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Oh hai!

1. I am PMdutch, but also known as PM, dutch, dutchy, dutchie, dutchess, ducttape, PMjew, PMfat, PMrussian, Dutchess of Butchness, guess which nicknames are made by Cezar >_>
2. I am a 4 year old girl, so please be nice to me o3o.
3. If you’re nice, I will be nice. If you’re an idiot… I will give you a cookie.
4. I might be slightly insane.
5. Cezar is in love with me, so please don’t be too jealous of me!
6. Sometimes I am on, and sometimes not, I move… in mysterious ways ♫.
7. The Game, thou has lost it.
8. Red will always deny his loss against my Derpion.
9. Number 9 is my favourite number.
10. You can ask me anything, except my favourite colour.

And here are some quotes I put on my profile because I am so lonely ♫!
Procasti: “A goat, a bitter whore, and a communist. The worst combo.”
Dathara: “PMdutch is allergic to losers.”
Danyo: “PMdutch sicks ducks”
CantKillTheMetal: “PMs are the mating call of the Dutch.”
Eskimo_Man: “PMdutch loves me more than crimson”
sevendinosaurs7: “I thought i saw PM once, but it was just the wind…The guy is a legend.”
Cezar55: “He’s a troll sometimes. But… PM is better than you”
Iseult2: “i luv you dutchy!”
LilithandLuna: “Dutch is a sexy person.”
chemromance13: “Pm is the dutch from spongebob o.o”
crimsontide45: “i thought i heard dutch behind me, so i turned around, it was just a dragon”
bigrick: “PMdutch made me see the light”
poetic4death: “Dutchy, you’re fanfawkingtastic. I lurveeeeeeee you”
drbarrelroll369: “PM stands for anything I want to be, does it stand for pre-mature? then I want to be pre-mature.”
Magistry: “Dutch is like the spring breeze, it only slightly ****s with you and your hair until winter.”
BrodyRing: “PMdutch is a whore-er c:”
Ratman1: “The flying Dutchman!”
6619510155102464: “Their can only be one Dutchy!!! and he is the PMdutch”
Only1Chapter: “PMdutch. I’ll say the same about you that I do for everyone else. The sex was good enough.”
OiseauLibre: “Dear PMDutch. I don’t know you. :D”
BlankImage: “Ducttape…. You’re a woman’s best friend.”
kturn101: “PMdutch; there, i posted a good pm :o”
ramonio: “PM likes his bitches like he likes your argument: Invalid”
brenda1996: “I don’t need a grammar corrector, because PMdutch is online.”
Pyrosomniac: “PMdutch watches me while I sleep!”
Basherte: “Pm is like a summer rain.. Awesome, and feels good all over the body.”
DarkRainyKnight: “Thou is as bright as the afternoon sun whilst during a brief drizzle of mist from thy heavens.”
KaiJai: “Duchy is nice”
Tizio_Capizio: “Ok, so i love PMdutch”
Imalilfish: “PM is a trolldouche. But i love ’im anyway. ;p”
MattsBabe7: “PM is always asking for a good quote xD”
Sir_Roderick_IV: “PMdutch, a duelist for love.”
kdrive1: “PMdutch = Private Matters Done Under The Church Hall. Cuz y’know that’s where all the best shit goes down”
TheZenMaster12: “Pmdouche is a pretty kosher dude but I see him peeping in my window at night so I give him private shows.”
The order of these quotes do certainly matter.
(No they don’t, please don’t kill me I was just kidding D:)

The legendary tale of the majestic Derpion (told by two people)
PMdutch: PMdutch was just minding his business
PMdutch: Until suddenly
Redeement: MONS
PMdutch: Sir Redeement challenged him to a pokemon duel
PMdutch: PMdutch couldn’t refuse, he had to keep his honor
PMdutch: It was a legendary battle
PMdutch: But then PMdutch decided to choose the ultimate pokemon
PMdutch: Derpion.
PMdutch: Then Derpion slaughtered Red’s entire team.
PMdutch: The end.
Redeement: There was this day I challenged this poor n00bchild to a friendly game of Random Pokemans.
Redeement: The silly n00bchild accepted reluctantly, knowing it was going to have its ass handed to it. And it did. Its mons died like flies.
Redeement: But apparently the n00bchild had made a pact with the DEVIL HIMSELF and was given the ultimate pokemon. Likely in return for his anal virginity.
Redeement: The n00bchilds victory was a tainted and honorless one and should be erased from the annals of history.

And to finish this profile about idiotic me, I present you a quote from the magnificent Cezar. May it help those fallen into despair.
Cezar55: Stop hating and stealing from your feather!

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