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Hello, I’m Pokefan555. No,no,no,no. It’s not Pokemon-fan. Well let me tell you my story first.

I admit, my name came from Pokemon-fan. But that was long time ago. I’m not a fan of pokemon now. It has the same story, get all gym badges, battle the champion, get all the pokemons to please the bossy professor. Ahem, enough about Pokemon anyways, I want to tell you about myself.

So after I got “unaddicted” to pokemon, I decided that Poke should become a name. Poke became my “game god” or “role-playing god”. I also loved role-playing that time. So he’s a history of me, you may read as you desire. It’s all about sacred seasons 2 though.

Part1: Start of Sacred Seasons 2
“So I started playing SS2, w00t! I started as a Spring Witch, this class was actually a good one. Soon I was invited to a guild called Pure Power. It was very active and recruiting, as SS2 just started. However SS2 didn’t please me so I went back playing SS1. I believe I got kicked from the guild, or I left(sorry couldn’t remember what exactly I did). After that I went inactive for 1-2 months……”

Part2: Poke’s Fate
“Poke returned. Many things have changed and my favorite class, shaman, has been released. I instantly bought one and started training it. While I was training, I also did the storyline quests. Soon I met a guy, FunkyFreshB. I thought his name was lame, and he could be a random guy but I actually don’t know what I’m thinking. He invited me to his guild, FunkyFreshGuild, but I refused. I was at Sacred Assassins back then. I went back to training my witch. After that, I left Sacred Assassins and started to look for guilds. Funky invited me again, and I suddenly felt something at that moment. I feel like it was the most important thing that will happen to me. I accepted and I was finally in the legendary guild…….”

Part3: FunkyFreshGuild: My Home!
“For this part, we’ll call FunkyFreshGuild as FFG. FFG was actually the gate to happiness. As soon as I joined, many of my friends did too. Soon FFG was filled with friendly faces. The guild also became very active that time. It was often noisy(positively), and it was all fun. There was one time when I got bored, I left FFG. I rejoined Sacred Assassins…..”

Part4: The Boomerang
“As I joined Sacred Assassins, I felt like it was the right guild for me. However it was not. I remember Sacred Assassins merging with The Prestige, and our guildmaster went with that guild. Sacred Assassins fell apart slowly. I rejoined FFG, and Funky still accepted me. One time I left again, but after that I still went back! I decided to call that my “Journeys”. Soon I left again, joined White Lotus. But after a day I left, and again I joined FFG. The guild did not curse me, it was something that made me come back again and again……."

Part5: COW!?!?!?!
Alright before I start narrating, let me tell you that this is where the FunkyFresh memories get messed up. I won’t recall them in order but they all happened when I was in FFG.
“I met speeds16 one day, I thought he’s a jerk. But he’s actually a good friend. We ran SF27 that time. Soon he joined FFG. The guild was much more fun. But there was one problem. Someone started an acronym “COW”. It meant Clowns Own Witches, which became a minor issue. Me, as a witch, tried my best to prove it wrong but it’s impossible. First reason is that a lot of guildies are clowns, which means I don’t stand a chance. Even Zaktan(vgm) and Funky were clowns! This issue lasted for a while. There are not much things that are interesting to say in this problem, but as I found out that Nuclear Vile could possibly kill clowns, I thought this was it. So me and speeds pvped, buffed myself with magma jars and used nuclear vile. It hit!!!!!!! But I didn’t say that because I killed him. It’s because he survived the skill!! He survived the skill which could take down people hundreds of lvls away from you, and I was only 20-50 lvls away from him! I had to admit clowns were the best at that time….."

Part6: Poke’s Game
“Poke was thinking something…..After the COW problem, I decided to do something even if the witches lost. I thought of a game. It is where you will guess the acronym. I spread it to the guild and they loved it. We played the game for some time…..”

Part7: Farewell….
“People went inactive. Something wrong is going on. FFG started losing people. The pillars that kept the guild up fell. It was a disaster. I couldn’t take it anymore. The guild somewhat like exploded and scattered. I had to be a part of that explosion. It was actually hard for me to leave. I left and joined The Exiled…..”

Part8: Mysterious and Wonderful
“The world outside of FFG was wonderful and mysterious, but not as wonderful as FFG itself. As I joined The Exiled, it was a peaceful, friendly guild to be in. It was quiet though, not much fun to be found in. I wanted to leave but I resisted. Soon I did though, and I hoped not to disappoint people……”

Part9: BBQ Time!
“So I joined Summer BBQ next, guild owned by fishypoo(??? in kong). Two FunkyFreshians were there, Salmon219 and Dwarfmaster. Dwarf was one of my closest friends. So the moment I joined, I was greeted by many friendly people. I was introduced to fishy my kume, and it felt strange. I was expecting fishy to be a very strict GM. I also expected that from all other members. But they were actually fun to be with, much like funkyfreshians. I met one of them, Pyrated, the BBQ Port Whore. At first, she treated me as a complete stranger. But as I stayed longer in BBQ, we became close friends. I became a fan of her and copied her scout. I also became a mini port whore when I’m afk so maximize my usefulness and time online. We did some Guild Competitions together and won. It was the guild I was hoping for………………”

Part10: No More BBQ Treats For You!
“People started leaving Summer BBQ. It was due to some reasons. I resisted leaving. I left once and a day after, I joined again. This time I was bored. Nothing to do, no one to run with. It was a very lonely world. No more occasional hugs, kisses and stuff. I barely felt the people caring and loving for me. Some time after, a funkyfreshian, Godkaka(pingpongkevin in kong), went online and started to become active. I wasn’t really close to him that time but now that he’s active, I am. He looked for a guild and zoroita recommended Freelancers for him. Godkaka accepted and he was in. I was thinking of something….should I leave BBQ and go to Freelancers? Or go to Gang Green(I once thought it was a good guild)? Or stay in BBQ? It took me some minutes and I prepared a small message to Summer BBQ and joined…………..”

Part11: Freelancers!
“…..Freelancers. I wanted to be with godkaka. He’s the only one of the funkyfreshians left, including me. So I was welcomed, and I checked the guild info for the members. And it was a joy! Some of the people I know were in Freelancers, and some funkyfreshians(old and new) were there too! I thought this was FFG itself. And as I stayed, people started caring for me, giving us occasional hugs, kisses and fun. It was a true guild like FFG. And what more is Funky went online again! He said he’ll need to time to prepare so he can go active like that time. Once again, I was filled with hope, that FFG’s old glory will be rebuilt….”

Part12: Small War in Freelancers
“So….I was running RDA for the chest, and as we are getting lots of people, lifelife and ArcAngel tried to stop people. Soon life didn’t feel like it was a good idea, he feels like he’ll be treated as a selfish guy. But Arc still kept people away just to reserve one for a friend coming. And as soon as life spoke, Arc somehow didn’t like it and made him shut up. Life also didn’t like this, so they fought, insulting and swearing at each other. Immidiately, I tried to stop them but I was so hard. I did stop them for a while but after that he started again. Good thing Symmol(simstar I think in kong, and VGM) is there to help me stop, and Gossy too(killsoccupant I think in kong) and even with all our efforts and me listing the rules of Freelancers, he wouldn’t stop. He’s stubborn and he has a bad attitude. Well at least after some minutes, he stopped. Err the “he” I am referring to is ArcAngel1"

I’m a FunkyFreshian from the planet of PohKeh >=D

Quotes of my Classmates:
“I will punch every genital that you have”
“I’ll look at your answers and get a perfect score”
“As a faithful cleaner of the day, I will use your pocket as a trashcan. Now don’t resist”

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