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]Sean is:
Open to questions
Unafraid to voice his opinion
-—Sean finds himself not to be intelligent of his own accord, but because he has been told many times over by those who he respects and who respect him that he is so. He primarily spends his time away from Kong, but resides in The Cliff if he is to be anywhere, also occasionally inside the Just Chatting chat room. Sean is respectful to you if you seem intelligent enough to deserve his respect, otherwise he will treat you with a level of concern the likes of which he would a common housefly.
-—Sean is devout in his beliefs, or rather, lack thereof; therefore he will simply ignore you if you make any comment at all about them. Not that he is afraid of being swayed, but he doesn’t want you to waste his time and your effort on it. Sean is passionate about the things he believes in and will promptly inform you if he believes you are wrong, which is not to say that he cannot be wrong sometimes, but is to say that he will admit to being wrong if you can prove him to be beyond doubt.
-—Sean may seem rude and ignorant at first glance, and he will most likely say something to you if you A) Don’t know how to spell (consistently) or B) Don’t know anything about grammar. He does not care who you are, how old you are, or what you do. If you don’t know grammar, you shouldn’t be attempting to operate a keyboard, because all you’re going to do is make yourself seem ignorant. Sean will also not go out of his way to prove his intelligence to you, because it would be a waste of his time being in that there is no way to ‘prove’ one’s intelligence. Asking him to do so will simply make you seem like a total waste of flesh and gray-matter, and he will then kindly, but without any kindness, excuse your existence from his presence forever.
-—You’re welcome to ask Sean a question in regards to anything that is not listed on this page. Also, you may suggest emendations to this if you want, but don’t pitch a fit if he tweaks it a bit to be accurate as possible. Thank you for spending 1-3 minutes of your life to read this epic narrative describing Sean in brief detail, and he is thoroughly sorry if you can’t understand anything on this page because your vocabulary is strictly limited to 4 letter words with no more than 2 syllables. He is looking forward to having an intelligent conversation with you.
]Yet more info;
Birthday: September 15th, 1996
Kongday: May 31st, 2009
Account age: 4 years
Grade: Ninth
Relationship Status: Undisclosed
(Please send Sean a message if you believe any of the information on this page to be inaccurate or outdated)

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