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Profile last updated June 3, 2016. (My full profile, back by popular demand because I felt like it.)

Official Supreme Cipher Overlord courtesy of BrainpanSonata’s Cipher Rush II.

Kong Card (created by videogames518):



Gainedhate: Why am I always quoted? damn. lol.

djstreamline: the mere thought of a fight with [Chuck Norris] has just broken my arm.

CrimsonGhost6969: He [dj] is afk. I just looked in his windows.

Ryknig: I’m sorry race, but anything that your dog can do better than you isn’t a sport. [referring to me calling Ultimate Frisbee a sport]

Ketsy: There is no point in fighting with an idiot. The best case scenario is you won a fight against an idiot.

moses78: hello, am i still connected or did i lose it again or did you all mute me again?

bennyrulez: War doesn’t determine who is right, only who is left.

Sir_Fratley: Congratulations! You just won the Easy Badge Spam and -5 respect! [not directed at me, thankfully] (Further context: This parodies the way in-chat messages for earning badges were worked, circa 2009.)

gatherer818: my eyes are vomiting my brain onto my keyboard.

MrSitouh: I’m a high-level overthinker. It’s what I do.

asmodous: I’m not american, I’m america.
TalonH: You must be really big then
TalonH: Considering you’d be a CONTINENT
asmodous: yep
asmodous: I’m almost the same size as moses used to be

TheoSoft: no reason to get upset over a game with no badges.

Sir_Fratley: *Is grinding teeth*
Sir_Fratley: Nao they’re level 27!!

crazymouse: And the awkwardness in the room just bred with itself and multiplied.

TehUberAhsem: Bring me something pretty back from work, okay sweetums?

racefan12: o.o
DjStreamline: i’ll bring u some coffee grounds.
DjStreamline: and smother you with them.
DjStreamline: XP

Damian692: silence is golden….. duct tape is silver

DjStreamline: XD i’m like those skary nemesis zombies in Resident Evil
Sir_Fratley: Lols, Dj
DjStreamline: not some slow stupid zombie like iBot

gatherer818: *latherer? I don’t think I collect shampoos…. or shampii, however it’s spelled.

demonsword59: …My stomach just growled like a star trek tractor beam
racefan12: Demon: have you turned into moses?
demonsword59: Race when I gain 200 pounds grow hair all over my body and excrete random colors of slime
demonsword59: I’ll be sure to let you know

Ketsy: I like confusion.
Ketsy: It’s super effective against poison type enemies.

Ketsy: I hope you all suffer miserable arguments that are wrought with inconsistent arguments and painfully bad logic.

TalonH: i don’t quote people
gatherer818: I do, just not you, because you’re not memorable.

TalonH: I expect everyone to wish me a happy birthday soon
racefan12: Happy birthday.

gatherer818: baseball: ‘He hit a ball, NOW he’s making a left turn!’ [comparing baseball to NASCAR]

gatherer818: excuse me a moment while I clean off a spot to headdesk. (reply)

moses78: really? i did not know that. i mean. i’m just a total retard and need everything explained to me. (reply)

Pbizz2010: I was porn in ’87.
Pbizz2010: Born*

jayzak8894: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Don’t reply) [parodying a PM]

racefan12: Congratulations! You just won the Chinchilla Villa Badge and 15 points!
Musicgirl: ratz
racefan12: hank you

asmodous: Darn
asmodous: I was just about to see if ni**er was an accepted word on this [Clockwords]
asmodous: I had nigg and an r
asmodous: what else was I suppose to think of?
racefan12: ginger
asmodous: … DAMN

Sir_Fratley: Mashes B to stop moses evolving into emo-ses (reply)

TheoSoft: sorry, had to go to the next office
TheoSoft: it’s 5 here
DjStreamline: what time was it in the other office, Theo?

Sir_Fratley: QUOTE ME, QUOTE ME NOW (reply)

racefan12: Actually, I think they intentionally pick stupid people to be game show contestants so that they don’t have to give away as much money
Kikii: That’s a good plan.
Kikii: Why don’t we pretend to be really stupid, get on the show, win a shittonne of cash, and split the loot?

