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500th badge earned: 2016.11.25 [Amassed Blasts] Red Remover BLAST
555th badge earned: 2016.12.05 [Pixel Pwnage] Pixel Legions
700th badge earned: 2017.01.09 [Great Name 1/5] Great Game 1/5
777th badge earned: 2017.01.30 [Your Partner is in AA] The Last Stand: UC
888th badge earned: 2017.03.01 [Way of the Brush] Ninja Painter 2
1000th badge earned: 2017.03.23 [Light of 1000 Suns] Solarmax 2

Level 50 reached: 2017.04.07 [Darwin Award] Pandemic 2
1111th badge earned: 2017.04.20 [D for Death] Crystal Story II

Level 55 reached: 2017.06.26 [Casual Killing] Thing-Thing Arena 3
23000 points earned: 2017.07.09 [Wish I Was a Baller] Basketballs
25000 points earned: 2017.08.08 [Crushing This Daisy] Endeavor

50% of badges: 2017.08.10 [I’d Like to Thank the Academy] GlueFO 2.0
1500th badge earned: 2017.08.29 [Divine Villager Pillager] Pillage the Village

Level 58 reached: 2017.08.29 [Pillagus Maximus] Pillage the Village
10th Impossible badge: 2017.10.01 [Insurance Discount Qualifier] Frantic 3
300th Hard badge: 2017.10.25 [Arena Smackdown] Talesworth Arena: DW
1600th badge earned: 2017.10.27 [Tools of the Trade] Desert Moon

Level 60 reached: 2017.11.07 [OM NOM NOM NOM] Trap Master
30000 points earned: 2017.12.12 [Champion Robotics Engineer] Bot Arena 3
1700th badge earned: 2017.12.17 [Minecross Master] Pixoji
1800th badge earned: 2018.01.21 [Star-Studded Pants] FPA: World 3
15th Impossible badge: 2018.02.10 [Black Hole Escape Artist] Fold
1900th badge earned: 2018.03.12 [Pwong Strong] Pwong 2

Level 65 reached: 2018.10.01 [Poetic End] Depict1
2000th badge earned: 2018.10.10 [Defender of Mars] Red
40000 points earned: 2019.03.20 [Trophy Rack] Witch Hunt

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