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anyone that takes me seriously, hasn’t heard me speak…

PainKillaX: There had better be some of PK’s people online right now
zippidykwik: NIGGA!
nevetsthereaper: Am I a Pk people?
nevetsthereaper: I know I’m a BK people…. Angus Double whopper…
PainKillaX: YAY
PainKillaX: Anus double whoppppppper!
PainKillaX: putting the pp, in the anus
PainKillaX: Wait that sounds gay
nevetsthereaper: What did you think i meant by “Needs”?
PainKillaX: you know
PainKillaX: like
PainKillaX: 8====D~~~
PainKillaX: well
PainKillaX: 8=D~~~
nevetsthereaper: Naught
landfieldjc: I promise that O was actually a ****atoe.
nevetsthereaper: ****? or ****?
landfieldjc: actually it’s just ****
diabolotry: Probably ****.
nevetsthereaper: Oh!! **** makes a lot more sense.
diabolotry: Told you.
PHatHome666: Oh the ****ato!
WillowEdge: landfieldjc: I promise that O was actually a ****atoe. nevetsthereaper: ****? or ****?landfieldjc: actually it’s just ****diabolotry: Probably ****.nevetsthereaper: Oh!! **** makes a lot more sense.diabolotry: Told you.WTF?


UltimateChaos: I had a harder time getting into the hole without getting my meat shot up


maniche1818: Legacy of a Thousand Suns Take a Chance PLZ
Sesshy1987: no sir i take no chances
nevetsthereaper: Your mom took a chance
Dunski: AND BLEW IT!
nevetsthereaper: and now we have to deal with you.
Dunski: Oh wait…
Demon_V1P3R: u dont take chances? u must have a boring life lol
Sesshy1987: that’s true
nevetsthereaper: Insanely
Sesshy1987: it is kinda boring
nevetsthereaper: and that’s how i like it
Ashurelia: his mom blows a lot of things
Ashurelia: chances being one
nevetsthereaper: told…

Wolfey180: Kyru.
Wolfey180: You’re a badass pokemon.
dachief30: Kyru doesn’t evolve into Arceus
dachief30: Arceus evolves into Kyru
MidgetMan: makes sense
dachief30: Why?
dachief30: Because Kyru, that’s why.


HookedonOnyx: But Meat Boy has like the easiest impossible badge
SlvrStchdCrow: I have the easiest impossible badge.
HookedonOnyx: I don’t know what that means and neither do you
windigo663: meat boy map pack ?
HookedonOnyx: Suuuuper easy
SlvrStchdCrow: I do too Ho
nevetsthereaper: Crows IMP: Get laid Badge
HookedonOnyx: The experts say it cannot be done
nevetsthereaper: Had to try like, 100 times, but finally…..
SlvrStchdCrow: It really cannot be done.
SlvrStchdCrow: I’ve tried
windigo663: heh
HookedonOnyx: We’ll have to get the Van’s accounting department to crunch the numbers someday
HookedonOnyx: TO see how impossible that impossible badge is
nevetsthereaper: there’s atleast an 87% Improbability factor on this one.
SlvrStchdCrow: Well, of all the times I’ve tried in the past year, 0 have come to fruition.
nevetsthereaper: Which sounds like something that would have to do with something…
GuilhermeS347: hi
nevetsthereaper: If you’re not from this class, get out of this class. Fogal! HI!
SlvrStchdCrow: By my numbers, no users currently have that badge
SlvrStchdCrow: so I mean, that’s like 0/several thousand
nevetsthereaper: sooo… 89%
HookedonOnyx: Several million, more like
HookedonOnyx: Steve counts as a million of those because he made me
nevetsthereaper: My little creation, manboywoman
diabolotry: o__o
SlvrStchdCrow: wot

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