within their land forces, it’s size is equivalent to that of a half mile, 6 massive legs, generated and engineered by the brightest mechanical minds of their time, the fortress serves as a mobile base and factory for the dronite legions, the mobile fortress is heavily armored and heavily armed with 2,000 machine gun nests, 5,000 anti-armor turrets, and a Gylick megapulse cannon, the most deadly artillery weapon invented so far, the energy bolt generated incinerates everything in it’s path, the explosion is equivalent to a nuclear bomb, the cannon takes a lot of energy so it is fired only on the most armored of target.
groditz: a groditz is the first mecha unit in the dronite legions, the groditz is a bipedal anti-personnel/anti-light armor unit, a unit is optional to operate it.
A.T.A.M: the Advanced Tactical Assault Mecha is used as the elite forces of the dronite legions, highly adaptable, very agile for their size, highly accurate, and deadly all around, they are the most advanced machines, they are able to transform into a centurion interceptor for rapid aerial/space missions.
the main factions are as follows
Dracon Empire: the dracon empire is a collection of multiple species. they include the dronite legions, the centurion tech league, hyperion warlods, the kaonus death knights, and the technoid government.
Khaos Armada: the khaos Armada is an entirely machine based empire, they obliterate all organic lifeforms on a planet, strip it of resources to create khaos infintry, and move on.

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