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AndroidKO: You’re in-Scizzable.
AndroidKO: it’s not that she doesn’t love you, it’s that you’re too Sc1zzy for her.
Hellraiser1977: Scizzo is too sexy for this site XD
sc1zzen: so sexy it hurts….
sc1zzen: im a gamer you know what i mean
Hellraiser1977: And you take your little turn in the chatbox
sc1zzen: the chatbox
Hellraiser1977: Yea the chatbox yea
Hellraiser1977: XD
sc1zzen: haha

sc1zzen: i had to shave my head
sc1zzen: i look good bald
Blessed_Curse: oooh
Nemoso: i second that
Nemoso: he looks way hot
sc1zzen: ty sir
Nemoso: i wanna grease his head up and jam it into my big gaping vagina

Nemoso: hey sc1z
Nemoso: how are you doing with my innocence?
Nemoso: treating you well?
sc1zzen: i
sc1zzen: i has your innocence?
Nemoso: you have one of them.

Akkenru: If anyone tried to make me go down on a woman I think I’d sit there and cry

Vorpal_Steak: Of course they’d have a restaurant…erm..Hooters. Yeah, can’t go any further than that.
sc1zzen: well
sc1zzen: poontangs
sc1zzen: its a buffett
sc1zzen: :D
sc1zzen: (h5)
Vorpal_Steak: Hmm…I stand corrected.
Vorpal_Steak: (h5)

  • Nemoso: oooh
    Nemoso: vorp is on the crack rock.

sc1zzen: but my upper body is big
Nemoso: so’s your lower body
Nemoso: iycmd.
sc1zzen: ICYD!

ultimatesoldier: Sc1z is the greatest person in the world!

EvilrenHo3k: ◄—- Thinks scizzen is the Clit Commander!

Vorpal_Steak: I slept with sc1z.

Nemoso: id photoshop damsels tits on sc1z’s body with navs cock and ahsems ass
Nemoso: and masturbate furiously to it

  • Vorpal_Steak: Ridcockulous.
    sc1zzen: really?
    Vorpal_Steak: Really.
    sc1zzen: was all that necockuary
    Vorpal_Steak: Yepcock…um…I got nuthin’.

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