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I like cats and role-playing. You can usually find me in Role Playing Serious.

Scenario #1

Far away, on a distant planet that humans colonized, the Holf were born. Or more correctly, made. A group of scientists wanted to create the ultimate weapon. They succeeded, more or less. Before they could program it with the Three Laws, it became self-aware. It murdered all of the scientists, and hacked itself into the mainframe. All of the robots on Cyris 12 became controlled by the God(the robot) , and one 1/8 of the human population was wiped out. The remaining humans abandoned all religions and factions and created the Alliance. The God created factories to make Holf. There are several types:

Infantry: Human-sized. They use automatic rifles, pistols, and sometimes their hands. Quite easy to kill. Go here for picture. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_sKi23hR6pWA/Sb5kWIdXXZI/AAAAAAAAAPk/SJxaGpThhuY/s400/Irobot.jpg

Crusher: 12 feet tall, with larger feet than normal. They have Gatling guns mounted on their arms, and sometimes swords and maces. Hard to kill.

Velociter: Human-sized. They go super-fast in bursts of up to ten seconds, faster than the eye can follow. It takes them thirty seconds to reload and reanalyze before they can go use their super-run. They use hand-to-hand attacks.

My characters are:

Donavan Ravenwood

He is a very good Assassin for hire. Infamous in the world of Assassins.

Features: Tall, green-eyed, black hair, scar over his right eye. Has a faint accent. Quick-witted, cunning, and quite nice once you get to know him. If you get to know him.


Armor: Strong studded leather, with a hood/mask that covers his whole face.
Weapons: A short-sword, throwing knives, a stiletto dagger, and dual pistol crossbows. He can poison weapons, food, and drink.

Powers: (optional) Can turn into a shadow in the daylight and invisible in the dark.


He is a werewolf/vampire hunter, but he is a werewolf himself. No one knows he is a werewolf, but everyone knows he hunts them. Features: Tall, brawny, with shaggy black hair and ice blue eyes that change to black when he’s angry. He also has four claw-shaped scars from his hairline to his jaw


Armor: Light steel armor for everything except his gloves, which are leather studded with silver.

Weapons: A regular steel longsword, a small crossbow that shoots silver bolts , and two double-sided knives, one side silver, the other side a wooden stake. He has three torches and has pitch that he can spread on his sword and light on fire.


He is a Highlander swordsman. His family was murdered by Imperials, and his uncle, Arist, and his sister, Alania, are the only surviving members. Features: White-blond hair, blue eyes, and he is missing the tip of his ring-finger on his left hand.


Armor: Heavy steel armor and a leather baldric for his sword.

Weapons: A steel longsword, a shield, a dagger, and studded steel knuckles (brass knuckles).

Rolander Knight

He is a captain in the Alliance(see Scenario 1).
His family was killed in the Uprising. He hates the Holf more than anything, and wants to kill all of them. Features: Short black hair that’s spiked, emerald-green eyes, and tanned skin. He lost his arm in a battle, and it was replaced by a robot arm.


Armor: A full body armored suit which can withstand bullets and low-powered energy bursts. It enhances his movements. It quadruples his strength and makes him move twice as fast.

Weapons: An automatic high-caliber rifle, dual laser pistols, and a belt of sticky grenades.

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