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My name is Paige. Call me Peace or Chaos, because that is my other account. I actually have several on here.

I’m taken by SavajCabbaj. Don’t even try messaging me. This isn’t matchmaker.

I love Halo… Been a fan since it first came out.

I do a lot of writing and roleplaying…

Inspired writings:

“Ah, the prospect of warmer weather is a wonderful thought. Even though the white snow is beautiful, I will not miss it. The spring is upon us, and I cannot wait to find a lovely eight point buck standing, grazing in my yard while song-birds play their harmonic melodies. Crickets chirping, wind blowing through leaves… Ah, wonderful Spring time.” ~ Me

“Light off the snow illuminates my room so early in the morning. Dazzling, yet I know it’s cold. Watching my Toes disturb the soft powder by chasing the stray flurries. Tis a wonderful morning, albeit cold, but wonderful none the less.” ~ Me

“The pitter patter of ice and freezing rain echoes throughout my house like a music hall. The sound of it makes me cold… I think it’s about time I make a pot of coffee and settle in for the day. I surely ain’t getting anywhere else!” ~ Me

“This morning, I watched the most beautiful sunrise from my bedroom window. My cats greeted me with snuggles and purrs, and now I can’t find my slippers! Lol today should be a good day. :]” ~ Me

“Life is not a popularity contest. There is no prize when you die saying “Congratz, you just won this shiny (insert item here) for being the most popular person alive!” There is no bonus at the end of the game boosting your score into first place. There is no cheering fan club to create in your honor, just because everyone knew your name. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are billions of others JUST like YOU." ~ Me

Poems I’ve written:


Over and over again.
Repeat. Repeat.
Again, repeat.
Can’t stop now.
Keep repeating.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.


Mother Earth:

The sun glistens
over snow and ice.

The world continues to spin
countless price.

People go on
about their lives.

When in turn
humanity thrives.

Mother earth beckons
please, no more.

Instead we ignore
continuously a sore.

When all is said
and all is done.

The world will fall
and nature will take on.

Restoring balance
and harmony.

It’s hard for people
to stop and see.

That here and now
we will eventually leave.

I am…:

I am the artist.
I am the writer.

I am the lover.
I am the fighter.

I am the light.
I am the darkness.

I am the strength.
I am the weakness.

I am the chaos.
I am the peace.

I am the greatest.
I am the least.

I am the blessing.
I am the catastrophe.

I am the sin.
I am the morality.

I am anything.
And everything.

So please, don’t judge me.

The asshole ~ Dedicated to: Levi


His memories are still fresh in my head.
Good times, bad times, all times.
Forget them.

More Hate.
More discontent.
More suffering.

Hope you wallow in your own self pity till you die.
Hope it’s slow, and long. Drawn out and painful.
Hope you feel ten fold what you’ve done to me -
To others.

You sick bastard.
You stupid fuck.
You twisted son of a bitch.

I Hate you.
I Loathe you.
I despise you.
I loved you.

Leave me to fix myself, and all it’s pieces.
Leave them alone to find more worthy partners.
Leave everyone out of your own actions -
For you are the epitome of cowardice; Of evil.

You twisted my words. Turned them against me.
You toyed with me, playing me for a fool.
You cheated – lied.
There is no pity. No Forgiveness.

You are heartless.
You are soulless.
You are a demon.

I hope you rot in your own hell.

Paint me, a picture. ~ Dedicated to: Levi

Paint me!
A picture,
A photo,
A drawing.

Paint me!
With Long hair -
With Blue eyes -
With Smiles.

Paint me!
From your eyes
From your Heart.
From your mind.

Paint me!
A snapshot.
A Glimpse,
In good light.

Paint me, A picture…

My bed and my friend. ~ Dedicated to: SavajCabbaj

I shall covet my pillow, once my mind settles.
I shall embrace my sheets, once my body relaxes.
I shall hold on to those dreams, for when they come…

My head swims in memories.

I shall sleep till dawn, then sleep once more.
I shall keep this routine, for forever.
I shall limit my time, and live in comfort.

For my bed, is my friend.

Once we get acquainted, I shall never leave it.

Love me ~ Dedicated to: SavajCabbaj

Touch me
Hold me
Keep me, I’m yours.

Save me
Help me
Protect me, I’m yours.

Love me
Kiss me
taste me, I’m yours.

I will always be yours, forever.

So love me
Think of me
Dream of me.

For in my own mind, you’re mine.
And I have not stopped thinking of you yet.

Love me…

~~Those are just some of them.~~

I also write… I love writing, and hope to start a book once the inspiration comes. Maybe I’ll make a book out of this?

Kitkara stole through the dark passageways, heading towards her assigned room. Her long blonde hair flowed down over her shoulders like gold flecked water. As she passed, the candlelight reflected off it to create a sort of honey gold glow. Her dress flowed freely behind her as she moved quietly over the stone floor. Her eyes, a deep blue, pierced the darkness, and scanned the walls with gentle curiosity.

It had been a long day at council, and yet again she had to remain quiet, and clueless. It was only within the last year that she was promoted to even be able to attend the meetings, and was sworn to keep her mouth shut. After all, she wasn`t quite old enough to have any input, as she was only a vampire for little over a decade.

