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Sure is cool of Kong to give free K+ to Powerup rewards Pro members.

Spoilers to real life
End spoilers

The Boardwalk is and always has been the greatest room ever.

Quote section, est. Friday, January 13th, 2012.
“MackTheMouse2: I’m no psychologist (although I did watch all of the first season of the Mentalist), but I’d guess you’re scared or angry and just being an ass because of it. Just stop, dude.”
“Rideps1: You REALIZE I have been in this room for 4 years, right?
Demon093: This specific room?
Demon093: That’s dedication.
Rideps1: Boardwalk FOREVER.
Eliath: He has no friends
Demon093: Heh
Rideps1: No, I just don’t let them leave ;)
lightalkmst: what’s a friend?”
“wizzid: hands Rid the dunce cap
Rideps1: So you ARE paying attention :P
country_chick: A little
Deligor: hey, my hat!
Deligor: now my head will get cold :(
Rideps1: gives it back
Deligor: and by cold I mean stop flaming
wizzid: sets Del’s head on fire

“Rideps1: Whelp, it’s all quiet, I might as well hit the sack
Meggytron: don’t do it!
Meggytron: the sack doesn’t deserve it!
Rideps1: Yeah it does.
Meggytron: Noooo
Rideps1: Can I hit the hay that was in the sack then?
Deligor: I suppose so, but only if you hit the hay with the sack
Deligor: and mercilessly, of course
Meggytron: Yes, the hay deserves it
Rideps1: Somehow that sounds kinky.
Deligor: and the sack likes it because it gets to beat down its arch rival the hay
Rideps1: ..Who was just inside….. Yeah.
Deligor: hey, it has to get its revenge for that whole “going inside it”-thing somehow
Meggytron: ahaha…
Rideps1: Hmmm.. Good point.
Deligor: the hay surprised the sack, obviously
Deligor: the hay and some random dude’s fist o.O
Rideps1: Woah.
Rideps1: This just got heavy.
Rideps1: Poor sack…
Deligor: see? Now don’t you feel sorry for wanting to hit that poor sack earlier
Rideps1: Oh no! The sack shot itself!
Deligor: blood’s on your hands now. You must avenge the sack!
Deligor: burn the hay! Burn it!
Rideps1: Dumps gasoline all over the boardwalk
Deligor: no no, just the hay, just the hay
Rideps1: finds a lit torch
Deligor: oh jeez, I don’t think he’s listening any more
Deligor: he’s in a sack-revenge frenzy, everybody run for your lives
Rideps1: Chucks torch at the Ferris Wheel and runs
Freddy_Ghost: I really hate you guys :(
Meggytron: Yay fire
Rideps1: Good thing Kiwi insured the place for more than it was worth. Now we can rebuild it.
Freddy_Ghost: You guys never talk to me when I’m around :(
Rideps1: WE HAVE THE TECHNOLO…… Oh shit. My car was parked in there.
Meggytron: We can rebuild it AND buy alcohol"

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