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‘Ello! I’m shiningdiamond! The pleasure is mine. I like pizza, brownies and ice cream. I also like shooting, adventure, and strategy and defense games. I like to hang out with, civilized,yet humorous people. I have two Role Play characters, whose description I will post after this. Name: Hunter Skyborn Race: Techno-elf Age: 16 Height: 6 feet, 1 inch Description: Hunter is a Techno-elf, which is basically an elf living in their own high-tech city in the forest. He has pitch-black hair, almost never combed and quite short. Hunter has a scar over his right eye, and wears a pair of golden brass steampunk goggles, etched with the family symbol of golden gears behind a lightning bolt. He always wears his brown leather coat, aged with time and wear-and-tear, and he also has a golden chain worn around his neck, also etched with his family symbol. The tee shirt that he wears under it is black with the same symbol in the center of the shirt as the symbol he has etched into his goggles. He wears a pair of camo cargo pants, and rumor has it that his pockets are magical, able to pull any material out of them. He is good friends with Lucas Da Vinci, the ghost. Weapons: His mecha-suit, designed and built by him, as well as his gauntlets, which he has with him at all times. They have a large variety of weapons built into them, from lasers to missiles. He also has a pet mechanical dragon, who is called Mech, once again designed and built by him.
Name: Lucas Da Vinci Race: Ghost elf Age: ??? Weight: Technically, 0 lbs Height: 5’ 9’’ Description: Lucas died in an accident concerning an explosion of a machine he created, trying to bring back his family, who had died in a sea cruise accident when a sea monster attacked. His closest friends are Sol, the multi-elemental dragon, and Rune, the ghost cat. He has extremely dark brown hair, which is very scruffy and often has a bed-head hairstyle after he is done resting. As a ghost, he runs out of energy extremely fast, so he has various sorts of energy-replenishing methods. He wears a green coat on, which is rumored to have interdimentional pocket, holding the various things he puts in there. He wears his blue cargo pants, and under his jacket, he wears a black tee shirt with a triangular pattern made of three golden-yellow triangles. He has an aloof personality, and gets along with various kinds of people well. However, when the going gets tough, he shows his mean side with no mercy to his enemies. He also wears gloves that allow him to grip physical matter. Weapons: Dragonsbane sword, aslo known as the Omega Blade. It is made of an indestructible material. He is an adept in all kinds of magic, though not a complete expert. He uses his intelligence of machinery to create various robots and other sorts of things. He also made a whip coated with barbs called the Razor Whip, and a boomerang that can grind through almost any material called the Grinderang.
Zero (Hawk) Is a man of a few words. He wears a red and gold coat with a black shirt under it with green jeans. He uses alien tech to put on a suit of highly technological armor in which is micro-tech technology that expands when he puts it on. He was forced inside a chronogetic capsule in which he was put here for a long amount of time, so he doesn’t know how old he is. He usually spends his time treading the galaxy in his space battle cruiser. The armor is multi-spectrumed and the hands of it morph into various weapons, and mechanical booster wings can morph out so he can fly. The suit is nearly indestrucible.

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