TheoSoft: poli = many, tics = blood sucking creatures
TheoSoft: put it together

Sir_Fratley: I love moses

Key_Bearer: Bleys es aburrido.
Bleys087: And key, you’re a burrito!

gatherer818: it’s kind of like naming a desk ‘Chair’. It’s not a chair, but it’s still Chair. It’s still “the NATO Phonetic Alphabet” even though it’s not a phonetic alphabet.

Key_Bearer: How’s it going?
racefan12: Pretty good, now that the random rainstorm stopped
Key_Bearer: …Okay. Where in Texas [are you] exactly?
CharlieFoxtrot: He brings off the hippie vibe thus I think he’s in the Austin area.

kill_mister12: procrastinate today! DON’T PUT IT OFF!

iGark: If [getting all badges] truly is impossible, I’ll wear a shirt for the rest of my life that says “RACEFAN12 WAS RIGHT” and has a picture of a goomba on the back.

Sir_Fratley: Anyway, yeah. He’s the opposite of a troll
Sir_Fratley: He’s a llort

camdapirate: who else here has no social life? :)
iGark: I have a social life, it’s just Kongregate exclusive.

iGark: I’m gonna kick the red bucket for tonight.
iGark: See yall later. [Said while in the chatroom ‘The Red Bucket’]

Assumptio: Worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum

theSeraph: Also, telling someone on a flash game site to stop being a geek is like sticking your head in the ocean and telling the fish to stop swimming.

moses78: i wanted to play GTA IV for about .000023 seconds. then i remembered how much it sucks.

AdeebNafees: Also, I should be quoted on your profile. I mean, everything I say is so precious, valuable and exotic.

Green_meep: It’s Not Really Inconvenient You Retard
Green_meep: ^ title of my next book
racefan12: Is that a rebuttal to An Inconvenient Truth?
Green_meep: yes, yes it is

inferno76: Frat, that is
inferno76: He links things too often
Minimalist__: More links than a Zelda conference

Woon1957: Bit hard, dontcha think? (hides face in shame)

Ericzander: Race I read your profile… and pooped myself.

ShawnerSSS: Paying for college and not going to class is like paying for a hotel room and sleeping out on the street

LethalMutiny: No. My broken is fully functioning.

Woon1957: so one of my classmates offered my friend nerdz [candy] and he was like “but that’s cannibalism”

awein999: i know a walrus that is 5 that has a full on body fur

aturtledoesbite: Hey, SilentSand. If I put you in the oven, would you turn into glass?
racefan12: silently
racefan12: but yes
aturtledoesbite: Oh, that’s how they make soundproof glass?

WiiPlayer113: Accidental period…

racefan12: Why does Prec always have diabological badges of the week
racefan12: diabolical*
LouWeed: what diabolical badges
Grant1128: omg I just noticed that typo lol
LouWeed: diabiological
uzzbuzz: Prof Layton and the diabolical box sounds like prec’s type of game tbh
Grant1128: I’m making that my new word lol
Grant1128: diabological
Grant1128: something that is evil but makes sense
Grant1128: i guess it’s an adjective
LouWeed: evil makes perfect sense anyway
racefan12: Glad I could assist you in your quest for neologisms
Grant1128: like “that revenge plan is so diabological”

adv0catus: texas would just simulate the alamo and use it as an excuse to shoot everyone else
racefan12: wut
adv0catus: you know it’s true.
racefan12: Texas was defending the Alamo, not attacking it
MachuPichu: The alamo was the thing Texas didn’t attack. Emphasis on one though
racefan12: You didn’t even say “one” though
MachuPichu: I thought it though
MachuPichu: Fingers failed me
racefan12: That’s what you get for messing with Texas

HugePudding: Denying [the teaching of] evolution to kids is like denying them [the right] to poop.

BestMte: I keep on laughing at what Race says lol

Pigjr1: if you’re a female french beggar are you a beggette?

Woon1957: can you do complex numbers
racefan12: I cannot do complex numbers, but i can.

DaveOP: Power corrupts. Moderator power corrupts moderately.

