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Well, I’m Rachel. I’m more or less friendly. Umm, that’s pretty much the basics. Feel free to ask me questions and get to know me.
I am currently with my fiancé Jordan (some of you may know him as Rochalia on here) and I love him with all my heart, and that is something that is not going to change anytime soon.

Moments from Kong:
obidious: Rach (pronounced RayCH) is a Moderator pokemon. The pokemon evolves into Rachel at level 50 and evolves into Rachel654 at level 65

Elcarim: I accidentally all over Taj’s dinner.
TaJMoX: I accidentally ate it
TaJMoX: It was delicious and creamy.
Elcarim: I hear that a lot.
TaJMoX: From men
Elcarim: ****

TaJMoX: And gay.
TaJMoX: That’s what you kids say right
TaJMoX: When something is awesome or different?
Elcarim: That homosexual person is different to me. He’s gay.
TaJMoX: I’m so confused.
TaJMoX: Sexually.
Elcarim: Same for me, we should make out.
TaJMoX: Ok
TaJMoX: Why is your tongue so hairy??
Elcarim: Because that’s not my tongue.
Rachel654: That’s not his tongue…
Elcarim: :D


Generaloberst: Rachel, I would stalk you everyday :).
Rachel654: I take that as a compliment
ToxicGecko: GO, that implies that you don’t already stalk her?
Elcarim: I told him where you live. Have fun.
Elcarim: If you see a meaty ball outside your window, it’s GO.
Generaloberst: That implies that I don’t stalk her everyday
Elcarim: ;D

skysky677: God u r a bitch
LegoCow65: God is not a bitch.
DarkofNight: God is not real.


[Anonymous]: Didn’t quit until I had a seizure, and I was sleeping, I don’t sleep clothed, and, well, nobody bothered to cover me up when wheeling me into the van, and they were able to wake me up at my stairs.. (reply)
To [Anonymous]: XD
[Anonymous]: And I had the wood of the starting day. (reply)
To [Anonymous]: I’m sorry, but that is hilarious
[Anonymous]: So, basically, wheeled by paramedics, nude, with an erection, With everybody watching me.

JolteonJenni: Normal is a word invented by crazy people to feel superior to other crazy people.

Randi_Lynn: go suck a dick
Elcarim: You seem to be enjoying the idea of homosexual interactions.
Elcarim: 1. Open door
Elcarim: 2. Get out of the closet
Elcarim: 3. You’re gay.

Rachel654: Why’d you even wake up so soon anyway?
[Elcarim]: I really don’t know.
Rachel654: I’m sticking with you feeling a disturbance, only to find your account silenced
Rachel654: What time did you wake up anyway?
[Elcarim]: That would be scary and sad.
[Elcarim]: About 45 minutes ago.
Rachel654: Your account got silenced 42 minutes ago
[Elcarim]: D:


[Elcarim]: Gah, what’s with this headache.
Diavolui: What part hurts?
[Elcarim]: The round-ish part on top of my neck.
[Elcarim]: That’s why it’s called headaches.

Baushi: There are no corners.
Baushi: We were attracting too many whores so I took them out


Infinity781: “Get on Rachel,” is WAYYYY different from, “Get on, Rachel.”

Baushi: And then we ate Bman..
Bman255: Wait what
Rachel654: He was very stringy and chewy
Bman255: How did I not notice getting eated

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