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I have become a Regular at the Room Chat Echo Hall. You may be familiar with My Balcony. It has a Fridge, a Guitar, a Piano, a CD Player, CD's, a Radio, a Bunk Bed, Comfty Chairs, a TV, SneakyGeek Plushes, Zshadow Plushes, Cabbage Plushes and More! I also has Snacks, a Microwave, and a New Toaster. Getting a Violin for My Balcony. I also have my Rifle (Armed) and it's part of my post. Shout to Zshadow to join the Mission! My Balcony is accessible through The Echo Hall Stairs. They are Kinda tall Steps, so there's also an Elevator. I can also use my Magic Points to Teleport you there! But will I waste 'em for you? Ask Nicely and Find out. ——————————————————————————————————————— Skye is the best D:< ———————————————————————————————————————Congratulations! You just won the Hardest of Core Badge and 60 points! This was such a lovely badge to earn :) ——————————————————————————————————————— OK, so everything Pokémods to me is apparently a lie: think Ash takes the Red Pill. ——————————————————————————————————————— This is the Prologue of ]{ralis, The Epic. DaelithRhedynfre: "Hiya Kray" The Epic: "Howdy Dae" DaelithRhedynfre: "What's up?" The Epic: "Not Much" DaelithRhedynfre: "Okay" The Epic: "Yup" (Then our Hero began to notice some 'changes') [Kralis walked into the Bathroom, grabbed his zipper, and pulled it down...] The Epic: "Whoa Momma!" (You Guessed it... He was wearing Moderator Trousers, alright) Real_AwEsUm: "... and That's the Prologue of ]{ralis, The Epic. ——————————————————————————————————————— Balconies are cool. Don't think I won't give you a Balcony. I won't. "I'll have a Cheeseburger, and can you put some Balcony on top?" Balconies, Balconies, Balconies, Balconies. ———————————————————————————————————————'"I wanna be, the very Mod, That no one ever saw... To Silence is my Real Test, To Ban 'em is My Cau-o-ause. I will travel across the Chats, Spamming them all byy-e-yy. It's PokeMods, to Understand, The Magic That's inside! (Magic Inside) PokeMods! It's you or me. To ban is My Destiny (PokeMods!) Oh you're my Best Friend! But I'll Silence anyway! (PokeMods! Gotta Ban 'em...) Silence tooo... stop the Trolls from breaking through. You teach me and I'll teach you... (Poh-Kay-Mo-ods!) Gotta Ban 'em, Gotta Ban 'em all! (Po-Ke-Mods!)"' ———————————————————————————————————————I has lots of good friends! Spammer's beware! I'll bring the Hammer to the Spammer! Nukes are for Pukes! Shedding Blood over Flood! I don't Bite. I Peck. (Tweet~tweet) "What was that?!?" "Oh no! They Sealed the door! We're Stuck!" "Blast our way through!" "The dynamite won't Ignite Sir!" "Well try again. Make Damn sure they have wicks!" "Wicks Sir?" "Oh no!" ———————————————————————————————————————'"My Friend Taylor, She's an Angel… Ten years-old and beautiful… She's a Living, Breathing Miracle, and she proves it everyday… Because the odds were stacked against her, from the day that she arrived here, The doctors told her Mom and Dad, 'That she'd always be that way' And I confess, when I first met her, I was thinking {Life's not Fair} But then she wrapped her arms around my neck, and it all became so clear… God Bless 'The Last Ones'… The Last ones."' ———————————————————————————————————————The name is AwEsUm. I am an Advertiser on Jiggmin's Village! Jiggmin's Village is all about Jiggmin's Forums, Games, and overall website! Included to the website is Games by Jiggmin, and by others (He updates regularly on Games), Forums, containing all subjects and various members, Conquest, a game where the nations of Sweden, The Soviet Republic and Atlantis recruit troops, battle each other, and earn Gold. The site is filled with favorite cherished members of Platform Racing 2, and is always a joy to behold! If you register, don't forget that my Username is AwEsUm, and you can always reach me through messaging me. I'll answer all questions, and I can be your Referrer! Have fun if you join! ———————————————————————————————————————http://jiggmin.com/forum.php ———————————————————————————————————————I advertise Forums! Got a frum you want to share? Ask me to advertise some for you! So far, I advertise Jiggmin's Village! ———————————————————————————————————————mario: Ijat, Giid, Gi di tgat, mario: Oh gosh, TALK ABOUT A FAIL. mario: Okay, Good, Go do that* ———————————————————————————————————————Ahhh… Here's what Echo Hall needs… an Epic Convo Change [Gets Monkey-Wrench, starts walking to the Echo Hall Convo Switch] [Attaches Monkey-Wrench to Monkey, reveals Racket Wrench] [Takes Racket Wrench, starts walking to the other Echo Hall Convo Switch] [Attaches Racket Wrench to Racket, reveals Crypto-Wrench] [Attaches Crypto-Wrench to Crypto, reveals Switch] [Flips Switch, Panel opens from Echo Hall Wall] [Walks to Echo Hall Wall Panel, revealing Pool Ball Number ⑫] [Takes ⑫ Ball, starts walking towards Emergency Glass - Break in Case of Convo Change] [Smashes Glass with ⑫ Ball, reaches inside, pulls back lever] [Bucket rolls down, revealing Keyblade] [Takes Keyblade, starts walking to the Echo Hall Bathrooms - Locked] [Inserts Keyblade into Keyhole - Access Denied] *scowl* [Inserts Keyblade into Keyhole, again - Access Denied] *scowl* [Inserts Keyblade into Ladies Restroom Keyhole - Access Granted] [Door swings open, revealing Zshadow] Zshadow: O.O [Reaches over Zshadow, Pulls 3 Toilet Paper Sheets from Roll] *nod* [Takes 3 Toilet Paper Sheets to Gentlemen's Room, Grabs knob with 3 Toilet Papers, Turns - Access Granted] [Door swings open, revealing jamielynn11] *nod* [Reaches over jamielynn11, turns on Faucet; Hot then Cold] [Trapdoor opens in the Center of the Hall] [Glass Case rises from the floor on a Pedastel] [Starts walking towards center of Echo Hall, removes Glass Case, revealing Button - Do Not Press] [Presses] [Compartment