Kong Room History:

October 2008 to March 2009: lurker in various rooms, mainly League of Gamers.
March 2009 to February 2011: regular in League of Gamers
February 2011 to August 2011: regular in The Red Bucket
August 2011 to November 2011: moved to Mapping the Problematique with most of the other TRB regulars
December 2011 to May 2012: back to The Red Bucket
May 2012 to August 2012: Largely didn’t chat because of work, though when I did chat, it was mainly in League of Gamers.
August 2012 to June 2013: Regular in Labyrinth
June 2013 to August 2013: (Semi)-Regular in ItBeARoomYo!
August 2013 to October 2014: Regular in Your Pants
October 2014 to November 2015: Took a hiatus from Kong due to the demands of my job
November 2015 to present: Returned to Kong and Your Pants

Badge Statistics:

Badge statistics as of Tuesday, March 22, 2016:
Easy badges: 10 left (846/856 = 98.83%)
Medium badges: 315 left (875/1190 = 73.53%)
Hard badges: 450 left (220/670 = 32.84%)
Impossible badges: 44 left (9/53 = 16.98%)
Overall: 819 left (1950/2769 = 70.42%)

To see these and more stats in graph form, go here.

5 Things About Me:

1. I am a big fan of most sports, and I’d be glad to talk about them if you want to. My favorites are NASCAR (yes, it’s a sport), basketball, football, and baseball, in that order. (Sorry to anyone who may be reading this from outside the U.S., but I’m referring to American football here; soccer is not one of the sports I follow very much.) I used to play both Ultimate Frisbee and Muggle Quidditch at college, but now I no longer play anything competitively. However, I have recently started working out (semi-)regularly, and have lost about 30 pounds (15 kg) in the last 18 months or so.

2. Yes, I am gay. Yes, I am living proof that gay Christian Texan NASCAR fans do exist, contrary to popular belief.

3. As far as non-Flash video games go, I like the Mario series and the Pokemon series and I will spend hours talking about them, but if you’re talking about any other video game, there’s a 95% chance I’ve never played it (and a decent chance I’ve never heard of it, either).

4. I like country music and you can probably find me talking about it if you’re around long enough. I do also like some other stuff, including 70s/80s pop/rock (think Billy Joel and The Eagles) and 90s/early 00s alternative (Green Day, Matchbox 20). I don’t mind discussing other forms of music, but it’s very likely I’ll have no clue what song you’re talking about. (Though you can put it below on my music shout drop me a link somewhere if it’s something you think I’d like to hear. I’ll tell you if I like it or not).

5. Yes, I have a Facebook account. No, I’m not giving it to you, and I’m not going to be your friend unless I know you REALLY well here. I’m just paranoid like that. I do not have Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, Whatsapp, or any of that other stuff, and I don’t really see the point of any of it.


Some people have asked me why my profile is (still) so long. It’s because I was once in a (self-created) profile length war with a formerly active and now MIA user named Krystar—WHICH I WON!!!!!! XD

And one more thing, since it seems to come up so often: Want to free yourself from The Game? Read this: www.xkcd.com/391. I don’t care what anyone says, you’ll never have to play The Game again. I haven’t played it since early 2009!

Defender of energy systems in games since January 2010 (when Dream World came out :P)

Also a defender of “luck-based” games. Luck doesn’t play nearly as big of a role in them as everyone seems to think. A good strategy will still trump fluctuations in luck over the long run; any beliefs to the contrary are generally due to the human tendency to exaggerate negative events while overlooking positive ones.

On November 16, 2011, I became an editor for the Kongregate WhatPulse team’s blog (fittingly called KongPulse). On January 30, 2012, I took over running the semiannual H2H Cup tournaments. Of course, WhatPulse died shortly after that.

Well, sorry for the long-windedness! (But hey, at least you can read it now that Kongregate FINALLY FIXED PROFILE FORMATTING :D) …and broke it, and fixed it again.


Ultimate Kongregate Tourney Sheet (now updated by SilentSand and BestMte)
Tourney Sheet Discussion Thread
Kongregate Competition Sign-ups and Directory
Quite possibly my first forum post
Kongpulse Interview
Interview by JesseMH8

Profile character length (including formatting): 12875/14000
Profile Hyphen count: 14/20

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