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lolwow kongregate’s ded.

If you want to contact me outside of Kongregate post kill, feel free to add me on Steam or Discord

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pepzziii/
Discord: Pepzi#0666

Below is my legacy profile.

I am a strong, independent black woman who don’t need no man


I truly do not care about your soda preferences

3410/44080 points for rank 69


Modded in FOTD 03/11/16
Room Owner of Farts Lmao 4/1/16
Rescinded Room Owner of Farts Lmao 4/4/16
Modding in AAA (for some reason) 05/05/16
Modder in AP 05/26/16
Rescinded Modder in AP 6/27/16
(Forum) Moderator for BTD5 7/12/16
Mod of Barrens 07/23/16.
Forum Moderator of AT 09/20/16
Room Owner of AAA 9/30/16
Room Owner of Barrens Chat 10/08/16
Returned Room Owner of AAA 10/09/16
Barrens decided to take a nap and stole the R & M from me 10/21/16
Chat Moderator of AT (add date here, will figure out later)
Forum Moderator of OT 02/01/17
(temporary) Spam Wrangler for General Gaming 5/15/17
(temporary) Wangler of Spam for Anti-Idle: The Game 5/18/17
(temporary) Spam Wam go Awayer for Technical Support 5/19/17
(temporary) Special Splatterer of Spam for Pocket Politics 5/19/17
(temporary) Gwen stop talkerer for Kongregate 5/23/17
Demodded August 8th 2020 because the company that bought Kongregate decided to kill the website


Destan: im a dude and i like peepee

[01:30] Destan: ok pepzi, i am sorry for being a jerk

[08:27 AM] Vicodine: I just noticed the room description says “Vicodine is a poopy butthead”

[05:52 PM] Destan: Panties on your head suits you, pepzi

[06:49 PM] Kitezer: i’m heralded as a leader within rape culture

[02:20 PM] 9thDr: Pipze is a grown man and he can be a beefy jerk if he wants to.

[07:11 PM] joebob23: i was too busy checking out pepzi’s super hot eurotrash metal sister

[02:00 PM] Destan: protest the tyranny of pepzi

[11:14 PM] Kitezer: but i can ban him
[11:14 PM] Kitezer: yeee

[08:25 PM] Kitezer: chloroform takes a few minutes to take effect

[11:45 PM] Kitezer: trusting an admin is like trusting someone that cut off ur hand

[09:32 PM] Kitezer: do you ever dress up as gwen and pretend to be her

[09:23 PM] Kitezer: I guess bleeding out would be kinda neat

[03:58 PM] Destan: bugger off, asian fbi

[06:31 PM] Ayrus: boohoo
[06:31 PM] Ayrus: you get to hug a hottie daily

[05:02 AM] Upaut: I won’t even fap to Cait, and she thinks I’m going to marry her and give her a green card.

[08:19 PM] Kitezer: believing what a girl says about me is like believing what hitler says about judaism

[04:01 AM] martyn898: i dont like gangs to violent
[04:01 AM] El_Trumpacabra: we’d beat you up for saying that

[01:58 AM] Kitezer: ooga booga booga im alive

[02:24 PM] IAmTheCandyman: You just fap so hard that either you or your genitals scream. That’s how you know when to stop.

[02:23 AM] Kitezer: If I have a kid tho
[02:24 AM] Kitezer: I’d want it to be a daughter that I can dress up
[02:24 AM] Kitezer: And give her pretty outfits to wear
[02:24 AM] Kitezer: And I can say “thats my adorable daughter”
[02:24 AM] Kitezer: and be proud about it

[12:19 AM] rambo330: no one gives a fudge pop wtf ur saying

[11:58 AM] Kitezer: periods are just blood tears from not gettin ****ed (reply)

[01:31 AM] WRAIT94: i yell at children constantly

[11:18 PM] Kitezer: speaking of history
[11:18 PM] Kitezer: people are uncomfortable with the main character romancing a 14 year old
[11:18 PM] Kitezer: when they’re like 25
[11:18 PM] Kitezer: and it’s like “**** off you sensitvie ninnies”

[11:32 PM] Kitezer: like you don’t see me bragging about my anime pillows

[10:52 PM] stanwise: #orangelivesmatter now shut the **** up

[05:21 PM] Kitezer: pepzi you got rid of my best friend
[05:21 PM] Pepzi: I thought that was joe
[05:21 PM] Kitezer: he’s not around right now
[05:21 PM] Pepzi: or is he
[05:21 PM] stanwise: dun dun dunnnnn

[10:13 AM] Kitezer: the best veg is a dead one

[10:19 AM] Kitezer: pepzi’s manly and he has muscles

[11:50 AM] Kitezer: i stand by my decision to run away

[11:52 AM] Kitezer: I’m way too cowardly to fight for a woman’s honor

[11:55 AM] PenguinArmy: good work. undermining their self-confidence is the first step in getting them to sleep with you

[10:20 AM] Kitezer: I’m single and a virgin and I’m angrier than both of you

[08:11 PM] Kitezer: how do i defend against time
[08:11 PM] PenguinArmy: plastic surgery

[12:51 AM] NomuitJargon: Pepzi has a point

[03:01 AM] stanwise: yes trump you are secretariat
[03:01 AM] stanwise: you are a horse

[02:29 PM] NecroShade666: pour soft drinks on your genitals its a much better way to pass the time

Gwenhwyfar: cats also have a sex

BaconMaster93: I can fix your phone, your computer, and your asshole

[11:14 AM] joebob23: 8 year old black female children are the epitome of stylish

[09:27:51 PM] Gwenhwyfar: Ok cool
[09:27:58 PM] Gwenhwyfar: I was a ho

[11:41:27 PM] Ayrus: I’m a stupid piece of shit.

[01:36 AM] SikeBanana: You dont see me advertising that I fap to Pepzi

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