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Sup. Add me on Steam. Purebot³

Friend Meter
Virus1234 100% Friends4ever
Jeefry78 90% Sexfriends
Jaxta20 80% I♥Him
GravityFractal 40% I’m A Fragment Of His Imagination
Xan99 30% Doesn’t know me, but I ♥ his/her speech about grammar

People Who I dislike
Terrence(Random Numbers)
Shinyporygon(Random Numbers)
Dragonkilla(I Think There Are Random Numbers)
Deedle(I Think There Are Random Numbers)
And a shitload more…

I am just a guy tryna have fun. Playing games. People who randomly pm me get automatically mad and call me gay and report me.

For the idiots.
Gay = You like your own gender
Report = Report hackers. Not people who call you names. That’s why there is a mute button. I use it a lot. ☺

Fav games
Everybody Edits
Anti-Idle: The Game
Team Fortress 2
Garry’s Mod
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Normal Life (Used to be an rp)
The Adventure

Games That Are Terrible
Brick Force (I hate combat) [:)]
Team Fortress 2.1 (Fake)
Halo (Series)

Awkward Conversations I had Throughout My Life
PureBot³: So… I heard you were a female.
xXxLollipopxXx: Well, I don’t just like guys, but girls too.
PureBot³: So you like me eh? I have a female friend who would offer to do nasty things at a cheap price.
xXxLollipopxXx: Starts Voice Chat I’m a guy.
PureBot³: Awkward Silence Get off my server.

Pride The Arrogant³: Sup Pure. I heard that you like me.
PureBot³: Umm, wut? I’m not gay.
Pride The Arrogant³: Well. A little birdy told me. Wanna play tf2?
PureBot³: I guess…

MegaPie: Wanna buttfuck?
PureBot³: No. But I think someone named Pride who wants to…

(IRL) Hector: Hey, dude, what is your penis shaped like?
Me: Umm… Thinks of best possible shape A mushroom? Wait, why are you asking me this?

BLADE: Pure!!!! OH MAH GAWD! Unicorns are invading!
PureBot³: Don’t worry! Pulls out Megashark Die unicorns!!!
CornDogjr: Guys. I just summoned all the bosses and I flooded the world. Now, since this is all going to end, can you tell me where you live? I kinda want to see you. ALL OF YOU.
PureBot³: You son of a faggot. Get away from me! Unicorns kill everyone

(IRL) [Talent Show] Me: Jose, this kid is f*cking little. I wonder if she will get stage fright…
Girl: Sings a song that is totally wierd
Me: Am I in the Matrix?
Random Girl: Yes. Your in the Matrix, just you and me…
Me: Stands up and leaves

Teacher: So, how’s you penis doing? (The teacher is female)
Me: Umm… When’s the next sub going to come?

Rp Goals
Fix The Ship
Hijack Syn Ship (X)
Discover A Spartan House
Find A Weapons Barrel (X)
Build A Car

Start Second Layer
Find The Purple Portal
Find A Purple Gem
Get Abducted
Kill Three Syn Leaders
Rebuild The House (X)
Get Villagers To Move In

Save The Purple Dimension
Meet TrueBot³
Escape Time
Go To Earth

Blow Up The Universe. [It’s Possible]

It’s 1982. The war has ended six years ago. There has been a raffle to see who will gaurd the border. Unfortunatly, I was picked. I didn’t want to do it. But I was forced to work. They sent me, everyday, for the rest of my life, to work for border patrol. The weather was very harsh. I didn’t like it one bit, it was so bad my family keep getting sick.

Day 1: The government kicked me out of my house and brought me and part of my family with me in to an apartment. The rent wasn’t good, kept me from buying all the stuff I needed. Food, warmth, and medicine. I knew it would be bad. I moved all my stuff in to the tiny apartment. Then I had walked to work. I saw a gaurd saying ‘Hi’ to me, so I waved back. I saw my working station and in front of it was a line so long it could of reached another state. Many people were forced to move to Arstotzka and didn’t want. Many had been evicted out of there house leaving their family. I walked up to the station and I opened the door. There, was a gate, a megaphone, a rule book, a note, and a stamper. I picked up the megaphone and yelled ‘Next’ in it. The first person who came up was a young man who was very poor looking. The ragged clothes, terrible hair, and he didn’t have any pants. Except for a cardboard skirt, that was also his begging sign if you fold it. There, he laid his passport on my desk. I asked him why he wanted to come to Grestin. He didn’t respond for a while untill he said, “I… I don’t have much money. This was the only thing I could buy. My family, my family is gone. Sent to A.T.T.F, Antartica’s Temperature Testing Facility. They would probobly die because of the cold.” I felt really bad for him. It might of been the last of his money to buy this passport. So finally I picked up the passport and then a gaurd said, “Hurry up in there! You haven’t even gone through the first person! Make up your mind either he should go or not. If you won’t pick, I will.” I could never challenge a gaurd at anything. I heard still on the radio that they are still doing the raffle. If I die, nobody would care, they would just pick another ticket from the raffle. I knew that the gaurds would kill me, so I returned to the passport. I really wanted this guy to go pass the border, but his passport’s expiration date ended yesterday. I was sorry to tell him, but he had to go. So I got the red stamper and pressed it on his passport then gave it to him. It was only moments until he realized he couldn’t pass. He was very enraged, he pulled a shard of glass out of his pocket, ran over the border and stabbed a gaurd in the neck. I turned around to hear the commotion and saw a gaurd on the ground bleeding to death. I stuck my head out of the entrance to my station, and I wondered where the homeless man had went. I took a few steps out, then the man jumped on me. He was on top of my station for quite a while. He got his piece of glass, and aimed it right on my throat. No gaurds were seen and the line of people began furious. He tried to strike at my throat but I pulled out my hand and grabbed on his hand then began resisting. I kept pushing his hand back away from me and soon he got his other hand and started to choke me. I had to react, so I kicked him in the stomach and pushed the man off me. “I didn’t want to do this, but i’ll have to!” I said to him. He striked at me again and I ended up on the ground. He jumped on me and punched me straight in the stomach. I felt stunned as if I could die right there. He pulled out his glass again and tried to strike at my throat. I grabbed on to his hand once again, and flipped him over. Then I got on top of him. I then took the piece of glass out of his hand, and stabbed him right in the chest. He laid there. Shaking. I didn’t know what to do. A gaurd then came by, automatically saw the dead gaurd and hobo then charged at me. He pulled out his gun and started randomly shooting, he was far away and missed me. Some of those bullets went straight in to the line, few people had died. Many people had been happy that they got a few steps closer to the border. Some of the citizens pushed the dead bodies in to a trash can. The gaurd tackled me and put the gun up to my face. I reached for my wallet and pulled out all my identification and shoved all the paperwork in his face. He read the papers quickly while he was still on me. The gaurd didn’t like me one bit. He shot my hand, because he thought that I had killed the gaurd and he didn’t want me to die because then he might get pulled from the raffle. I quickly ran to my station, searched the drawers, found some bandages, and quickly ran them around my hand. I shamfully call out ‘Next’ out the megaphone and a person came up to the booth. All of his identification seemed alright. Except for the picture. I had to let it pass since I didn’t want this person to end up acting like the last one. [End, for now] ♥♥♥

Hey kid, you like pentagons?
Kid: Yes!
Well why don’t you marry em?!?!
⌂ Please… love me!
Kid: Well, umm. I don’t love pentagons.
⌂ Is it because of my shape?!
√ Please!

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