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Just saiyan this because people keep getting upset when I don’t respond.
I play ALOT of games, I tend to use Youkongregate for my music wile I play, Kay? didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Notes: “They told me I would never destroy the Earth They Told Me I Was Mad to Try! Well now they can all *#&% themselves!”
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown appears to be about 19
Race: Dragonier (they age much slower then humans at a ratio of 10 to 1)
Hair Color: Teal
Height: 5’7
Eye Color: Crimson Red
She carries a flute passed down from to her from past generations it also serves as a short sword. Often playing beautiful melody’s from atop tree branches or buildings. She is very acrobatic, and fast she is also very strong, despite her amazingly beautiful looks.

Name: Rekoteh
Sex: Female
Race: Human/Cat
Profession: Witch
Weapon: Staff
Desc:She tends to be silly but good in a fight, sometimes she transforms in to a black cat wearing a smaller version of my hat in the pic: http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa159/Shriana/normal_magic0318.jpg

Weapons: Custom DKP-11 Handgun, other weapons vary time to time
Race: Synthetic Human (She is of Jappanese decent)
Hair: Long, Black luster
Eyes: Crimson Red
Alignment:Freelance Merc
Clothing: Wears black T-shirt and black jeans, wears combat armor when nessesary
Bio: Rikku grew up on the streets as a neglected child, when she had a home her parents were killed in front of her by gangsters. Several years later at age 12 she was kidnapped by a crime syndicate, she worked for them until she was captured by police during a robbery 3 years later, she then was released promising she would betray the pinhead AKA the man who killed her family, after she did this (she made it slow and very painful) she shortly after joined the military, She became a test subject for a new synthetic human assault force.
Though the pay was good it was not enough for her, she then left and beame a freelance mercinary.

Name: Rekoteh
Sex: Female
Age: ???
Race: Half Human Half Demon
Haircolor: Golden Blonde
Hair length: midback
Eyecolor: Violet
Weapons:Claws, Tails Various other weapons
Picture: Desc: Very little is known about her, few see her and live to tell the tale, she may appear beautiful, but she is dark inside. She has incredible strength and agility. She has an extremely rare blood born “disease” giving her unmatched fighting ability’s when she goes in to her “Rager” State, she loses complete control of herself in battle.

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