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I am Darrow (fear me). I am 18 (making me legal. Fear me.). I am a fur. If you want to know anything else, Then you’ll need to actually look and try to find me. Usually I’ll be in Didactic Fractals, but eh.
I RP on a daily basis, it helps me unwind and relax (usually) and it also helps with things like stories games characters and other things. Here are my three most used characters and their backstories:

Amy Lee:

Amy Lee is what would be known as a Fire Fox, or a kitsune. Amy is the bastard child of a fire elemental who resided deep within a volcano, and a wandering female kitsune; a japanese fox spirit who loved playing pranks and teasing the males, flirting constantly but never letting them get anywhere. Amy may look older, but in reality she’s only 19 years old, and barely in control of her own powers. She stands five feet even, her eyes have a green ring along the outside with a bright orange ring on the inside, surrounding her pupil. The fur along her stomach is a soft creamy white as is the fur on the tips of her long bushy tails. She has two tails that end in the creamy white fur, a thick ring of black fur precedes the white, and before that is a soft brown fur that covers the rest of her body. Her hair is long, falling in bangs that typically cover her eyes, the back of her hair reaching her shoulders and brushing it ever so gently. The tips of her ears as well as her paws are both covered in thinner black fur, part of her nose also sports the soft black fur while the underside of her muzzle is white. Her breasts are a solider 36C with a tuft of her white fur between them. Her powers, as you may have guessed by her heritage, are limited greatly to mostly just things involving fire in some form; lava, fire, light, heat, etc. However, she has not had formal training, none that have last anyway, all of her tutors tended to die shortly after her lessons started. That was when she met Arius (known simply as Shadow back at that point), and he began teaching her how better to harness her powers. He adopted her his ward, and a daughter of sorts, caring for her and teaching her everyday how to better use her powers. To date she can absorb heat and flame, redirect it, and she has gained a masterful control in regards to directing flame and turning any fire based attack on her useless. She’s got a cheerful personality, but make no mistake, she’s got a very dark streak and isn’t afraid to show if it she thinks she’s in danger.

Arius (also called Shadow)

When asked his age, to say Arius was ancient wouldn’t even begin to cover it. Saying he’s timeless is a better way to describe him, for that’s really what he is. Unless he falls in battle by the hand of either one of the other 63 demons that can from his home realm, or by a manifestation of something like Eva (third character) then he’ll only enter a comatose state until his body recovers. Arius came from a dimension that exists on the fringe of the dimensional plane, a realm of constant violence and agony. 64 demons exist from that realm at all times, Shadow being one of them as well as another demon named Frost, technically his sister because they were brought into existence at exactly the same time. Arius looks like my profile picture: tall dark and handsome (XD). He’s seven feet tall exactly, ten long tails spreading out behind him with fur darker than onyx. His eyes are silver and gleam like the full moon, he usually has on a cloak that brushes the floor, he very rarely uses any sort of armor. His power comes in different levels, he’s spent a lot of time trying to learn to control himself after he had a certain type of crisis in the midst of a bloody rampage. He typically carries a scythe or a kusarigama, both of the weapons being new favorites as opposed to his sword. The levels of power and reason that he is using and capable of are indicated by the colors of his eyes. at his weakest state his eyes become a soft green, his normal state is the full-moon-silver. After that, when utilizing more of his power, his eyes will become gold. If he takes too much damage and continues using his power, then his eyes become a dark red, like blood. And finally, if pushed beyond the limit his eyes will become pure black. He’s traveled through many dimensions, and spent hundreds of years with varying clans, guilds, organizations, and simple gatherings learning more about the world, about magic, about himself, and about the world’s he inhabits.
(during an RP he was quoted answering a question in regards to his age as such:" rubs his hand over his chin let’s see… close to… 29 trillion… 691 billion… 998 million… 781 thousand… 902 years, 12 weeks, 5 days, and four hours old."


Eva is not like other creatures, name because she’s one of a kind. Eva is the amalgamation of all the hatred, the homicidal lust and want, the rage, and the fury from another dimension. Back in her dimension she was under the highest lockdown ever imaginable, every part of her body restrained and covered with power leeching machinery, her head was encased in an adamatium/vibranium alloy, both of these materials being abundant on this particular planet. She was contained several miles beneath the surface of the planet, surrounded by thousands of highly trained, highly armed, highly paid, and high-in-technology guards. She was kept there for several hundred years, experimented on and tortured, and it was because of one of those experiments that she became blind, something she’s since embraced and even giggles about. Even if it is an insane giggle. On the 700th anniversary of her imprisonment, a visitor came, a tall dark figure sporting ten tails and a long scythe, his eyes black as coals and his fur dripping with blood as he tore through the guards like they were made of wet tissue paper, destroying everything and everyone that got in his way. When he got down to Eva, he simply smiled and set her free, offering to take her with him as they began destroying the facility bit by bit before moving tot he rest of the planet, destroying the entire thing in a matter of hours. The deadly duo then proceeded to leave the solar system after they used the sun, causing it to supernova and wipe out everything else within that system. The pair of them went on a rampage that last several millenia, killing and destroying anyone and everyone that got in their way, or just was there. They wiped out thousands of planets, and caused the total end of two entire dimenions, literally ripping them off the dimensional plane. However, it was on one particular planet that things changed, Arius(back then he was going by a different name but both of them have forgotten it, instead they were just known as the destroyers) Arius seemed to lose his nerve and stopped slaughtering innocents, and the two of them battled. The battle was fierce and destroyed severeal planets but she lost and was imprisoned for several thousand years before finally re-escaping her captivity, and now hunts the galaxy for Arius, aiming to kill him and make him pay for what he’s done.
Eva is a she-wolf, six and a half feet tall with a firm D-cup, her fur is silver and her eyes a milky gray that reflect light at night, seeming to glow. Her weapon of choice is a long sword similar to Shadow’s but with the colors being the polar opposites: while Shadow’s is crimson and black, her’s is cobalt and white. She’s insane and has no need for love or sex, do not approach under any circumstances.

Alia: My nonfur Didactalite.
A former farmgirl, seduced by Shadow while him and a few others were on a mission to clear an area of an orcish infestation. She slept with Shadow and decided she’d stick with him for a while for the sake of adventure. A top notch archer able to take the wings off a fly at several hundred meters while still moving She isn’t one to take lightly

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