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    at my computer you moron
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*beats crap* are you reading my profile? get a life life asshat! if you have any questions then call 0124568643 and order a pepperoni with extra cheese favourite quotes: puc4444: wait....percy......what ARE you sitting on Tprime: Me fail english? That's unpossible! arfriekinel: You're worried about sounding like an idiot in a room with someone named fart? Vorpal_Steak: Enough of the fapping please. kyza:I just ran through a room and yelled out "Kool Aid Bitch" O.O TehUberAhsem: .... I hate humanity some days... Well, most days... knightofnoctu: Aww I wanna buy diarrhea. flutistno3: what sten... is your mom here again? noctu: flutey, get out of my pants! dabigchamp: im a manbitch, cant u read?!? AjaxGreater: so much fail in this chat... *goes into hibernation* flutstinto3: wth does a lemus want with waffles versus pancakes? favorite conversation:IAmThePickleMan: Candy! :) IAmTheCandyman: You're kidding me. IAmTheCandyman: You're such a dork :P IAmThePickleMan: *Hands you Candy* IAmThePickleMan: Can I have my pickle now pl0x? IAmTheCandyman: um...pickle IAmTheCandyman: you can give yourself pickles IAmThePickleMan: No thanks. IAmTheCandyman: just like i can give me candy :P IAmThePickleMan: I don't carry pickles. IAmThePickleMan: I only have candy. IAmThePickleMan: NOW GIMMIE PICKLES NAO! IAmTheCandyman: ... IAmTheCandyman: *gives pickeles* IAmThePickleMan: Blast! IAmThePickleMan: PICKLES NAO! *Pulls out Pickle gun* I will Pickle-yo-ass Mr.Candyman unless you gimmie ma pickles! IAmTheCandyman: Ok, now that makes no sense IAmTheCandyman: How can you have a pickle gun and not have pickles? IAmThePickleMan: Because I carry Waffles :3 IAmTheCandyman: Haha IAmThePickleMan: And R3C0N ARM0UR. IAmThePickleMan: Do you haz R3C0N ARM0UR?! IAmTheCandyMan: No IAmThePickleMan: PHAILPHAILPHAIL! *Walks away nomming Waffles and Candy* ------------------------------------------------------

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