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Daire has said I smell 13 times.
Guardian of Dummies, or “God” as an acronym. His name makes sence to me now.

If God only had one son and we are all God’s children… then we are all girls. And lesbians.

Jack: [waving to people as the Titanic sets off] “Goodbye!”
Fabrizio: “You know somebody?”
Jack: “Of course not! That’s not the point! Goodbye, I’ll miss you!”
Fabrizio: “Goodbye! I’m gonna never forget you!”
Type the following symbols on both sides of a word/sentence to make them like this
stars plus lines curly "a" symbol underline waving line thing h1. makes giant letters (shouts only, I think)
BigDaire: Ninja

Ninja_Cricket: Yes?

BigDaire: smells.


chezzo_chick: Cricket, pics or it didn’t happen

jarodselig: ok

Ninja_Cricket: He?

jarodselig: you

Ninja_Cricket: Me?

jarodselig: ninja

Ninja_Cricket: Yes?

jarodselig: yes

Ninja_Cricket: Yes?

jarodselig: …

Ninja_Cricket: :D

Zygart: that just blew my mind

jarodselig: mind explodes

Bam5109: brb

Ninja_Cricket: Okay.

Bam5109: back

Ninja_Cricket: >:C

Bam5109: lol

Ninja_Cricket: That wasn’t long.

Bam5109: i move fast

Ninja_Cricket: insert sex joke here

wewt: my leg hurts

Ninja_Cricket: Oh noes! D:

silva60: My nose still hurts.

Ninja_Cricket: Oh nose! D:

wewt: i see what you did there ninja

Ninja_Cricket: …So how is everyone?

kidsrock621: god

Ninja_Cricket: O_O

Ninja_Cricket: “How are you?” “GOD.” “0.o”

Ninja_Cricket: I found out once there was a large knife in my bed… I have no idea how long it was there, how it got there or what it was used for. 0_o

LOLZISUK: Cricket, were you emo again?

Ninja_Cricket: NUUUUUU >:|

LOLZISUK: did you decide to become a girl for good?

Ninja_Cricket: >:|

Ninja_Cricket: Well… bye.

05at1: Bye person who won’t tell me her name no matter how hard I try to get into her pants

Ninja_Cricket: Me and my friends were playing with our balls once, we got really sweaty. I remember one of my friends doing this weird move and I got him in the ass. Man, that was once great game of dodgeball!


chezzo_chick: O_________________________O < I think she orgasm’d XD

05at1: I’m an Atheist.

Ninja_Cricket: I love you, 05.

05at1: when? where? why? how?

Flea: Are you under 18?

SuperShockWave: Why would that matter?

Flea: I’m just asking. either way, doesnt matter. If you are, when you turn 18, join the military.

Ninja_Cricket: So, “Firefox”, are you… FLAMING? HURR HURR HURR.

thefirefox123: flaming?

05at1: olol


Ninja_Cricket: Slang word for extremely openly homosexual.

thefirefox123: no!! way

Ninja_Smells: Ohai guys

Ninja_Cricket: O_O

Ninja_Cricket: ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME?

Larcondos: Men are born between a woman’s legs, & spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in between them, because there’s no place like home. (:

Ninja_Cricket: “I’m not a racist, some of my best friends are black!” “I’m not a murderer, some of my best friends are alive!” “I’m not a pedo, some of my best friends are childre- nvm.”

Trickysticks: Some are alive?

Trickysticks: NOT ALL

Trickysticks: D:

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