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Hey, I’m Pleasedonot5. Feel free to call me pdn or pdn5. :)

I’ve been on Kongregate since 2008, and have never once stopped being interested in and enjoying what this site has to offer. From a young and nerdy middle-schooler to a college-educated, aspiring public administrator and/or lawyer, I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth throughout the years. I enjoy looking back at this site to see the growth and those that have impacted me along the way.

Through Kongregate, I have:

  • Ultimately decided my religion was not for me (Catholic – > agnostic atheist). Thanks, SD forums!
  • Ironically, become more social through game chat and forum discussions. I used to be so unable to talk to anyone.
  • Have spent countless hours interacting with so many people while enjoying the free amenities of this site.

I enjoy debating politics (I’d consider myself a friendly moderate, probably center-right), religion, origin of species, origin of life – you name it! Disagree with me on any of my positions? Let’s talk! It’s more fun when two people disagree.

Before I go into detail about my positions on specific issues, I will thank you for reading my profile. Talk to you soon, I hope!


HEALTH CARE: Universal access for citizens only. Reduced and subsidized cost for necessary treatments (i.e. dialysis, organ transplants). High deductibles that allow families to treat conditions if necessary, but discourages small / chronic / and preventative care spending. Less citizens using the service unnecessarily reduces the cost for all.

UNIVERSITY EDUCATION: As a recently-graduated college student and the former student body president of my university, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I believe it was Eisenhower who said “military industrial complex.” Let me be the first to say “education industrial complex.” Truth is, we do not need as many students in academia, earning liberal arts degrees that do nothing for their skills in their careers. These degrees have a place, but to a lesser extent. We should continue institutional and state scholarships based upon merit. We should nearly eliminate federal loan subsidization programs. We should encourage those high school students WITHOUT a knack for STEM fields to attend professional schools. Less students attending a university equals less need for services, equals less costs, equals lower tuition (similar to health care market, discussed above).

PRIMARY / SECONDARY EDUCATION: Provide financial incentives to states that subsidize schools who have programs that encourage dramatically higher progression in salaries for teachers. Encourage benefits but do not include pensions (instead encourage 401Ks and 457s). Encourage reduction of teacher union power through contract renegotiation or Education Department directive to allow termination of under-performing teachers. Provide financial incentives to states who subsidize vocational classes.

IMMIGRATION: Thoroughly vet incoming immigrants. Severely limit the number of refugees coming in, while providing press releases and marketing for almost every individual family allowed in the states. Increase border patrol funding and encourage hires and capital improvements. The “wall” is a stupid idea. Implement tracking system for those on expired VISAS. Punish insubordinate “sanctuary cities” financially — they must follow federal and state laws.

CIVIL RIGHTS: Encourage elected community review boards for police stations. Encourage community representation by race in police forces. Police should wear body cameras when responding to calls. Pass LGBTIQA+ anti-discrimination laws for employment and all non-religious services. Speech that directs physical violence against a group is not protected per the Constitution.

MILITARY: Realize that the military is 16-17% of the total federal budget, not “ridiculously high” like some would like us to believe. Increase this funding on R&D; making our troops safer, our weapons more efficient, injury recovery and prosthetics, and unmanned deployment. Increase military hires in combat and non-combat roles. Encourage special forces training. Increase military capital. Allow women and LGBTIQA+ individuals to serve. We ARE the world police: we maintain order in the world and are a cooperative counter-balance to autocratic, authoritarian, and expansionary world powers. We should not engage in regime change. As for ISIS, work with Russia to take them out. As for Assad, continue to punish for chemical weapons strike, but work with Russia and Assad to eradicate ISIS; we should care less about arming anti-government radicals, and more about ISIS here and abroad.

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