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*RevengedJaack: Yes Pasta, I love you *--------------------------------------* pastacat22: Can i put a twinkie in your bitch aut? :D RevengedJaack: Hahah. Autarch: only the hostes variety RevengedJaack: Did you just call Frank a bitch? pastacat22: I promise it to be tastelicious pastacat22: Like a pudding pop Corando: *confetti* Corando: WOSH! Corando: *vanish* Autarch: ok heres the deal pasta. what ever you put in her, i get to put in you aswell pastacat22: .... pastacat22: DEAL pastacat22: i will give her pastacat22: a giant chocolate chip cookie pastacat22: then youll give me yours... pastacat22: THEN YOU''LL HAVE NO COOKIES pastacat22: MUAHAHAHA Autarch: she will though pastacat22: .... Autarch: and she'll keep it in the fridge till i'm ready for it pastacat22: You mother fucke.r *--------------------------------------* Kuin34: Nope pastacat22: Ima kill you kuin... pastacat22: Your and your jar of penut butter... Undone: ;:D pastacat22: We all know what you actually use it for.... Kuin34: You can kill me.... but don't kill the peanut butter! Kuin34: I'll wait until Sammy is here for that pastacat22: So kuin why penut butter? pastacat22: Why not lotion? Kuin34: =| Lotion doesn't taste very good. Kuin34: and probably isn't healthy pastacat22: You feed yourself that way? o.O Kuin34: Yes. With bread, sometimes. tamarisk5: peanut butter is also great if you find yourself in a sticky situation pastacat22: You should know im making the assumption that you masturbate with it kuin pastacat22: You just made yourself sound all silly *--------------------------------------* nolo20: hi neko nekonoshippo: Hi. nekonoshippo: Wanna know a secret? pastacat22: * pokes neko * nolo20: sure nekonoshippo: I'm really a dude. cena7797: :D nolo20: 0.0 pastacat22: * squeezes neko * nekonoshippo: So pasta, do you poke every guy you meet, or just me? ;D nekonoshippo: Whoa, easy there. pastacat22: Blasphemy They're real cena7797: xD nekonoshippo: Lawl. pastacat22: No i poke every guy i meet nekonoshippo: Oh, okay. nekonoshippo: Seriously, though, I'm a dude. *--------------------------------------* kf5aqx: I like the one I nailed Chris with best though ;) pastacat22: Which one? kf5aqx: near the bottom kf5aqx: "If it's not child porn, I'm not paying to see it. dialMforMONKEY: Huh? kf5aqx: Chris: ^" kf5aqx: remember that ;) dialMforMONKEY: Yeah, you didn't nail anyone with that. dialMforMONKEY: Just sayin'. dialMforMONKEY: Pyro said that. pastacat22: Chris Want my pedo bear costume ? pastacat22: You earned it dialMforMONKEY: .... kf5aqx: XD*

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