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    Jul. 28, 2009

~ If y0u 10v3 s0m37hing 137 i7 g0~ If i7 c0m3s b4ck it’s y0urs F0R3V3R ~

Ello! welcome to my profile XP

~ C4n y0u f331 7h3 sunshin3?
~ D03s i7 brigh73n up y0ur d4y?
~ S0m37im3s d0n’7 y0u f331 7h47 y0u ~ jus7 n33d t0 run 4w4y?

~ He he ~ 1337~

RP Char: Nova
Appearance:Nova is an aqua-eyed Usually, but when in a mood, her eye colors change) beautiful girl, with mydnite hair, has a battle cloak that is light blue with decorations on it, usually wears a long white hoodie with shorts.

Personality: Timid

Abilities: Being able to grant wishes, transform, summon powerful beings.

Weapons: A glowing rainbow star hairpin that can turn itself into a sword,staff or anything else Nova wants, yes, even a gun.


When Nova was born, her parents died from a demon’s curse. A fairy sent by her parents dead spirits, came and took Nova into her care. She was raised with fairies, played with them and etc. But the demons came looking for her and the fairies fled their peaceful village, taking Nova with them. When Nova was 13. The fairies,elves and pixies blessed her with gifts and put her into the care of two people who love her very much. Nova has no memory of her parents or being raised by fairies. Her memory was wiped out by the fairies, not wanting her to try and hunt down the demons, as it may cause more chaos then before.

Mood Color: Angry=Red, Aqua= Normal, light Yellow= Happy, Blue= Sad, Rainbow-ish= Unpredictable.

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