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I like exploration-focused games: platformers like Seiklus & Knytt Stories, point-&-clicks like Emerald City Confidential, and genre-benders like Ef (which I came here to play). Don't care for most games that require me to mash buttons frantically. ~---------------------------------------~ ---------------Quote #01--------------- Koala_Fan: Aloha Scribbs Alphaetus_Prime: What's with aloha being the standard greeting now? LordMark: it isn't. Mibbster2: Aloha guys ---------------Quote #02--------------- PrinceOfHyrule: Whoa. /Rap/ music for Yogi Bear? PrinceOfHyrule: No thank you. notthatJack: yo i'm y.g. bear, no need to ask it, notthatJack: my name is synonymous with pic-a-nic basket notthatJack: yeah i'm a bear, but you're in no danger notthatJack: unless you dime me out to that damn park ranger notthatJack: i'm not alone, my dj's right here too Therealtahu: What. O_o notthatJack: spinnin' phat beats, d.j. boo-boo! notthatJack: yogi bear rap. ---------------Quote #03--------------- notthatJack: lolno, reb. mockery beats violence every time. Solixus: ^ Alphaetus_Prime: ^ jimmyslice: ^ Solixus: ^^^^ brater8: ^' ---------------Quote #04--------------- Rensworth: I REALLY hate idiots who can't recognise the difference between phonetics and orthography, i.e., people who type "should/would of" when it's bloody HAVE. ---------------Quote #05--------------- TechSmurf: A doughnut is the most delicious form of torus. Mibbster2: Ok, ok! Mibbster2: Back to my problems xD TechSmurf: And most delicious == best. notthatJack: though some may be that other shape i forget the name of that has two through-holes. Mibbster2: …. TechSmurf: A woman? Mibbster2: I have no clue what you are talking about guys xD notthatJack: but tech, my favourite doughnuts are boston cream… notthatJack: no, tech. the part of female anatomy you’re thinking of only has one opening. it’s like the liquid-holding part of a coffee mug, not the handle. notthatJack: oh. that reminds me that i neglected to say my daily prayer. widders: thats interesting to know, 3 types of torus krad: Prayer to get what? notthatJack: o vast and mysterious universe, i am thankful... not to possess a cloaca! notthatJack: because, seriously. EW. TechSmurf: It’s efficiency! notthatJack: yeah, because having two organ system infected by any disease vector that manages to get in there is sooo efficient. notthatJack: *systems TechSmurf: True. They really should’ve bugtested birds more thoroughly. notthatJack: and be honest, tech. don’t you think it’d be easier to get chicks to go down if you didn’t piss out of that thing? TechSmurf: And what’s to say I still do? I read a lot of BME and I shop at Home Depot. ---------------Quote #06--------------- TheJaran: you know what i dont get notthatJack: contractions? worish: Periods? Brumz: A girl to like you? notthatJack: punctuation in general? TheJaran: why everyone hates Justin Beiber, i mean what did she ever do to you? notthatJack: your menstrual period? Brumz: Well, the majority of the internet crowd thinks he's gay. notthatJack: /definitely/ does not have her menstrual period yet. called it. ---------------Quote #07--------------- irock18: Dolphin's a guy? irock18: Oh shit and I've been masturbating to that... ---------------Quote #08--------------- worish: Don't pretend you're not doing it, that's what scribbles is for, a place to kill time until you get another erection MeepingLizard: *eherm* HuoXue: Well, I'm here, and I currently don't have an erection, so I think he's on to something ---------------Quote #09--------------- donkey18: Pala's do well at multi damage, so do mages... Warriors are necessary for DPS... Spes: DPs?? HuoXue: damage per second donkey18: Damage per second Spes: Not the image I want when thinking of games on Kong XD HuoXue: oh HuoXue: oh damnit HuoXue: now I see it ― ― ― U L T I M A T E Q U O T E ― ― ― TechSmurf: If you don't like giant dongs to the face, you shouldn't be using Windows. ~---------------------------------------~

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