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About Morshu (Old Profile Pic):

Morshu (Proper Noun), a fat, ficticious, bomb salesman who has quite a selection of lamp oil, rope, and bombs in his arsenal. He also sells soup with an oh-so-familiar ‘mmmmmm mmmmmm good’ slogan at his delicatessen. His shop window says, “You want it?” and it’s located in Gamelon, Whiterun. Most of the time if he isn’t eating toast from toasters that toast toast, ice cream (usually soft serve scoops) from Whiterun, lots’a’ spaghetti with or without meatballs, or if he’s really hungry, an octorok with Link, then he’ll be at his bomb shop. If asked nicely after his typical “You want it?”, he’ll then be generous and reply to whatever crap of an answer you come up with the usual, “Take it, it’s yours my friend!” (As long as you have enough Rupees…).

Social Life:

He also works for King Harkinian, the king of Hyrule a.k.a Gamelon in times of war against the king’s nemesis, Ganon(dorf). Ganon has an army of “You must die” clones in his ‘lair’. But this only happens when Gwonam (The king’s royal messenger) happens to advise them each and every time that, “It is read, only Link can defeat Ganon.” His day job is helping Link, find ‘his stuff’, helping Link find ways to entertain himself whenever he says, “Gee, it sure gets boring round here. (With a dramatic rolling eyes effect.)”, and babysit Zelda. But when this happens, she usually replies with the typical teenage backtalk of, “You’ve got to be kidding.” On his time off, Morshu likes to go to Camp Lazlo and hang out with his buddies, Raj, Edward, and Lazlo, among others. But he’s doesn’t have a vehicle so he usually calls the Gwonam Taxi Service via flare and bomb smoke and after paying a small fee in Rupees (The big gold Rupees – chump change to him.), and “Squa-da-la, we’re off!”

Fun Facts:

Here are some fun facts about Morshu: He prays to the god known as Raymundo. He is related to Otto, Reggie, Tito, Spongebob, Patrick, Squiward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Twister (Maurice), Squid (Sam), RegiThane, DemiRegiThane, Larry, Gary, Mrs. Puff, Squilliam, Crazy hyah-hyah horse neighing dude who says, “Watch where your goin’ you foo!”. He is also related to Krunk (From The Emperor’s New Groove, and Powder Puff Girls), Major Glory, the Emperor from The Emperor’s New Groove, Luigi, Weegee, Gay Luigi, Walleo, Eustace, Muriel, Talking Computer, Bubbles (Both from the Powder Puff Girls and Trailer Park Boys), Blossom, Buttercup, Ricky, Mr. & Mrs. Lahey, Randy, Julian, J-Roc, Tyrone (T-Dawg), Random Generals from Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Courage. Morshu has family in parts of Swanburg (Neighboring province), Whiterun of Whiterun (Capital city). He also hangs out with Mario, Gay Luigi, and others with “Enclosed istruction book”(s). Sometimes he likes to play Wii Fit and Super Smash Brothers (Bros.) Brawl and battle his nemesis, Bowser, who has a very creepy laugh. He also has a duet on YouTube with Scatman.

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