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I love everybody. Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid, and others I’d love to punch in the face.

I was a BoG Reg, and then it went to shit, so now I piss people off in Ant Hill full time :)

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” MLK Jr.


Quotes from The Buffet of Goodness
Danktolker: Taking career advice from Largo is like asking a homeless person to co-sign a loan
AceFenrir: I’m 4 inches bigger than my ex’s
AceFenrir: So you do the math
Danktolker: Stop smoking weed you sad little shit
Danktolker: Jesus loves you though
puc4444: I could kill a man with my chesticles.
SugarCoatedYum: i taste like ive been dipped in crap
SugarCoatedYum: and like serynity’s name
SugarCoatedYum: shes actually quite Manic
JCiesla: it’s supposed to be senility- she just forgot how to spell
Krysamu: i am a sexy—tight—vibrating teenage woman
Krysamu: I have plenty of everything to kill—but time is the only thing I will not be sent to a prison camp over
Donmakemecry: i use two fingers…
JCiesla: If you were a 300lb Russian man…
JCiesla: I’d be gay
JCiesla: Yes, it’s pointing upwardly

And now I believe I’ve seen it all in the BoG

ozwaldtehhuman: Also i have a fetish i’m mildly ashamed of
ozwaldtehhuman: Its one of the ones thats put in the Bizzare and or “Gross” catigorys
AceFenrir: You dig fat chicks, I can’t possibly imagine what you’re ashamed of, even if only mildly.
ozwaldtehhuman: Piss
ozwaldtehhuman: I like when chicks piss
AceFenrir: Not a fan.
ozwaldtehhuman: Yeah not everyone can handle it
Serynity: And not everyone wants to hear about it, either.
ozwaldtehhuman: But yeha one of the worst that involes that is I really like ti when girls piss themselfs
AceFenrir: It doesn’t gross me out to know of or even to see if I happen to ever see it for any reason, but it’s not of any interest…
ozwaldtehhuman: Ahh
ozwaldtehhuman: When i first found out it got me off i was really REALLY ashamed of it

Why the hell did you read all that? Nosey little shit. Must be really bored.

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