below Glass Case opens up, reveals Cookie] [Grabs Cookie, starts walking towards Echo Hall Arcade] [Stops walking once he reaches Pac-Man Machine] [Inserts 1 Credit - Cookie] [Plays 3 Rounds, Eats Cherry and Pretzel] [Pinball Machine adjacent to Pac-Man Machine spins with Panel on the wall, revealing Coconut Bar] [Orders 1 Round of Screwdrivers, Bartender hands Phillips-head] [Takes Screwdriver, starts walking back to the Pac-Man Machine] [Unscrews Panel covering Credit Deposit] [Reveals 2 Cookies, removes both, starts walking to Gate guarded by Octoclops] [Places 1 Cookie at the feet of the Octoclops] [Octoclops steps aside, gate opens, revealing Echo Pet Dog] [Dog runs to Real_AwEsUm, Cookie is broken in half] [Dog obediently sits, staring at Cookie] [Tosses Cookie into Bucket, Dog chases after] [Dog and Cookie are rolled up in the Bucket to a disclosed Treehouse] [Treehouse shakes and rattles, Dog jumps from Window] [Dog lands, staring at other half of Cookie] [Half of Cookie is tossed into another Bucket, Dog and Cookie are rolled up in the Bucket to another disclosed Treehouse] [After 20 seconds, starts walking towards the spot directly below the Treehouse] [Bucket rolls down, revealing Car Keys] Cryptosporidian: Real, what on earth are you doing? *looks up* "I'm in the process of changing the convo!" "About halfway done!" ZAchaPi: He's been doing that for a while. [Takes Car Keys, unlocks] »beep-beep« [Spies Ban Hammercedes off in the distance] [Starts walking to Ban Hammercedes, opens car door on the passenger side] [Opens Glove Compartment, reveals Manilla Envelope] [Takes Manilla Envelope, delicately opens] [Reveals Black Box with a Switch on top] [Flips Switch, Radio turns on] [Radio Broadcasts - "This goes out to all you Conversation Starters!"] [Song plays - "Strawberry Fields Forever"] [Gets out of Ban Hammercedes, starts walking to Echo Garden] [Locates Strawberry Field Patch, notices mound in the center] [Starts digging, reveals Ladder] [Takes Ladder, starts walking towards Echo Diner, stands under Neon Sign] [Props up Ladder, steps up Ladder] [Taps side of the sign, Neon Sign flicks on - Echo Diner] [Door unlocks, climbs down Ladder, starts walking into Diner] Cryptosporidian: Real, I'm not following... [Turns on Lights, note resides on Table ⑷] [Starts walking to Table ⑷, sits down] [Grabs note, unravels] [Note says - "In the Closet"] [Gets up, starts walking out of the Diner] [Starts walking to Echo Hall Closet] [Opens Door, divides clothes, walks past Cryptosporidian] [Spies Pull on the back wall] [Pulls Pull, Convo Change Gears start meshing] [Stares up at Echo Clock] [Rings 3 O' Clock] [Convo Change - Successful] ———————————————————————————————————————[Begins walking towards Pedestal] [Picks up Kitten, sets on Pedestal] [Compartment reveals stevenorr whistle] [Grabs whistle, places in mouth, blows whistle] [stevenorr's antenna blips, notices stevenorr, begins walking to stevenorr] [Flips switch on stevenorr's back] [Echo Garage Door opens] [Begins walking towards Echo Garage Door] [Pulls out Echo Motorcycle] [Hops on, sticks stevenorr key into the ignition, revs Echo Motorcycle] [Accelerates to 500 mph] [Rides up Echo Ramp through a fire-y hoop of… fire] [Lands on Echo Crow's Nest] [Slides down Echo Mast] [Before he reaches the bottom, naughty gentlemen stick singles in his pocket] [Takes $5 in singles and walks to Echo Change Machine] [Inserts 1, 2, 3, 4 bills] [5th bill is spit back out] *query look* [Pulls bill out, straightens bill with creases] [Inserts 5th bill, Echo Change Machine spits bill out] *query…er look* [Pulls bill out, straightens with iron] [Inserts 5th bill, Echo Change Machine Accepts] [$5 in Change comes out] [Takes change, begins walking towards Echo Pedestal] [Inserts $4.50 into Coin Slot] [Vending Machine Materializes near Echo Diner] [Begins walking to Vending Machine] [Inserts 50¢ into Vending Machine, selects Convo Change] [Convo Change pops out, Convo Change - Successful] ———————————————————————————————————————ShadowStriker7: Oh.. ShadowStriker7: A mod. stevenorr: Dickz. ShadowStriker7: Never mind. ———————————————————————————————————————The following story is REALLY long. It was written on the spot, in chat, and most comments were edited out. All that remains are the names and the comments that were relevant. ———————————————————————————————————————Our delightful tale of titillating suspense, Heart-warming romance, Stunning action and Philosophical underpinnings begins with a simple ring. A familiar ring to that of John. John was a simple man, a perfectionist. The ring he heard was the familiar opening of his shop, the Grande Entendre. He acquired the shop by very political means, a haggle from a local land owner, one named Zach. John smiled to himself as he looked onto his settlement, his true sanctuary, and began dusting off the few different books and trinkets littered across the many tables. The shop was once a beautiful library, owned by a very kind and wise person. The person was one of knowledge, the person was John's father. After the death of his father, John found it difficult to do anything but keep constant the one thing his father held close, the Grande Library. To save a few bucks to help pay for the settlement, John just had Library changed to Entendre. After reminiscing days of old, he went about the morning routines to brighten up the place. The Grande Entendre wasn't very pretty, to be honest, it held a tranquil feel to it, and yet was very, very dusty. Nonetheless, John needed to get his act together, open up shop, and make some money to pay for the climbing rates in Echonia land-owning. This shop was not entirely a "shop," so to speak, it wasn't a shop that would sell weapons, or groceries, or everyday needs or amenities. No, this was a shop of purchasing