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Red Savarin: Journal; “the end of humanity, the birth of a new world, but not the end of good and pure, how the human race became extinct for my time and age, for my ancestors time and age, etc”

1. humans discovered in australia, a new energy source for a thing called P crystals, a new source of energy which was supposed to end pollution and crime (the crime albiet cuased by pollution)

2. the economy of humanity was severely crippled due to already having large scale oil feilds and the cost of removing them for the new energy source towers which had the gem resting on top was way too expsnive, even though they recreated a new clean energy, it lead to many downfalls of many peoples hopes and dreams.

3. to make matters worse, due t the large supply of P crystals being used as an energy source, as demand got higher the source got rarer, piracy and crime sky rocketed, presidentiall democratic leaders plumetted, communists plundered and were stomped astray, it was a mess.

4. just when it couldnt get any more difficult, the security system they found in australia, named juno, was abused to make THREE titana machina, the most destructive sources of both worlds, and one of them, tartaros, nearly awakened, tartaros two, was part of the jono systems, meaning tartaros was a security system meant to kill everyone, and re-magnetize the worlds continents.

5. an anti CODA signal was luanched, which slowly lifted the contients above the skies, meanwhile wars against every indiviuall in a world wide free for all broke out, kiling every last human, since juno felt sorry, they were converted into nano technology and later data.

6. as soon as the floating islands that made thecontients were in the air, the data was exposed to the new worlds and thus floating islands to create the first caninu and felineko breeds out of pure data.

7. later on after a few “new world” generations, the wolf and lion races were extinct and became legends of war, both spirtually and physically, but never inhibitted or impeded the every day lives of caninu or other felineko, the human race was exticnt, and thats how my race, the caninu, came to be born finally. this is all IRL info

7B. new info The demagnetization of the continents also made it so no one could acess the true earth in my present time, due to a a large plasma cloud force feild, many relyed on faith in multiple dieties to coup de’grace them down to earth and have failed, killing themselves in the process. I am the only one able to acess the last strip of land on earth for my time, the juno towers, which seem to be artificially being held up.

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