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I do not refresh often. Don’t expect a quick reply to a PM (whispers are ok).
PatchworkKid: OneBun to bring them all, and in the oven bind them.

RyokuXs: The only wing I dedicate myself to, are spicy ones o7

Favourite Quotes

FindersKeepers: Patch is too optimistic, it’s like a unicorn running along a rainbow just crapped a bunch of kittens wearing all kinds of cute hats next to him.

ColdBeets: You see a room. The room instantly fires lasers at you, and you die. Game Over, no restarts.

Slyfull: Men are like a fine wine. They start out as grapes, and it’s a womans job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they finally mature into something we’d like to have dinner with.

TheCooler: I prefer progressive myself. Like Theodore Roosevelt: The patron saint of **** you up

Celidion: “There are two things that skew our cultural memory on things like music.”
Shows picture of weed “Okay, three.”

Fricknmaniac: We’re actually typing a completely different word, but perceiving the word myth instead. Because that’s the government brainwashing taking effect.

Midevilboy: Welcome to the the internet… where the men are men… the women are men.. and the little girls are FBI agents

zp3nk3r1: derp is a herp

pacmanlow2: Heals my death with death

Fricknmaniac: “Have you tried being patient? Whenever I’m impatient, I find that being patient works wonders.”

Buttsavage: (as Duke Nukem) “You’re gonna be one burnt witch when I’m done with you… mother****er.”

omegad: today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be again

Fricknmaniac: Is your password: a. No? Is your password: b. No? etc et****il it finds the match since it’s only 6 characters long.
Fricknmaniac: BOOM… busted by kong filter.

Murs: I mute based on shown intelligence, or lack of lol. Just because games are for kids, it doesn’t mean I have to put up with them :P

Kirideth: Don’t let the narwhals touch your balls.

Girlfriend: Remember me?Girlfriend?From yesterday!!!???
To Girlfriend: No. I have alzheimers.
Girlfriend: wat that mean?
To Girlfriend: I don’t remember.
Girlfriend: oh ok

TheCooler: “You were with a girl, that is so gay!”

LittleAngel01: I think I actually need a new manual for the male of the species – current one is in hieroglyphs: “squiggle, squiggle, strangled octopus, confused parrot” – so far translates as “likes to sit on couch and scratch balls”

ExSane: Jeez, did you just AGREE to the ToS and EULA and not even READ them?
ExSane: Are you a PSYCHO?!

Fenris13: “Bitches best know Roald Dahl or they gets smacked.”

ExSane: Go outside, find yourself a nice stick, about 3 inches across and two of three feet long. Lash it to your spine, cuz you need a backbone.

Kong Bot: JEHOVAH_GOD cannot be reached. Please try again later.
To JEHOVAH_GOD: story of my life.

jordab: i love all of you
jordab: except you, witch
jordab: **** the police
From jordab: jk lav u 5evr (reply)

PairofPliers: [Life] is like a box of chocolates. It goes fine until you eat the coffee one and feel slightly annoyed at yourself for not reading the label properly.

shadowsage14: [to the tune of Uptown Funk] Ultron Funk you up.

epicgamer30: I think i’m contact drunk.

3veryone: Stop being so loud! I had to mute my music.

PatchworkKid: One of these days the seat of my pants is going to tear right off from being over-used. I will moon everyone beneath me and subsequently go down in flames. That is how my story ends.

LMG1990: It’s the kind of thing you like if you like that kind of thing.

RyokuXs: I’ve managed to look like a bum, wearing designer jeans! xD

RyokuXs: Random thought…If one was secretly friends with several gigolos without letting them know about each other, would that be considered Juggling Gigolos?

(Chat was discussing Ancestry)
Dyllan2007: Multiple of my ancestors were alive at one point :O

Im_so_HUNGRY: Optimisim!
Im_so_HUNGRY: It’s like the worlds cheapest, least effective cocaine

(after watching Dave’s Not Here)
chubbycat1: lol that 70s vibe tho.
chubbycat1: I think that would’ve been a cool time to live in
chubbycat1: smoke pot around a fire, share needles, bang all the ladies in the hippie camp, die of AIDs 20 years later.

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