books, still living up to his father's life of sharing knowledge. Finally, after a few hours, the Grande Entendre was virtually dust-free, reorganized and ready to begin business. Just in time, the grand clock that sat in the far reaches of the shop rang seven times before returning to the hushed ticking of the pendulum. The shop was fairly large, it held two stories, rows and racks and shelves of all sizes, with the traditional library facade. Books and books of greens and reds and blues filled every row, every inch! This truly was a shop of knowledge. As it was, there wasn't much time before the familiar ring came about. Surprised, John looked at the entrance to spy a ravishing girl, stunning really. It was someone he was not familiar with, she had a cat-like prowess, and what appeared to be… a science book. "Hello!" John greeted to the young lady, as she entered in awe at the vast knowledge that lay before her. "Hi…" the girl finally muttered out. The way she stood in front of the door, in awe and all, she looked just heavenly, the windows tint glowing around her figure. With such glimmering appearance, John was almost awestruck. It took him a moment to realize the very light awkward silence that filled the air and his nostrils. "Uhh, excuse me, can I be of help in any way?" John said smoothly. He wasn't typically so good with words in the presence of someone so pretty. "Uhh, no, I think I'll be fine, I just need some silence to help me study," the girl said with a light smile. Gosh, she was pretty. "What are you studying?" John said without hesitating. Now the words were getting pretty close. Reluctantly, she said "Chemistry, it's part of my Major's courses," with a nervous smile, "… Is there a place I can sit and get some quiet now?" "Oh, yes, absolutely," John said, moving towards the girl, "In fact, I have a perfect spot for studying… Here, follow me," he motioned the girl to follow. Climbing the winding stairs, John led the girl into a seat near the window, but not in the garish Sun's rays, in a spot of seclusion, but inclusion. "You see, this spot is just out of the window's reach, so the natural lighting can light up the pages of a book," John said with confidence. He had always loved this spot to curl up and read, it was simple, enlightening. "Thanks," the girl giggled out at the joke John had made. He was actually getting through to her. "So, what are you majoring in?" John asked with curiosity intertwined with every syllable. Although the girl had apparently grown a little more comfortable with him, she wasn't quite able to talk to him, since it was quite awkward for her… for her to be open about what was entering in 30 seconds. "I'd actually rather get to my studies if you will," she said and stared down at the book. John felt his heart sink a little, and trudged along after muttering an "OK…" Before John reached the bottom of the iron stairwell, the familiar ring came about, only with a different tune. This wasn't the familiar ring he had heard for years on end. It was at this time he began to realize there is no practical need to have a bell in a library. To which he stares in horror at the figure that had just kicked the door open moments before him. The figure was tall, lean, and very dark of face, with a mean appearance. The man rushed in and took hold of John. He wasn't used to such a rough grab. "Can I help… you?" John choked out. The man's grip was very tight. "I'm lookin' fo' som'one, I think you's can help me." "The Name's Jaw, I'm a pritty big guy around dese parts." John wasn't sure at all who the rough man was, but he knew he didn't want him terrorizing the slumber of his sanctuary. "I'm afraid I'm gonna ask you to let go of me and leave the building, unless you plan on looking for a person in our latest issue of the Phonebook—" John couldn't quite finish the statement. You see, there was another person who entered the door, one he didn't notice from the ringing door being broken in. The person was someone very short, not as threatening, but just as terrifying. "Hey Jaw, I think you'sa could use a li'l assistancing, wouldn' yah say?" The next moment, there was a click, the sound of a revolver switching barrels to the next round. The terrifying man was standing behind John, and John was wanting to look at the man. "I'm afraida, you's gon' hafta lis'en to my friend here one more time. He asked politely for assistancing in findin' a person," the man spoke with a weird accent, one that was uncomfortably bossy. "Endy, thanksa for rehabilitatin' oura, friend here. Now, I'm lookin' fo' som'one, and I'ma hafta ask you one more time if you's can help me," Jaw spoke with a similar accent, not as demanding or bossy. John let a bead of sweat slide over his temples. He was in a hot mess, and he didn't know a thing about it. "Sure, I—I'll be helpy to hap… I mean, happy to help y—you gentlemen." There were two things that afflicting his speaking—Pretty girls and fear-mongering men. "Hey Jaw, I'm afraida oura friend isa, having trouble speakin'. Why don't you let him feel a little more comfortable." "Shoo' thing, boss," Jaw set John into the nearest chair, Endy stood in front of John now. Endy pointed the gun in a more influential position. John was starting to feel the sweat dangle near his chin. "We's lookin' fora, a girl. Pretty, kinda int'restin', with a very int'restin' book in hera, possessions. We's wonderin' if you's seena," Jaw asked in a polite but dumb voice. At this moment, the familiar ring came about. This surprised John, because the door was allegedly broken in. At the store, there was a ring, not exactly familiar, but certainly recognizable. It was the ring of a very high pitched sound, intent to disarm the human body with captivating shrillness. All three immediately grasped their ears and face, collapsing