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    Could be many places, but Portland is most likely were i am.
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    Jan. 18, 2011
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I am an odd person who mostly spends time talking with friends or so i think they’re friends. People tend to call me a brit, but i’m not, i just love the british accent. I will sometimes do RP with others to some degree but not heavily. And when i say i’m odd i mean it, i’m bloody crazy :3


“Roses are red, violets are blue, hippos are slipperey, that’s one big shoe.” ~A short poem of mine

If you’re expecting a cookie in my profile page then go away i don’t sell cookies. Only magical things. What are these magical things? Wouldn’t you like to know.

“sirusblt: Like… Heel-less socks are like the equivalent of ass-less pants.” ~Random fact

I’m almost 6 feet tall, i have green eyes, very long brown hair. So i’m pretty much a generic pale white guy… Although seeing me in action would prove otherwise. And i love people, especially nice people, but most of all i like pizza :p
What i like goes down here-
I like Techno, Rock, Dubstep, and music that involves violins.
Video games)
Mostly RPGs and pokemon games, aswell as paper mario.
Pizza,Popcorn,Sandwiches. (trust me i do like healthy things i just like junk food more :3)
Other shtuff)
Lolcats, Youtube, Drawing, Reading.
Shiny Pokemon Count: 2

NuclearNukes: The furthest galaxies are travelling at the speed of masturbation

Lantern123: y u no have quotes of me

Bananasaurus_Rex: Because Thomas is perfect~
Babotz: Exacly
sirusblt: UNTIL NOW!

CleverBot: Did you know you can donate one or all of your vital organs to the Aperture Science self esteem fund for girls? It’s true!

Bananasaurus_Rex: THANK YOU, WIZARD HARRY.

roselie1028: Push him in your ass. That’s really painful.

FridgeMagnet: Choo choo, I’m Obama

sirusblt: You stand no chance Thomas >:p
Babotz: it’d be like a hobbit taking on shaq T-T

Lantern123: Caption: “Lilly’s table. Hola once shot a porno on it.”

Red_Valentine: Nevermind. My uncle said I couldn’t leave.

roselie1028: Pucker your lips, let the mouthpiece 1/2 inch inside your mouth, and blow

Sir_Roderick_IV: Don’t unleash the pimp =_=

Lantern123: Black licorice is a lot like black people, they both are awful

Hayato_Sakashi: Penis is a funny word.

FlyingAgorian: . . . Not gay

sirusblt: This toast is too sexy ;-;
theSeraph: Eat it, sirus. It eat slow and sensually.
sirusblt: With or without hot butter?
theSeraph: Hot melted butter… and jam.

Bananasaurus_Rex: I woke up this morning and my cat was spooning me. ..
Rex: She was behind me, though.
sirusblt: Your cat was having a sassy moment with you then huh? :3
FlyingAgorian: Banana was spooning with her pussy.

Miro62: Pelvic thrust your cat into submission then, show it who’s boss.

My best of friends~~~ (No order used.)

Babotz: He’s very nice, i think a load of other people like him too, but really i think it’s hard not too like him.

LillyWolf108: She has a corner, she likes cookies, and she says she has a lot of best friends.

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