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Go here: http://www.erepublik.com/en/referrer/Luke+Axle

This is the account for my company Retarded Zombie Productions.

I have made a very bad game but it is in exe format so i can’t upload it.

To submit feedback for Retarded Zombie Productions go to: http://retzompro.uservoice.com/

Block map for freerider 2:
-18 1i 18 1i,-15 1i -6i 1f -11 -2n -60 1n,-61 1q -a -2d -4e 1l,16 1g 18 1fq,2pf 1f6 30n -366,4j 2o 23 88,4j 2m 6v 9o,1t 84 -n cd,-1b 6a 4u eq,23 68 -6u di,-15 4e 7b cn,2g 4j -8q 9v,-31 47 2s a4,2d 5r -45 a5,-2q 63 3v 7n,3r 6m -8l 8i,2i 4o 5f af,3l 2p dg de,9c 4b 45 7v,8c 1s -s cq,1v 91 -2n aj,3m 4o 6v b5,7j 8j 74 a9,68 4h 82 9j,-1g 2f 86 46 95 62 47 6r,5a 4v 39 cu,5k 7a 2b 9o,9k 5h 6u 4r 52 6h,tv 1fd uo 1ep va 1du vr 1ct 109 1bt 10o 1an 11a 19b,u0 1f9 te 1fi,vk 192 103 189 10f 17g 10s 16h 11c 158 11s 13t 12e 12c,12e 12c 12u 110 13f vi 140 u1 14i se 155 qp 15o p2 16c na,106 1a2 10i 195 10s 187,11h 16b 11j 15b,103 19u vn 1ah va 1b8 ur 1c1 u7 1cp tf 1dl,ti 1dk su 1e1 s6 1e8 re 1eb qp 1ed q0 1ee p7 1ec oc 1ea nj 1e9 mo 1e4 m1 1dn mp 1cr,pg 1d7 fk 188,pc 1d5 v1 16t,14d 181 159 189 166 18q 170 19f 17p 1a4,-84 4c -7a 4h -6l 4j -75 3r -88 3p -9i 41 -af 4h -9g 4r -ab 43 -b9 4l -a2 3o -a5 30 -9f 2v,14h rv 1s0 160,1c 1fj 33o 1hm,2pf 1en 2pf 1s0#5v 16 av m c5 1n,ca 20 da 4j,d8 4q da 88,df 7f 1mc 1a7,1mg 1aa 1h3 15m#G 159 1f8 2,T 159 18l,T 157 18k,T 14m 18f,T 14l 18f,T 14j 191,T 150 193,T 15f 198,T 15t 198,T 15t 198,T 15p 193,T 15c 18u,T 15c 18v,T 155 19b,T 162 19l,T 167 19n,T 16k 19v,T 175 1ab,T hf 181,T i5 18b,T je 18o,T js 18v,T m7 19r,T nb 1ao,T o6 1at,T pg 1bf,T pq 1ba,T qa 1b0,T qj 1au,T qp 1ah,T r7 1a9,T pj 1au,T pg 1ah,T q0 1a9,T r8 19q,T rm 19c,T rs 18j,T uo 1dn,T uo 1dn,T uo 1dn,T up 1dk,T up 1dd,T up 1da,T v2 1cr,T v2 1d0,T v2 1d0,T v2 1d0,T v8 1ce,T vd 1c5,T vk 1bv,T vr 1bm,T vu 1be,T vu 1be,T 103 1b2,T 103 1ao,T 103 1al,T 103 1al,T 10d 1a9,T 10k 1a3,T 10k 1a1,T 10l 19g,T 10q 19g,T 10q 19q

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