and wiggling in all directions and opening their mouths in horror. After the ringing noise brought their vision to a blur, a dark figure stood in front of John, someone almost familiar… He blacked-out, and would remain unknowing of the situation until what was hours later. Although blacked-out, he wasn't completely unconscious. His vision was gone, but his other senses were in tact. He was still fully conscious, and it was incredibly dark to him. "Take these," a deep yet familiar voice rang, "It'll protect from the ringing." Involuntarily, John extended his fingers and accepted what was soft, squishy like a marshmallow. Also involuntarily, John put one in his mouth, only to spit it out as if it were covered in Ear Wax. "What is this," John spat in disgust. "It's an earplug, idiot." The voice was becoming all too familiar now, the voice was one he had heard not but 2 minutes before the high-pitched ringing. "It's… you?" he uttered in shock as he understood the voice was of the pretty girl. A swift knock on the head, and John was finally unconscious. He was strong to withstand the sound. "Finally," Hannah said as she dropped the book. "You OK beautiful?" Hannah helped the pretty girl to her feet. "Yeah I guess, nice timing with the sound amplifier," the pretty girl said. This is where the story gets interesting, because the moment John finally comes to, he's reminded of the familiar ring. He woke up, face pressed against his desk facing the entrance to the Grande Entendre. After lifting his face from the desk, everything was clear, and he could see a familiar figure in the door, staring in awe at the shop that stood before her. This was weird for John, because it was the same girl from before… or at least, as far as he could remember. "Hello!" John hesitantly exclaimed. The mucus in his throat gave it both a high-pitched and a groggy tone. After clearing his throat, he heard a familiar click. A revolver changing barrels. "Thanks again pal, you'sa really been a great service to the Barkley Brothers," it was the bossy and dark voice of Endy. This confused John. From what he could infer, the pretty girl and the figure in the door were the good guys, and were overcome of these men who called themselves the Barkley Brothers. How did he get in a situation where the girl was in the doorway as she was this morning, and how was Endy behind him with the gun once more?. Without thinking, John moved fast into attacking Endy. Alas, he wasn't quite as nimble as he thought he would be. Within moments, John was kissing the floor he had not cleaned… how long was it since the morning? The sliver of light offered a clue, since it was aimed low at the floor, from a high angle. "Endy? What's going on here?" John sputtered. It was difficult with a very shiny shoe pressed against the arch of his back. "Wella, you'see, I had a little help back there when that Hannah gal was emitting those bad vibes, yah see. I had some ear plugs o' my own, I know those two gals. "And they were just who I was after. Thanks for playing the dumb, obvious victim. It helped to get them off guard." He winked at what John could see out the corner of his eye, before spotting Hannah and the pretty girl tied up next to a bookshelf. The familiar figure walked in, still showing awe. How was the pretty girl entering now, and tied up there all-in-one?. "Thanks Endy, babe, that'll be alll…" she stressed her syllables in a playful manner, and even John could feel Endy get a tingle through his leg. Suddenly, a burst of sound. The pretty girl removed her rag tie with her lips and tongue, able to shout "SISTER!" John's brain connected. He understood now, that the figure was the pretty girl's sister. It would not be until further notice that she was an identical twin. However, deep down, John found the figure to be as repulsive as ever. "Why do you want the girl, huh?" John asked in an angry voice. Even though he was pinned, the tension in his voice was quite apparent. "Oh? That old gal? She ain't no thang tuh me, it's what she had that I wanted," the mean figure bent down and smiled evil-like. Her accent was almost southern, yet sophisticated. It was perplexing to John, but he remained focused. "Who are you?" John spat out. The pressure of Endy's leg was starting to hurt. "Me? You can figure it out, can't you?" She smiled as she stood up, pulled out a makeup mirror engraved with HH in gold lettering. She patted her face with some makeup, and it became somewhat clear to John. The woman was someone John knew, but didn't know. How could he not recognize the pretty girl, let alone her twin? "He…Heley?" John sputtered. "Nothing gets past you, li'l dumplin'," Endy twisted his shiny shoe to put more pressure on John. This was getting unbearable. Jaw stepped back from the shadows, "I gots'a dah book you'sa lookin' for, Miss Heley." She perked up, and looked at Jaw, content filled her cheeks and her makeup cracked a little. "Oh Jaww, you's always the one who gets me what I want, I thank yah kindlyy…" she pranced her fingers over Jaw's shoulders, and he was easily subdued by the seductive Heley. Jaw handed Heley the book, a thick book that was again familiar to him… A chemistry book. Heley desperately yanked the chemistry book from Jaw, "Thanks hun," she whistled as she gave a wink. Heley laid the book on the desk and began flipping through them, furiously. With only the sound of turning pages, John realized he didn't know one thing. He turned what bit of his head he could to see the pretty girl, and with a mighty amount of strength and breath, he humbly asked. "Name?" The pretty girl stopped, stared in a little bit of shock at John, and understood it wouldn't be too much of a problem to tell. "Just call me Erica Green Lover." The name Erica Green Lover intrigued John. He always loved long