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My name is NOT an oxymoron. Here’s the explanation.

For comparison purposes, let’s say the average human is 10 feet tall (or 5, so you don’t bug me about this) and that would make the average midget 6 feet tall (or 3, exactfags). So let’s say the average giant is 100 feet tall. That would make a giant midget 60 feet tall. Leave me alone now.

Kongregate Quotes

Gio10: “when i was 3 i ate to many oreos and had a black shit”

GothicEmma: /b/ makes God cry.

shammaye: life has a mean right hook.
Kambushiki: this is the right followed by the left, with an uppercut and a kick in the balls

Brb, emptying waste storage tank.
(long delay)
GrateGuySays: Aaaand done. :)
GrateGuySays: Chatkill +1!
Sixtyfootmidget: Chatkill -1!
Sixtyfootmidget: Restart!
GrateGuySays: :(

Mini_Mizu: A time when Crue doesn’t want to kill minis?
Mini_Mizu: [click]
Cruefan91: Hey now..
Mini_Mizu: Saved.
Cruefan91: Damn.

Mini_Shaded: You’re a unicorn?
Charlotte_Speed: No I’m a traffic warden subject to the “Don’t ask don’t tell policy” while she dreams every night of being a cupcake in a marketplace stall with people shouting at her to “make them sammiches”
Charlotte_Speed: Yes I’m a unicorn.

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