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I’m the owner of a company here in Denmark. An erotic dating site.

I’m allready working on a movie for CSP :-) Just testing my new beta intro to the movie. You guys can see it here: " "

A lot are talking about where I got my aim/skills from and I can tell you guys here that I have played few games but at high level.

Story about: Scordaten (CSP), Deathwebber (CS sincs 1.1 beta/CSS), Troffel / Baron Troffel (A.v.A & BFBC2), and K (CSS)

1. I played A.v.A in ESL (best liga in world for gaming) in the best clan in EU – Revo7 (r7). Got money for playing this game.

Links: " "
Links: " "
Links: " " Some af my screenshots from X-ray (anticheat program you shout use when playing)
Links: " " My r7 profil
Links: " " Videos from the game with me playing.

This A.v.A game learn my a lot when we talk hardcore aiming. Its so hard to aim even with the sniper. But as all games I played I allmost only use the sniper, so after many hours in the game I got insane (aim/speed) with it. And got the chance to play in the best ESL clan in EU and startede getting money from playing.

The r7 closed down after 2 players (I and Titanic) stopped playing. So the other members startede a new clan up and still playing in ESL and are winning a lot: " ".

S/D (K/D) – Over 8,2


I started playing this for fun. Without a clan just love to get in and kill players the only game where I didn’t play with sniper. M16A2 was in my mind super and thats why I got 31.727 kills alone with this weapon. I got to a K/D in there at 5,27.

Link: " "

CS 1.1 to 1.6:

I startede playing this game when the beta got out in 2000/2001. I got good and startede my own clan there. It was this game that layed the base for my skill/aim. I loved working with my CFG files (config files). Played PCW & CW 24/7. And I killed at least 1 screen and 3 mouse in rage < Play Hard – Go Pro. One night I was on our clan server in a De_Aztec and the swedish SK Fisker (" ") – played in SK the worlds best clan – joined the server and I got a chance to talk and play with this guy. I saw a hole new way of playing. He learned me a lot that night and I even got the mIRC name to come into the SK mIRC and talk with him. And after I just played even hrader, did everything to make my computer performe even better to win more FPS. I became a FPS nerd.


When CSS came out a irl mate told me that he got it and I shout try it. So I got it and started playing it was cool the aim was way easyer then CS 1.5 (at that time) was. So I played that hard. And after 3 years no-stop playing (no real life) I got the chance to join the 6 best CSS clan in Denmark EveN. I played there and got many mix CW’s and lan with the best of the best like Krogh and MelloN, vnG ect. Won the SLAP live (Denish eSport liga " " & " ").

I have won a ton mouses, mousespads and money prices for the lan playing.

I tryed to find my old x-ray profil where I had +2700 screenshots taken from the game (anti cheat program that we shout user playing CW and big lans)

CSP – Clan Merq – Weapon ave (awp) – Sensitivity x% – Windows Sensitivity 6/11 – Dpi 400

26 years old from Denmark – the story…. and skill will continue!

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