names, though he despised his short one. Before he could comment on her beautiful name, he was interrupted by the sound of Heley's excitement. "Yes! I found it! I found the remedy!" She constantly exclaimed. Her jumping made her bust move with such… "grace…" that Endy had released the bit of pressure he put on John. It was time to act, John thought. Without thinking, he shifted his body and this tripped Endy into a stumbling back fall. He staggered back enough to crash head first into the bookshelf that lay several feet back. Also without missing a beat, Erica had spent the time easing up the tight grip the rope she was bound to had on her. She leaped up and rolled quickly to Endy, grabbed his revolver and stepped up to aim it at Jaw. John quickly moved to Hannah and helped remove her bindings. She too, moved to Jaw so that he could be pinned. The gun was now aimed at Heley, and she stood there the whole time, not reacting or acting at all. To everyone's surprise, she laughed. An evil laugh, one that you would hear at the end of Thriller, or after a psychotic comedian stabs his self. "What, you're going to shoot me? You know that without me, this remedy is useless, sister," she picked up the book and held it close to her chest like a colorguard would when presenting a flag. John wasn't understanding, so he remained quiet and watchful of the scenario. Erica muttered "Alright Heley, we don't have time to talk, just time to act. Hand us the book, and we'll be on our way. Alright, sister?" Heley laughed once more. Not only was she pulling the book close to keep it, but to also conceal the weapon she held in her bra. She revealed a similar revolver, although somewhat smaller and more delicate, with the familiar gold initials HH on the handle. John inquired this whole situation, what was so important about the book? John spoke up, "Ladies, can we put the guns down? This is too much…" At the same time, the twins aimed their guns at him and said "Shut it!" Quickly assessing the situation, they aimed at one another again. Heley slowly started backing out the door, "It was nice seeing you sister, but I really must be going… You see, I need the book right now, and now I must be off." Heley ran through the open door and fled the scene all too quickly. Jaw stood there looking like a fool, then he pulled up his pants. "Wella, I bettera get outta here too If'n you'll let me…" At this time, Jaw was clubbed by John, by a copy of Pride and Prejudice, hard cover. "I always thought this book would bring about some sense of pride in myself… I just took about a bad guy!" John grinned as he made his lame joke. Not amused, Erica stormed away from the scene, leaving the two thugs behind and Hannah standing by. "Hey, John is it?" Hannah touched his shoulder, "I'm afraid we need to get going now." John, still flustered from his morning, nodded his head as he was speechless. After a good look, he noticed how… oddly alluring Hannah's appearance was. Right then, a nervous tick passed through his body… and his digestive tract. He let out a nervous fart, cute but rude. Hannah stared with a grimace across her face, and walked away without breathing before getting a few feet's clearance. John found quite an enjoyable lifestyle as a shopkeep to the Grande Entendre. But he wondered if he could really leave his place of work, his sanctuary, and go with the girls as they made their way to find Heley and this… "book." Not a moment too soon, he quickly gathered a cloth, stacked some reading material in it and tied it in a knot he had learned from reading his father's boy scout handbook. With a quick adjustment of the desk, he set off to leave the thugs behind and see what awaited him not from what he read, but from what he would soon experience. ———————————————————————————————————————A round object appeared in the glowing frame of the door, and it passed slowly through it. "57... 58... 59... 60. 60C." The figure slid into its row and jumped into its seat. The figure was pudgy, red, and had an attractive mustache taking up at least a fifth of its face. A faint whistle ahead blew full steam, and a chug started to gain chugs exponentially. Another figure appeared in the glowing frame of the door, one that was somewhat dimwitted, and had its eyes very close together. A silly look on its face, it too exclaimed "57... 58... 59... 60! 60... A!" Its shape was quite strange. It kept contradicting with the other half. The top right was strong, but the bottom right was thick. And the top left was round, while the bottom left was thin. Almost like a paradox. "Hiya sir!" The silly-looking man said. "My name's Billy, but my Maw calls me Georgie." "Hello sir..." the pudgy man looked queerly at Billy, then turned to the window. "What's yours mister?" Billy asked. The pudgy man was not fast enough to look away before he got wrapped in the conversation. The pudgy man's face grimaced. "I am Brother Reginald." As soon as he muttered the final syllable to his name, the train bounced, and the lights flickered. A small figure now stood in the glowing door frame. The figure quietly strolled down the aisle, and hopped onto its seat across the aisle in the dreaded Row 60. The small figure became clear to the gentlemen in Row 60 as a small cat, gray with these deep brown eyes that could stare right through a person. She turned her head and looked up at the gentlemen, inquiring their stare at her. The cat spoke "Is there a problem?" and immediately, began to shift colors from gray to red to orange to yellow to green and so forth through the colors. Brother Reginald and Billy both jumped at the spectacle in front of them. Not only was it a cat riding a train on its own, but it was talking, and color-changing. The small creature explained "Hello... I'm Keys the Cat." and gave a very inquired look. She