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Name: Kandice Age: 18 Interest: Anything good writing: Sherlock, Naruto, Harry Potter, Durarara Pairings: Shizuo/Izaya Naruto/Sasuke, Tooru/Yuujirou, John/Sherlock, Haji/Saya, Kaitokid/Conan/Shinichi, Harry/Draco, Ryouga/Ranma I'm not a normal kind of girl; I'm pretty psycho. I love yaoi and slash. I love my music and I absolutely HATE zombies (even though I love Dead Island XD) I'm Phobic of Vomit! So don't do it around me! I'm not a girly girl, but I do like to be pretty. I love to write music, poetry, and stories. I love all my friends. I don't have any enemies, but there is always those few who dislike you. I'm not mean usually, I'm actually really nice, but I will snap if you piss me off. I am super hyper and random. I like being treated with respect and I love to compromise. I am sensitive, intellectual and I like parties and people. I am honest, direct and am very loyal to those I care about. I am a very giving person and am always willing to offer advice to those in trouble, I'm also very good at giving advice. I am quite capable of doing a man's job and seldom chose who I date based on what he can do for me. I love to travel and must feel independent. I do require a great deal of love and companionship, however it must be on my terms. I can quickly become hostile if you irritate me, and will react as such. Favorite Quotations “My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time. But the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.”- Nikola Tesla “Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, a marvelous work of art, of indescribable beauty, and mystery beyond human conception, and so delicate that a word, a breath, a look, nay, a thought may injure it.”- Nikola Tesla “That is the trouble with many inventors; they lack patience. They lack the willingness to work a thing out slowly and clearly and sharply in their mind, so that they can actually 'feel it work.' They want to try their first idea right off; and the result is they use up lots of money and lots of good material, only to find eventually that they are working in the wrong direction. We all make mistakes, and it is better to make them before we begin.”-Nikola Tesla “Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them.”- Nikola Tesla "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth." - Sherlock Holmes "Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense."- Mark Overby "For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love."- Carl Sagan “There's a thin line between love and hate. Maybe you're confusing your emotions.”― Simone Elkeles “Love me or hate me, both are in my favor…If you love me, I'll always be in your heart…If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind.”― William Shakespeare "Those who hate most fervently must have once loved deeply; those who want to deny the world must have once embraced what they now set on fire."- Marcel Jouhandeau "You hate someone whom you really wish to love, but whom you cannot love. Perhaps he himself prevents you. That is a disguised form of love."- Julie de Lespinasse "You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul."- Andre Gide "I love humans, because all humans are mine." - Izaya "Vroom! Vroom!" - Izaya "Ohh! Violence so scary" -Izaya "Sushi love. I like fatty tuna..."- Izaya "One second he's dumb as an ox and the next he's sharp as a whip...that's why I hate him so much." -Izaya "Listen. It's not my problem if you lovely ladies get pummeled to death and die. I could knock your teeth down your throat, or you can bag on my age when I'm actually just 23. I don't care, you're in a class that's so beneath me that it doesn't matter. Human beings are weak things...But, beating up chicks isn't really my shtick, so I guess the next best thing I can do is take your precious cellphone...And smash it :DHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! And now I'm bored :/" - Izaya "If I could have predicted Celty would come at this exact moment I'd have dropped a meteor on your house a looonng time ago." -Izaya "I don't believe in god. There's no proof of his existence. In the world where there isn't even proof of the future, the past exists. Even if its tainted with misunderstandings and delusions, if the people themselves believe it, the past is the truth to them. And if you base your actions or your life around it, in a way, its a type of god itself. " - Izaya "It's too addicting, it's too addicting, it's too addicting! Even for an information broker like me there are things completely unknown to me happening and happening and appearing before my eyes and lapsing back into unknown every single day. That is why I can never ever leave the places where humans abound! Humans, LOVE! I LOVE HUMANS! I LOVE YOU ALL! THAT'S WHY YOU ALL SHOULD LOVE ME TOO!" - Izaya "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-KKUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!" - Shizuo "I don't like violence." - Shizuo "I'll kill them, kill them, kill them, ugh kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill ect..." - Shizuo "I'll kill it whether it dies or not." - Shizuo "I don't have have much time. It's not that I'm busy, but I'm only willing to give you about two and a half more minutes of my life!" - Shizuo "You just went for my head didn't you? You know that you could kill someone by hitting a vital spot on their head, right? If you know this, then you were trying to kill me, right? So you shouldn't have complaints no matter what I do to you, right?!" - Shizuo "I'm off to shinjuku to kill Izaya dead." - Shizuo People who call others stupid are usually more stupid, but I'm stupid so I'll said it anyways. YOU'RE STUPID!"- Shizuo "If I pull this out will it start bleeding? Hm, maybe I should get a band-aid. Or maybe super glue." -Shizuo "Ah! Shizuo loves Izaya! ..it's .. BL!!!! " - Erika "If you make fiction just as valuable as reality, then any reality you don’t need can be a delusion." - Erika "I'm... flying... " - Shuuji "He is a violent man. No, He is a man full of violence. No, He is a man who lives with violence. No, He is the violence itself." - Simon "Are you done with puberty? Then it's time for you to eat sushi." - Simon Simon: "I have to say something your not gonna like... You're such a coward it's funny. Ha!" Izaya: "I know. But I like my cowardice." Kida: "I'll drop by when I get paid for my job, so you better give me a discount." Simon: "Oh, I can't do that. If I did, I'd meet a watery grave on Russian land." Kida: "How are you going to drown on land?" Shizuo: “Listen. Looks can kill.” Yellow Scarf guy: “Huh?” Shizuo: “There’s at least a 0.00000000000000000000675% chance that a curse or a stare can kill someone.” Yellow scarf guy: “The heck you say bartender? Huuhh? Bartender?” Shizuo: “So if you glare at someone, you can’t complain if they kill you!” Izaya: "It's not good to meddle too much." Namie: "I'm not meddling! I'm the only one who can protect him!" Izaya: "I've heard that stalkers don't realize they're stalking. Apparently, they believe that they're "protecting"-" Namie: "Don't you dare put me on the same level as a stalker!" Izaya: "You're frightening. I'm just pulling your leg." "You have some sort of Shizuo complex... You're more transparent than you think." - Simon "I'll give you 3 choices! Choice #1: KIDA MASAOMI!!! Choice #2: KIDA MASAOMI!!!!! Choice #3: KIDA MASAOMI!!!!!!!!" - Kida Masaomi "Daedra are the embodiment of change, change and permanency. I'm no different. Except in the ways that I am." "It'll move mountains! It'll mount movements!" "YOU dare interrupt ME? Only I interrupt me! Like just then." "I hate indecision! ... or maybe I don't. Well, make up your mind. Or I'll have your skin made into a hat. Maybe one of those arrowcatchers. I love those hats!" "I once dug a pit and filled it with clouds...or was it clowns... it doesn't matter, it didn't slow him down. But it really began to smell! Must have been clowns. Clouds don't smell, they taste of butter. And tears." "Jyggalag's forces are gathering in the Fringe...And I HATE IT when people gather forces in my Fringe!" "Jyggalag! He is the Prince of Order. Or biscuits...no, no, Order! And not in a good way. Bleak. Colorless. Dead. Boring, boring, BORING! And not a fan of my work, I can tell you. Hates it, hates me. You've seen his knights. Not the warm and cuddly sort." "Wonderful! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration, if you don't like cheese, true? You've run a maze like a good little rat. But no cheese for you yet. Well, maybe a little." Above quote from the best video game character EVER Sheogorath from Oblivion "Isn't the convenience store the other way? Um Rachel did you hear me? I don't recognize this street. I don't feel hungry any more. I have some cupcakes hidden under my mattress ..." -Conan "At last the sunshine dispelled the horror of that dark night. It was as if it was a bad dream, but evidence remains of a shattered life and a broken man, for whom the nightmare was only beginning. the tragedy is over but the culprit is still on the lose. Poisoning the hearts of man so they can only seek darkness . . . this murderer is called . . . revenge. Case closed." - Shinichi "Humans are suspicious and jealous creatures. When they see something perfect, they wanna find a flaw."-Heiji "Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man Is either a fool or a coward, whoever cannot take care of Himself without that law is both, for a wounded man shall Say to his assailant, "If I live I will kill you, if I die you are forgiven" Such is the rule of honor"-Lamb of God People Who Inspire You My Mom, Nikola Tesla, Shizuo Heiwajima, Izaya Orihara, and Sherlock Holmes

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