The usual topics were discussed, as were the usual outcomes. `Do we expand the coven`s borders?` `Do we strengthen the defenses?` `Do we recruit more to our ranks?` The answers to all of them, were nearly always `We need to let more time pass.`

`How pathetic. How simply pathetic. Nothing is ever achieved, but I guess since we`re immortal, it makes no difference.` Kitkara thought to herself, opening the door to her room.

It was of course, dark and windowless, with a small bed elegantly decorated in satins and silks which came from the Asian covens. She never bothered in trade, and probably never would. The room was dimly lit with a set of candles, set up next to a desk at the other end of the room. A rug made from the fur of a native werewolf laid artfully across the floor, spanning the distance from her bed to the desk.

Kitkara made her way over to her desk and sat down, pulling a small book out of the drawer, and opening it to the next blank page. She began her normal heading, then wrote down what she remembered of the conversations at the day`s meeting, then began making her own notes. She then closed the book, placed it back in her desk drawer, and stood up to look around.

`Horrible…` She said, leaning one hand on her desk and the other on her chair. `Why must I be immortal?` she questioned to herself, an air of disappointment in her tone. She waited and hoped some form of distraction would steal her thoughts away from the negativity towards her coven.

Kitkara remained standing as she was for quite some time. The candles finally flickered out, and the darkness consumed the room in it`s entirety. She then noticed the sound of foot steps down the hall and turned her attention to that, seeing as how her mind was blank for the moment.

She opened the door, letting in the dim flickers of the torches in the hall to cast light into her room. She had the excuse after all, to spark up some decent conversation with someone now.

She made her way out of her room and picked the torch off the wall closest to her door. She then turned her attention to the shadowy figure swiftly approaching her. “Good moon, Brother. How goes all with the coven?” She asked, and the figure stopped short of his path. He reached up and pulled back the hood of his long black journeyman`s cloak.

“All is well, my young child.” He said, an air of softness in his tone. Kitkara immediately bowed her head at his voice. It was he, the one who created her and gave her immortality. “You seem rather guilty. Care to take a stroll with me?” He asked, offering his hand.

His name was Xander, and his tall, lanky, yet incredibly physical build was hidden under thick travelers clothes. He was the perfect choice for a scout. Especially with his keen eye for detail, and his knack of detecting even the slightest change in anything, including emotions. His sandy brown hair was cropped short to keep a lighter, cleaner appearance.

Kitkara nodded and closed her door, taking his hand, then slightly tilting her head as she turned, trying to find the right words to speak. “Master, you`ve been gone for so long.” She finally said, as he kept silent pace with her.

“Ah, yes. Actually, I`ve been here for three days already. See, the council had me sent on some matters within the coven itself, so as you can tell how the council works, they need every detail. I haven`t the time to see you, and was actually not intending to visit tonight. But with such a rare flower like yourself, happening upon my journey, I couldn`t resist.” Xander said, his tone light and airy, although somewhat strained.

“I see. Your business is your own, and I am not one to prod.” Kitkara spoke with slight disappointment in her voice. “When do you think I may find your company again?” She asked, looking over at him as they walked.

Xander looked at her with an amused expression. “I do not know the answer to that. But I do want to know why you are changing the subject. You seem guilty about something, and I`d like to know what about.” He stopped short, pulling her arm and turning her to face him. “This isn`t about what happened that night, is it?”

“Oh, no. Nothing like that.” She lied, looking down at the floor.

“Tell the truth. You know I`m not one to play games.” Xander said firmly. Kitkara sighed and looked up at him.

“Yes, and no. I often times find myself regretting ever living to become an immortal. And the Council aggravates me so. They take forever to make decisions, and it`s been at least a year since I`ve been there. It seems that there is almost no forward progress. And I`m forced under oath to keep my mouth shut, and opinions to myself. It`s rather frustrating.” Kitkara admitted, a hint of anger in her normally soft voice. Xander smiled down at her and lifted her chin.

“My child, if I did not think you were capable of such responsibilities, I wouldn`t have given your name to the Council. If I wasn`t perfectly sure of your abilities, I wouldn`t have chosen you as my successor to the council. I have lived a long life, one that trumps even the oldest of Humans. I`ve seen a great many things, and know that patience is an attribute that will keep one sane.

“Don`t be in a rush to do anything, my Dear. In fact, if you have rushed through and done everything, how will you keep living an eternal life?” He pointed out, smiling at her. He took her cheeks in his hands and kissed her forehead. “Please be patient. The council often promotes members, and I`m sure that once they find they are in need of your talents, they won`t let you go so easily.”

Xander looked down the hallway and sighed softly before lifting her chin again. “I must be going now. I have work to do.” He said, and brushed her cheek before turning on his heel and rushing off into the darkness. Kitkara whispered her goodbye, and made her way in his direction, although heading for the balcony.

The moon was high in the night sky while the stars shone brilliantly like diamond specks. The cool night breeze caught her hair, and sent a slight chill down her spine. As did the call of a werewolf in the distance. She held her arms and rubbed them, then turned to walk back inside to ponder what Xander had said to her.

`It seems like every time I speak with him, I`m reassured of my purpose. Although, I don`t know what it is…` Kitkara thought, sighing to herself again and making the lonely walk back to her room. The sound of drunken victory could be heard across the courtyard, and she shook her head. `Fools… There could be a dozen humans… Converted as I was… And they celebrate it.` Her footsteps were barely audible as she made her way back home.


But yeah. I’f you’ve made it this far, Gratz to you. Here, have a cookie. <3

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