was confused with the gentlemen, and as such curled up in her seat to rest. Entering the aisle now was another small figure, white and adorable, hopping to the favored Row 60, and joining Keys the Cat in the adjoining seat. "Hi Keys." she said as she landed in the seat. She looked up at the gentlemen, who were giving more weird stares. "BARK!" the rabbit barked. The gentlemen practically landed on one another. What was happening on this train? The destination was set, and these four persons were about to become part of a very established mission, without realizing it at this time. The white rabbit giggled at the gentlemen, then happily said "The name's Rabbica." The gentlemen got off one another and returned to their individual seats, brushing off whatever they thought they received from their contact. ~Ding-Dong~ "Hello passengers, this is your conductor speaking. We're now coasting at an easy-breezy 130 MPH, so feel free to walk about the train cabins." The scenery seemed to be more of a messy blur, like someone painted the scenery on a treadmill and set it to maximum work-out. Brother Reginald remained seated while Billy couldn't resist unbuckling and moving to another row. The two animals remained cozy in their seats, breathing easy. Billy sat in the row immediately in front of them. He placed his head between the seats and looked spyingly on the animals. He extended a hand to poke Rabbica. Before he made contact, Rabbica jumped up and landed on poor Keys the Cat, who then let out a screech that left Brother Reginald clutching his head. The rush of the doors opening silenced the cabin, as a tall, lean figure bolted through the doors. The tall figure searched frantically across the rows, looking for faces. He rushed passed our familiar Row 60 to the people in the caboose. Moments later, the crowd of people in the caboose were moving frantically ahead of the fan-favorite Row 60. "Come on already!" The man shouted at our Row 60 crew. Brother Reginald, the animals Keys and Rabbica, and Billy stared at him oddly, and stayed put. The tall man groaned and kept moving. At that moment, Brother Reginald heard a slow roar. He noticed the scenery was slowing down, and the voices he was hearing were also very slow. He turned his head slowly, only to discover he had entered a state of pure adrenaline—adrenaline which was manifesting from the explosion about to take place in the caboose. The flames began to spiral into the aisle as Keys and Rabbica hopped out of their seat. Billy dimwittedly ducked in his seat. The caboose in the back actually exploded. And the state of adrenaline ceased, as everything started playing one second at a time. Brother Reginald immediately hopped out of his seat, waddling after the animals. He looked back at Billy, and reluctantly yanked him onto his feet and dragged him along. As soon as Brother Reginald and Billy exited the cabin, it, too, exploded. Brother Reginald stared back at it, not believing it. He quickly gathered his thoughts and threw Billy ahead of him, following close behind. The tall man was clearly ahead about a whole cabin's-length. His head stood up above the crowd. The animals were easy to maneuver through the legs of the crowd which was being very slow to get through the cabin doors. The cabins were getting disconnected from the cabins ahead of them, and as such, slowly falling behind on the tracks. Any more explosions, and Brother Reginald would be stuck with Billy in the middle of the Echonian Desert. Brother Reginald was caught at the end of the cabin, standing about the edge, mere inches from becoming one with the Train Tracks. He then noticed bodies rolling on the sides of the train, as if people had jumped out. He looked back at them and was shocked. He then turned to the front of the cabin to spy the tall man throwing punches, dodging punches, and tossing people off the train. Pretty soon, the crowd was deteriorating. All of them were attempting to fight off this man. Brother Reginald quickly stepped inside, and closed the door. He picked up Billy and charged, toppling over what was left of the crowd. He soon plunged into the tall man, pushing all three of them into the next cabin. Another state of adrenaline hit, and the third and final explosion hit, sending the poor passengers on the previously acting caboose slowly to their isolation. Brother Reginald rolled over the tall man, and stood up quickly, turning to the disconnected cabin. He set Billy down and grabbed the tall man by his collars, pulled him up and gave two solid punches to the tall man. "WHO ARE YOU?" exclaimed Brother Reginald, a normally peaceful man. "The name's bradley." the tall man smugly said. Brother Reginald threw bradley to the ground. "What happened? Why did we just lose three cabooses?" Billy had to ask "Don't we only have one?" Bradley laughed as he climbed to his feet. "'cause it was my order to do so." Brother Reginald turned from red to white. Bradley pushed passed the pudgy man and jumped over Billy, and raced ahead only to trip on top of Keys. Keys made her screech, and bradley then rolled onto his side in pain. Brother Reginald quickly scooped up the trampled Keys, and cuddled her, rubbing her belly. Billy ran to bradley and jumped on top of him. "Yeah! Gotcha now mister." Brother Reginald set Keys down and pushed Billy off. "Bradley... why were you ordered to blow up the cabins?" Bradley made a half smile, eyes closed, and did a reverse somersault. He hopped up and managed to slide into the next cabin. What was left where he was collapsed was what appeared to be a flashing light. Brother Reginald entered his famed state of adrenaline, and watched slowly as the flames expanded from the small sphere. He reached out to Billy, and clutched Keys as he ran to the back of the cabin. Before the fatal flames