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I am a cute girl that has amazing friends and I am really crazy sometimes. I am a really nice person to meet in real life! :)

I love cats and I love Warrior cats even though I have alot of homework to do. But dont worry I dont bite! O3O . I also have 2 cats.

well 1 thing im hot and im kinda a nerd i like to read and play skyrim and fallout( i love the maximum seris and the book war and peace) im 14 yrs old and sexii

I’m a girl im not gay i’ll never be gay i watched darkness falls its rlly cool.

i like pie and video games and playing my ps3 and my x box :D
my fav game is the last of us so down town root shoot
no body ever likes me cause i try to kill my self

Hi. My name is Madison.you can call me madi for short.I like to hang with friends but don’t judge me. My favorite color is blue and pink.I really don’t come here to get in relationships, I like to make new friends but sometimes that doesn’t work out bc ppl r rude to me.just don’t talk about me in a bad way bc u would never want see my bad side trust u don’t want to. I have brownish red hair with blonde in it I’m kinda tall and really pretty and idc if u call me ugly I can be a nice girl sometimes when I want to I have a lot of friends on here but I really don’t talk to them much bc of personal business I’m usually in gnarly argle ska if u want to find me

U might hear me say remember all the things that u and I did first?and now u doing them with her.when I said that to a few ppl it kinda freaked them out well I’m sorry for doing that it’s song just to let u no it’s my favorite song I want u back by cher lloyd.I can be crazy sometimes.the only way I get really crazy is if I drink a lot of mountain dew so if I was u and u had mountain dew u should keep it from me so I would not get crazy.I got so crazy once I hurt myself really bad and I just sat there laughing the whole time.

umm heyyy my name in rl is maddi but most people on here just call me lil, lils, lilly or frog. i can be quiet at times and i can be crazy as well. my besties are jaynie and jadey cuz they are fun to be around and we always bitch around with eachother, making eachother laugh, ooh and umm……………I LOVEEEEE SKITTLEZ AND M&M’S >:)

to start off, i love dark choclate,i also like lolly pops,pie,cake,and i like playing the piano and flute.
the only thing that would possibly make me want to kill you is that if you get in my face… and if you lie to me…I WILL KILL YOU!! >=(
but, im a really nice person if you get to know me. i may be rough at times, but thats just for fun. i like really cute and small things and i love animals.
some of my friends call me luna or italy.

I’m a girl i have watched darkness falls its bout a tooth fairy that kills people who c her on the last tooth.I love the movie Chucky the killing doll and im not gay i wont be gay and i have a twin and she needs a guy so pm me if YOU need a gal. She rlly needs 1 and this is her stuff: she loves mlp she rlly loves all killer movies and she is a nice girl she won’t have sex till she is married and then we have 10 sisters: amy is 5,ashlee is 7 and i will tel no more and im rlly cute i have 29in breats and i have never had sex yet and apple thinks im his girl.

WARNING : faetora is a pederass don’t trust him he is not a high school girl he is an old man trying to molest underage kids

sir_tokes: let’s play limp biscuit

xCPTxKICKxNUTZx: yur mean

JohnnyRottenOZ: meppz i think as a mod you should introduce mandatory iq tests for anyone wanting to chat in this room

pineapplesauce: yur gay

JohnnyRottenOZ: that should clear out about 99 percent of the people in here

pineapplesauce: ya u

pineapplesauce: dummie

pineapplesauce: LOL

xCPTxKICKxNUTZx: yur so dum


Sentouki: grand sorc takes 2 minutes a move

nar8to: milano

NightWiz: is that spanish or?

Puritas: italian

Sentouki: yes

pineapplesauce: puta loca

Fever_K: that’s spanish, not italian ^^

pineapplesauce: you’re spanish

Fever_K: no, I’m italian :P

pineapplesauce: your mom’s italian

Fever_K: yup :<

pineapplesauce: reported

RevengeIsMine: wanan know sumin ive fought so many gilrs i dont care anymore their jus men but cant die if they get kicked between the legs

nylon122: Yoda, your a ****ed up piece of shit without a life, so make everyone else’s life easier by losing yours

nylon122: Hi, I’m yoda420, and I’m a gay ****tard who makes out with other men

darkmikasonfire: i actually think pineapple is mentally retarded, not a troll, because even shitty trolls tend to have more of a brain that this thing.

Bunny_93: no ive spilt enougt i snt wanna strip again

maramara: yeah dude you can see my pussy good

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