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    The place that is constaly wet, yet always feels just moist as if it is whas raining 20 mins ago
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    Sep. 11, 2009
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Good Conversations below this point : http://pastebin.com/Q78EQt3x
dv0catus: The administrators have acted on screenshots before.

qazzaq251: Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Badge
(60 points – 15,836 awarded)
Earn 72 award points by completing every single track perfectly

Goal Checklist:
72 award points earned [Best so far: ] it shall be mine

Blizzard2000: That badge is mine. :D

adv0catus: Okay?

adv0catus: Report it then.

randomboy839: Good luck.

qazzaq251: lets go

Specter_Reborn: Hey Qazz

adv0catus: Hi Specter.

Specter_Reborn: Hello Everyone

qazzaq251: hello sorry specter

qazzaq251: in the middle of game

qazzaq251: how are you?

Specter_Reborn: Too much Rock’n’Roll for you Qazz

qazzaq251: lol

adv0catus: How are you, Specter?

Specter_Reborn: To be honest, not very well

adv0catus: Why?

Specter_Reborn: Slow Computer =P

adv0catus: Ah.

reekz123: hello guys

Specter_Reborn: I can’t use the fast laptops…..

adv0catus: Hi reekz.

adv0catus: How come?

Specter_Reborn: They’re Occupied by other Family Members

qazzaq251: woot

adv0catus: .

Specter_Reborn: You wo?

Specter_Reborn: won?

adv0catus: I see.

qazzaq251: the game trolled me

adv0catus: trollol.

Specter_Reborn: FAILURE!!!

TrophyMaster: NY4xE9rAY8k

Specter_Reborn: Qazz

qazzaq251: last 10 sec i thought it was over then a long bar came out of know where and was like perfect 5x combo streak not today nyugah and i was like sad face

TrophyMaster: video id for funny vid on kongretube

Specter_Reborn: You did play enough Guitar Hero =P

adv0catus: .

qazzaq251: lol yes….yes i did

Specter_Reborn: …..

Specter_Reborn: 3 Years of it?

qazzaq251: no…more like 1 year of weed fueled addiction

Specter_Reborn: Part 1,2 and 3?

qazzaq251: but enough of my life lol how are u

qazzaq251: Part 2

TrophyMaster: woah woah

Specter_Reborn: Oh

Specter_Reborn: BAD!

TrophyMaster: weed fueled addiction?

TrophyMaster: You got my interest, what’re we doing?

adv0catus: Marijuana isn’t addictive.

Specter_Reborn: Marijuana he’s talking about

qazzaq251: advocatus

TrophyMaster: who is?

Specter_Reborn: Coke is

Specter_Reborn: Him

TrophyMaster: **** it, drug convo earns him an unmute

qazzaq251: im not saying the weed was addicted im saying it fueld my want to play the game which was addictive

adv0catus: Ah.

qazzaq251: i was muted lol…FTW

Specter_Reborn: Yep, I can see you’re stoned right now

Specter_Reborn: Who?

adv0catus: Who?

TrophyMaster: Not you qazzaq, adv0

qazzaq251: I dont know lol

Specter_Reborn: 0-0

adv0catus: Who is stoned?

TrophyMaster: So, what about weed and coke?

qazzaq251: advo was muted apparently by someone he who shall not be named

TrophyMaster: I wish I were :P

adv0catus: TM muted me.

qazzaq251: trophy let me repeat it for u

TrophyMaster: Please do.

Specter_Reborn: I drank Coke

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