engulfed his sight of bradley, he noticed a feature that would be distinguishable. A small brown spot on the left side of his neck. It almost resembled the head of a giraffe. The final stage of the explosion set time back into a normal flow, and everything was happening one second at a time again. Brother Reginald stared as the train pulled away into the horizon, before it disappeared from sight entirely. Slowly, the train reached its halt, and Brother Reginald collapsed onto his knees. He was going to miss his niece's birthday party now. Keys quickly ran out of the cabin as an attempt to reach the train. But she quickly gave up, and started chasing a small lizard in the desert. Billy got up and wiped the soot from his face. He stared at Brother Reginald and stared at the long-gone train. It took them time to realize they had stopped directly over a railroad crossing. And a car was patiently stopped at the crossing. Soon, the sound of the car opening came clear, and Keys' ears perked up. She quickly dashed to the front of the cabin, and stared at the three figures approaching. Brother Reginald remained still, until a soothing voice came clear. He saw a dashing young woman, with cat-like prowess, standing in the glowing, yet torn door frame. "What... happened?" she muttered. Billy perked up too, quickly trying to rub the soot off his face. Keys jumped onto the cabin, and rubbed against the young woman. Another young woman followed close behind, crunching numbers on a device that was pointed at the charred cabin. A young man also appeared, close to the cat-like woman. "Whoa, hello." The young man said. "The name's John." "I'm Erica, and that's Hannah." The cat-like woman, now known as Erica, walked towards Brother Reginald, and helped him to his feet. "Can you tell me what happened here?" A small bark appeared from under the seat, and a small white figure jumped out of the darkness. It was Rabbica. Erica questioned Brother Reginald. "What happened exactly, to this train?" Hannah shouted from outside, "Ask him what happened to the train!" Erica shouted back, "I just did!" Brother Reginald thought back to the train. It happened fairly quick. "Well, there was a tall man, and I think he caused four of the cabins to break off the main train from his bombs." Erica had a look in her eye, and quickly looked over to Hannah, who gave a look that immediately told Erica she understood too. "This man... Did he have a brown giraffe on the side of his neck? The left side?" Brother Reginald's eyes twinkled. He nodded in shock, and wondered what these people knew about the man, bradley. Billy stood up, his face covered in saliva from trying to clean up for Erica. "H-hi missy Erica." "Hello...? What's your name." "B... B... Bi... Bil~" before he could stammer out his name, he fainted. Erica had such a sweet voice, he practically melted into the cabin aisle's carpet. "That's Billy, but his Maw calls him Georgie." "I'm Brother Reginald. What is this about the man? Who is he?" John now answered the question. "We don't know. We met him while we were searching for Erica's Chemistry Book, we think he's associated with her twin, Heley." "He told me his name just now on the train. His name is... bradley?" Brother Reginald wondered if his knowledge had helped the trio. Brother Reginald gathered up the animals, Keys and Rabbica, and handed them to the girls. He then returned to Billy and hoisted him over his shoulder, and hurried out of the train cabin. The group of 5 plus 2 then proceeded to the car, and piled in, starting the car and driving to the back of the abandoned cabin. Brother Reginald asked just what Erica hoped to accomplish with this. "I'm giving this cabin a boost. We're gonna need it if we want to catch up to the train." Brother Reginald was confused. He stared in disbelief, and was too speechless. All of a sudden, this black car began to hum, and make grinding metal sounds. The tires of the car were turning into railroad-rims. "And... why do we need to push this cabin again?" Brother Reginald inquired. "Shut up, and just watch." Hannah snapped back. Almost magically, the cabin seemed to shrink, and ... fuse with the car. Surely enough, the car was passing through the floor of the cabin, and elevating to the front. The metal of the twisted front of the cabin was bending to the car, and becoming symmetrical. The back of the cabin was becoming the back of the car. The car actually became the cabin, only with its own self-powered engine. The animals were cuddled up against Billy, who was still unconscious from the beauty of Erica. Hannah sat on the other side of Brother Reginald, and she was penciling some things on her note pad. "Now hold on, Brother Reginald. We're going after that train." Erica popped the stick into Neutral, and stepped on the gas. The sound of grinding metal sounded, and she let the RPM reach 7 before she shifted to Drive, and shot forward on the rail. The new rail-car was going full speed, at least twice as fast as the train was, and it was quickly gaining on the lost mileage from the runaway train. By now, the remaining cabins could have been left behind. But, the rail-car managed to get within sight of the train without colliding into other cabins. It wasn't long before the rail-car had caught up to the train, and connected to the back. It was now part of the train again, and the car unfused with the cabin. The team exited the car, Billy and the animals still inside. They began walking in the cabins, and it was completely deserted. By the time they reached the fifth cabin ahead, they began to believe that the train was abandoned entirely, until they noticed a tall, loud man in the cabin ahead. He was holding a poor old woman angrily, and shaking her, probably asking her questions. Hannah stood close to the door, pressing