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Hey guys. Done switched accounts again.
I’ma start recording awesoepic quotes now!
MisterQwerty: SHUT YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOURE TALKING TO ME! ███ MisterQwerty: It costs 4 dollars to swear, you $$$$ ███ Otakumom: I swear…..
09Kisame09: I know you do.
Otakumom: I’d whup ur ass kis, but u might like it! ███ LexiconDul: I need midgets, a trapeze, and vats of crisco to even get a chubby. ███ 09Kisame09: the horror?

09Kisame09: I dont see Rosie o Donnell around. ███ Otakumom: I get up to go to the bathroom and all hell breaks loose. LexiconDul: that’s what you get for not wearing your depends, granny. ███ Bpudes77: Incest? More like WINcest. ███ Bpudes77: And God said “Let there be light!” And Arkae’s beard said “Hang on, can you gimme a scratch first?” ███ Death_By_Muffin: Haha, Miranda Cosgrove! Molester smile ███ 09Kisame09: AW NO? YOU STABBED MY KIDNEYS? Now they’ll never become adultneys D: ███ Feared_Blade: As they say in Brooklyn, you just got shanked. ███ PolarBearCavalry: I can divide by -0. ███ 09Kisame09: Note: When people say they don’t want to see your man boobs, they MEAN it. ███ 09Kisame09: I feel like a jive turkey. ███ MisterQwerty: LE GASP ███ Mensilater: Death_By_Muffin, what is your favourite colour?
Death_By_Muffin: Vaginal Pink. Mensilater: Does that come in my XXX crayons set? ███
My favorite conversation(s) including my awesomeness
Mesiah: Yes, I’m the box’s hobo
Omgfishes: Gives mesiah a quarter, then yanks it away, for it was on a string tied to my finger, and laughs evilly at the hoboness of mesiah
Mesiah: Fishes, Imma shank u w/ my hobo knife!
Mesiah: pulls out a sharpened rusty spoon
Omgfishes: Ohohoho! Fair show, lad! rubs mesiah’s hair and gives him two Abe Lincolns for being such a good sport, then adjusts my top hat, polishes my monocle, brushes off my tuxedo, and swings my diamond encrusted walking stick
09Kisame09: LMAO FISHES!
Omgfishes: yanks away Abe Lincolns and “books it” as the youngsters say nowadays
09Kisame09: XD
Mesiah: XD!

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