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    On your rabbit.
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    Mar. 08, 2008


avatar custom made by azipoo- oh wait, i mean azieru. :3


Fuzzybacon: I go to sleep and I miss so much. Conclusion: I must never sleep again!

oddish used to have pure badge points. But greg came and took it away. D:

Blarlack: Pure badge points -10 because Greg is a tool.

oddish: panther, i know you’re there!
Purebadgepoints: No I’m not.
Purebadgepoints: Shit, wrong account.

ohhh, panties. =3

SuicideMedic: But if I add anything new to the randomness part, i shove it somewhere in the middle xD

oddish: “i shove it somewhere in the middle”
oddish: <3

SuicideMedic: ….
SuicideMedic: oddi
SuicideMedic: if you quote that
SuicideMedic: i will beat you
SuicideMedic: with a frozen baguette

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