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Well, I like typing with proper grammar. A little behind in my generation of mid 1990's as of music and typing (see above). ============================================== Meatloaf, U2, Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Who in the late 1960's, and Michael Jackson before he went very very wrong. I am sad I was born a little after MTV stopped playing music because that's all I would watch, but alas, 16 year old girls are now filming birthday parties on it. ======================================================= I was born in The Loop and raised in IKRC where I reside most of the time. I like roomhopping and meeting new people :) =============================================================================== I'm gonna get a scholarship to Northwestern (I hope) and major in mathematics and minor in physics. ============================================================================================ My right hand men are Phyyr, Keckers, and Haelix. My right hand women are Noctu, ashegirl43, MegBak, and devilious cutie. ============================================================================================================================================================================================== I know just about everything about the rules on Kongregate. If you need help with the rules or have a question, whisper me or come to the room I'm in. ========================================================================================================================================================================== ========================================================================================================================================================================== Quotables: Haelix: Sasum wins the TrannyHooker trophy! Xeric: 30 point badge? Haelix: Oh it's HARD all right. ------------------------------------------------------------- Triplemerc: If Lady Gaga had a penis, I would be attracted to her. ------------------------------------------------------------- Sasum: You guys didn't say bleach wasn't lotion! Sasum: And now I am MJ! All pale and soft and pedophiley! KnightofNoctu: We didn't say it WASN'T lotion, either! KnightofNoctu: Wait.... ------------------------------------------------------------- PupMcBluffinPear was mini-modding. I, being the troll stopping super epic mini-mod raced on. Sasum: Who died and made you the mini-mod? Oh f'ing epic (OFE). ------------------------------------------------------------- BlackIce270: do you know what is better than milk Triplemerc: Sperm? ------------------------------------------------------------- Sasum: I somehow got your number. Ajaxgreater: if you have my number Ajaxgreater: i'm going to hunt YOU down too Sasum: My address remains a secret! Ajaxgreater: 1600 pennsylvania avenue Ajaxgreater: en guard OBAMA! Sasum: Er. Sasum: I ain't Obama's secret son with one eye that he needs to hide! Sasum: With AIDS! Sasum: With an unlimited amount of crack! ------------------------------------------------------------- Arifriekinel: Face: "Palm! Don't! Don't! No! Don't touch me! Noooooo!" ------------------------------------------------------------- kenji679: Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings. ------------------------------------------------------------- CannonFodder76: Let's play a game of "Let's drink what's under the sink" mmmkay? ------------------------------------------------------------- ashegirl43: if you noticed, there were TWO Ds in the word Daddy ============================================================================================= I am taking a BREAK for a little bit (a few weeks). Be back soon!

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