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I am half goat. My father had sex with different goats every night. My father abandoned me, and my mother goat had to raise me. She tried to uprise me like my brothers, but I was different, I was shunned by the other goats. But my mother loved me and did everything she could for me. She died when I was 14, and I sat with her for days. I wasn’t very smart back then, I had the IQ of a goat. I thought she would come wake up. She never did. I left her there . I regret that to this day. That was the last time I ever saw my mother. Eventually, I went on. being a half man goat with very little intelligence, living alone on the mountains was extremely difficult for me. Every day I was starving, scavenging for food. But one day, I met a lady goat. She thought I was special and was not different or weird. We would spend most of our time together. Eventually we fell in love. But she was a beautiful goat, and one was jealous. He was a brute, and a very large goat. One day, when I was looking for food,
he went into our cave, and attacked her. She ran away to a cliff, where she was backing up slowly to the edge, I saw her, and screamed for him to stop. He rammed her in the stomach with his giant horns, Killing her instantly throwing her off the down the cliff. Right there, I broke down. I started crying. The only two people I loved in my life, were dead. I was a broken goatman. But that ended quickly, my rage and anger swelled up inside me, and I charged up the cliff, through my arms around him and together we went down the cliff. He struggled. He bit me and tried to ram me, injuring me greatly, but I did not let go. We hit the ground at roughly 80mph and he died instantly. He broke most of the fall for me, but I was still injured badly. I had bite wounds and broken legs. I sat there, A broken goatman, emotionally and physically, and started crying. I sat there for 10 hours crying. Then the pain and sadness made me fall asleep. I woke up, and I woke up and the severity of the situation hit me that just happened hit me. I have broken legs, no food, and nothing to live for. I was a broken goatman. It was right then and there, I knew I was going to die. I couldn’t move, and I had no way of survival. I sat there, for weeks starving. The pain was unbearable. The worst part, is that other goats passed me all the time. None offered any help. I knew I was going to die. Somewhere inside me, I wanted to die. But then, I saw two strange figures going up the mountain. They were not goats, and spoke a strange language. Then picked me up,and brought me to a odd place. They set me on this strange platform, fed me food, and healed my wounds. It was the first time since my sweet goat lover and mom died that I felt loved. Eventually I was better. They raised me alike my mother, feeding me, teaching me, showing me things, and brought me up in their Uzbek ways. I learned their language, the dialects of Uzbek, and made me one of them. I still had my old goat ways, but they shunned them. Eventually, I was more man than goat I was 20, when they sent me off on their own. They themselves had no longer to teach me, and someone else wanted me. I loved these people, almost as much as my mum or goat loved. But someone else took me, they thought I would be better off This person, he took me to a place called high school, they estimated I hat about a 8th grade education. I was brought to a place called america, and learned English. I was a goatman, and yet still shunned by my human peers. I did not need them But my teachers, they taught me as much as they could, and I learned a lot, and I loved them for that. I was much more physically stronger and faster because of my goat side. I spent all time in a classroom, after the humans came, and before. I had spent 16 hours a day in those rooms. It was torture, and I longed to be on a pasture with my mom and goat loved. But I learned many things. One day, I got a high school education . I did not graduate with the others, but my human teachers were proud of me. If my mother or my goat lover was still alive, they would be so proud. My teachers helped me get a job, using pencils and paper, things I despised, but I acquired human money. I did not need it, I could live out in the mountains again. But to what end? There is no place for me in this world. No meaning. Everyday, I go to that place, keep my earnings, and come home I cry myself to sleep at night thinking about my lover and my mum. But there is only one thing keeping me go on in this life. My friends on kongregate. They care about me, as if I was one of their own. I told them about my uprising of goats and being half goat, and they still loved me. They do not care about who I really am. We make each other laugh, and we love each other. My only homes in this world was with my mum and with my lover, but cookie kingdom is my home now. I am now 28 years old, and being half goat, I only have 10 more years to live. But my friends, Fart, Freeze, Alex, Pure, Ethen, Bubbles, Rachi, Pots, Arma, Sonic, Hild, Alastor, help me go on with life. I will likely spend the rest of my days with them. One day, we all die. and life can be cruel to the best of us. But it’s those the pull us through this life, that make it worth living.

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