a ... plunger to the door. The plunger was hooked up to a speaker, which amplified the conversation inside. "I'm asking you one more time. Where is the Lightning Idol?" "I don't know!" the panicked woman cried. The man gasped, and angrily shoved her into her seat. The rest of the passengers in the cabin were crying, and holding one another. He turned away, only to come right back and yank her out of the seat. He then threw her into the cabin ahead, where there was a strange light that came about the window. More flashes came, and smoke flowed out the edges of the door, and cries came from the passengers. Bradley took a seat, and held his head. He was getting tired of his search, obviously. At this moment, Erica, extracted her Ear-plugs, and handed them to Hannah, John, and Brother Reginald. Hannah pulled out a small shiny tube, and opened the cabin door. Surprised, bradley stood up and rushed to Hannah. Hannah yelled to the frightened passengers, "Cover your ears!" and she then squeezed the tube. At this moment, bradley twisted, and shook, and held his ears, and collapsed. Brother Reginald stared in amazement, as Hannah and Erica surrounded him and bound him in some rope. After binding him up, they threw him into the seat and helped the passengers up, and comforted them. Brother Reginald watched this great team at work. He then stared at what was ahead in the other cabin. He was far too curious to let it go un-checked. He slowly moved to the front, opened the door, and stared at the light in the window. He couldn't make out anything with the light glaring at him. He couldn't resist. He grabbed the door handle, and slid the door open. With a flash, Brother Reginald was gone. Erica cried out when she saw him disappear. She rushed to the front and looked frantically around. She was merely seconds away from discovering that Brother Reginald had turned into a miniaturized form of his self, in a small white figurine. She bent down to pick up the figurine, and she stared in horror. She then returned to Hannah, her eyes swelled in tears. She handed the figurine to Hannah, and turned away. Hannah's expression changed from bad to worse. She put the figurine into a small bag, and closed it. John saw these lovely ladies in distress, and he felt courage swell in his chest. He marched to the front of the cabin, and stood on the connecting platform. He looked at the light in the window, then at the ladder-bars that led to the top of the next cabin. He climbed them, and was on top of this 130-MPH train. He quickly crouched, and held his ground as the train was approaching a long curve from the North to the West. He crawled over the top and reached the other side. He slowly moved down the cabin, and hopped onto the connecting platform. He looked into the window. There was no light. He reluctantly slid the door open, and entered the cabin. John found the cabin to be similar to a photoshoot. There was an umbrella redirecting light to the other side of the cabin, and an odd contraption hooked up to it. There were also many white figurines scattered across the floor in horrid positions. The look of pain and fear were easily noticeable on the figurines. John examined the machine more closely. He saw beeping lights above green wires above blue wires above fluid chambers above wiremesh, fans, and other machiney parts. John took it upon himself to remember his knowledge, back at the Grande Entendre. He remembered many books on machinery, and science fiction. But never something like this. He did however use the knowledge to discover what seemed to be the power source, and the cord that delivered the power source to the whole contraption. At this moment, John examined the power-source up close, and saw just what it needed to be halted. He tugged at the cord, and the beeping lights and the fans halted. Almost immediately after pulling the cord, the train seemed to slow down too. The light from the umbrella was gone, and the train was slowing down. Hannah and Erica rushed through the door, and gasped at the figurines. John felt proud, and held the cord with pride. But the girls were too distracted with the disintegrating figurines to notice. John was shocked. The figurines were turning to mush. He panicked, and realized the connection. He plugged the cord back in, and the lights flickered on. The train started again, and the girls disappeared. He cried out to Erica, and rushed over the melted puddle or figurines. He looked frantically, and found the Erica and Hannah figurines, disgruntled and in horror. At that moment, Billy and the animals were approaching the cabin. "Uh hey-a Johny-guy. Where are the others?" John shed tears. He couldn't believe it. This beautiful girl was now an inaction figure. Several hours passed. John, Billy, Keys and Rabbica arrived at a station, and it stopped. Nobody was at the station. The passengers in the cabin quickly fled. "Mister-a Johnny? What you reckon we do now?" John perked up from the seat. He looked at the machine, and the figurines. He then located Hannah's bag of gadgets, and opened it up, and located Brother Reginald's figurine. He immediately placed the girls into the bag and closed it. He then grabbed the machine and tilted it, motioning Billy to help carry it. They lifted it off the platform, minding the gap, and set it down. Billy and the animals stared at John. John looked at the machine. He knew just what to do. "We're gonna get our friends back." ———————————————————————————————————————"Why do Feet Smell, and Noses Run?" "Because AlisonClaire wants 'em to" "'All hail the Admins~All hail the Admins'" (Clans are for Noobs. If you feel the same way, Join My Clan!) Sarcasm. It was the Best of Times. At the Worst of Times. Balconies are Stupid. (Sarcasm)

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