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I suppose that you have come to this page to find out something more about me, whether you have specific intentions or not, and I feel that I must give something for all to read.
First, I must say that you can call me Shadow, Pro, or _. Just kidding, nobody calls me _. I have actually used that as my name before though.
Shadowproailurus is my previous account. I made this because I wanted a legit profile.
You can usually find me in The Time Machine, but because I’ve been on since October, my only real friend on here is ddsw1b. A lot of my other friends are either just “friends” that aren’t really friends, or they are just never on anymore.
My favorite animals are wolves, cats, cheetahs, snow leopards, lions, bats, red pandas, and porcupines.
I don’t really have a favorite food or favorite color, but if I have to say one, then I’d say my favorite color would be either purple or a pale silver.
I love a lot of TV shows, notably Doctor Who and Supernatural. My favorite movie is Puss in Boots.
I like reading and drawing. Some people saw I’m good at drawing, but for me it is not really a skill, just something I try doing, something anyone can do if they try hard enough. I actually suck at drawing, but… Anyone can sit and experiment with gravity, but Isaac Newton is the one who came up with his laws of motion, and therefore, he’s famous, and not you. Anyone can draw as sucky as I can, but you have to sit there and actually try and draw something amazing until someone acknowledges you for it. I used to read a lot when I was a little kid, but I’m lazy now so I don’t read nearly as much.
I love RPing.
I have a lot of irrational fears like wasps (especially), the dark, mirrors, and big, scary dogs. (admit it, a fear of large dogs isn’t actually that irrational)
Originally this profile was to be called Proailurus because it is the name I have been known as on the internet for a while, but because of the existence of “Shadow-“ at the beginning of my other profile’s name, people call me Shadow. Therefore, I felt as though I must keep the word “shadow” in my name somehow.
If you ever want to hear my life story just ask.
If you want to be my friend, don’t ask. I will bite =P I have problems.
Oh and my birthday is January 9th.

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